What is wrong with our society in America that we have lost our moral values -APART from anything to do with religion – just simply our basic community values that our country was founded on, to the extent that we are now advocating and celebrating legalizing “recreational marijuana use”?

A recent news report announced that already there has been a large increase in “doped driving” on the heels of the new legal pot laws across the country. This is likely do to both more people deciding to use/try pot now that it is legal, combined with the emboldened feeling many dopers now have due to the lack of “de-incentives” related to pot use with decriminalization, etc.

I have a friend who loves to joke that the only danger a doper poses behind the wheel is driving too slow. But the truth isn’t funny. Ask any Highway Patrol officer and they will confirm that the numbers of deaths associated with people high on pot behind the wheel annually are no joke and hard to laugh at. But you dope advocates just ignore what I just said like it has no meaning. That is because you are very irresponsible, you have a very low moral character, and you are setting a bad example, period.

Recently our Governor of California Jerry Brown chimed in on this topic, and made me proud. He questioned whether legalizing marijuana wasn’t a dangerous and extreme measure with regard to its influence on young people with all the extravagant advertising of it. He stressed that we live in challenging times and our state needs to work very hard to remain competitive and alert 24/7…and he joked that if not 24/7, at least more than what most dope smokers would be able to “put together”. So true Governor Brown.

I would have liked to have heard Gov. Brown also touch on the immoral use of legalizing pot as a “cash cow” for states and politicians looking to bankroll their graft, corrupt political favors and unstained wasteful spending, but he didn’t go there unfortunately.

What happened to crafting our laws at least partly based on the common sense understanding that the purpose of the “law” is at a minimum to “set the right example” for behavior in our communities? Didn’t our moms and dads give us “rules” to TEACH us healthy boundaries within which to live a safe and healthy, productive life as we depended on them to help us figure out this thing called LIFE?

Those dope advocates who love to scream: “F%#K the law, and the war on drugs” make me wonder if they didn’t also scream the same thing at their moms growing up: “F%#K you Mom, and your war on kids playing in the street! Legalize children playing in the street!!”

CNBC aired a program this evening on the topic of legal marijuana in America in which they featured a Denver “entrepreneur” who has developed a very hot selling device called “OPEN VAPE”. It is basically an “E-cigarette”, but it uses super concentrated pot oil instead of nicotine. A tiny battery heats up the pot oil cartridge and the inhaler gets super high on the concentrated THC without the smoke from a joint.


Between this and the huge trend of marketing the delicious candy and baked “pot edibles” that are the growing rage, do you really think this is any different than the immoral behavior engaged in by the tobacco industry that was unashamably a huge draw for children, and they were totally allowed to do so by our  government for tax revenue?

Denver at least currently has a law that prohibits smoking/ingesting marijuana in “public”. The “open vape” marketer on the CNBC special actually tried to spin it that his device makes it possible for “concerned parents” not to have to be “smoking pot” in front of their children at home. Are you kidding me? The fact that the device is “smoke free” doesn’t make your doper behavior invisible to your kids! As a matter of fact, it only makes it all the more enticing to them.

Remember one thing, and this is for all adults whether or not you are technically a parent…because every adult has young people who will see them as a role model, like it or not…Remember this: Kids may not HEAR everything you say to them, but they watch you like a hawk and they SEE EVERYTHING you do like an “eye in the sky”.

If you are a parent, you should at a minimum know that you don’t want your kids doing marijuana for “recreation”. “Recreation” is not “drug use” ladies and gentlemen. How do we live in a society where I should even have to write such a sentence and engage in an argument about that with anyone??

The biggest reason this trend of advocating legalizing pot for tax revenue is immoral is simply because of the sick, irresponsible example it sets for young people. And leaders at top levels of our communities and our states are actually “drooling at the mouth” to profit from the tax revenue at the expense of our youth. This is unacceptable behavior in a nation that is supposed to be founded on healthy community values and ethics.

(Comments From Original Facebook Posting 3/10/14)

Madmx Moreaux: Go have a beer and drive home. dumb ass. mx

Connie Bryan: The same issue applies to people who abuse alcohol OBVIOUSLY, goes without saying Madmx, so instead of resorting to ignorant doper name calling, what point are you trying to make?

Madmx Moreaux: You don’t ge the difference between use and abuse of either one. We should end phohibition of Marijuana now and anyone who doesn’t think so is an ignorant dumb ass like you Connie. MX

Connie Bryan: Actually you are the one who is clueless about the difference. Dopers ALWAYS want to try to say that having one beer is equivalent to smoking a joint, and that is a lie to try to rationalize getting high. Most people, the overwhelming majority, can con…See More

Madmx Moreaux: Thanks for sharing your platform with me here as the opposing opinion. Did you think you could just post the insulting language above without comment. We pot smokers can profess enjoyment of our drug of choice just like everybody else who thinks they are better than us because they are just drinkers, not drunks, but we are ignorant dopers. Back at ya. Swords crossed on this issue. We are not friends. Madmx

Jim Burris: Very well written. I totally agree, anyone who doesn’t agree that legalization will increase the number of youths that will smoke it is just kidding themselves. More and more stoned people can’t b good for society. I was also very glad Brown was agains…See More

Connie Bryan: Thanks Jim, very nice points! I would just add that most Atheists I meet are some of the most ethical and moral, healthy living people who understand the destructive bad example of those who do drugs for recreation. The big three religions are most oft…See More

Connie Bryan: Madmx, first the answer to your question is no, I expect response to my insulting editorial toward dopers, so thank you, LOL…Second, just so you know, I am not a “drinker”as you put it. If I have a glass of beer once and a while, I am not trying to g…See More

Jim Burris: No I don’t feel that way but let’s just leave it now because we aren’t going to agree on that.

Connie Bryan: Jim, what I encounter so consistently is: Two EXTREME ends of the spectrum…Either it’s “Recreational drug and recreational sex advocates” setting a horrible example, or it’s those who think the world must have their religious belief (Christians and Muslims being the prominent equal examples) which is just as bad if not worse of an influence on young people, as it teaches religious bigotry toward many in the name of God or Jesus or Mohammed, etc. It teaches condemnation, while claiming to be about “unconditional love and forgiveness” Most Christians haven’t even learned the historic truth that the “Gospels” of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were NOT WRITTEN by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, they were crafted hundreds of years after their deaths by political factions within the effort to create the new Christian religion, and then Christians were led to believe those disciples wrote them. The healthy community is in the middle with respect to the extreme two spectrums above, but unfortunately many of those in the middle today are too apathetic or don’t have the courage to speak out and stand up to both unhealthy influences in our society.