More and more I keep hearing people point out the obvious about the Occupy Movement: It is flailing in the wind due to an absolute  lack of a clear, concise, powerful message. Secondly, and possibly worse than that, is how they all too often engage in embarrassing, inappropriate, doper-like behavior. Instead of a consistently focused ALL AMERICAN platform, they resort to rambling ‘hippie-style’ ANTI-American “tantrums” that distract and work against them in garnering public appeal/support.

Occupy’s clear message needs to be RED,WHITE and BLUE. Simply: Return to RESPONSIBLE CAPITALISM, not CORRUPT “CORPORATISM”…Put another way, “Return American ETHICS to Business” (By the way, it is very important to remember that was also a big specific part of Dr. Martin Luther King’s message about which he often wrote and spoke.)

What is ‘responsible capitalism’ and ‘American ethics in business’?…It simply means first and foremost, an AMERICAN corporation has a red, white and blue responsibility to America, specifically AMERICAN WORKERS. Now think about that for a second.  Instead, what have corporations done? They routinely have done the opposite!  They have operated with a LACK of such ethical, patriotic responsibility, only caring for profits, NOT American workers. And on top of that, they have routinely and with absolute corrupt impunity gone to extravagant lengths to avoid paying American taxes by going ‘offshore’, or building headquarters and/or factories in another country where they don’t have to pay as much. It’s a corporate ‘loophole’ at America’s expense.

These kinds of un-American, corrupt business practices are THE CORE REASON why the Occupy movement formed. Occasionally you’ll hear them complain of ‘corporate greed’, but more often than not they ramble off to reporters on distracting, inappropriate sidetrack issues that are too scattered, and don’t maintain the needed tight focus and ‘magnifying glass’ on what is a very dire problem in our country. The good news for Occupy though: It’s so bad, it doesn’t necessarily require a magnifying glass to clearly recognize it’s catastrophic consequences for average Americans.

We are losing access to the American dream…and that is BECAUSE of a chronic lack of ethics in business practices, supported by bought off politicians. It is becoming ‘We the Corporations’, not ‘We the People’ as our forefathers intended in their embracing of free enterprise and Capitalism.

Probably the biggest mistake The Occupy movement has made is tolerating too many of their members who promote ANTI-capitalism rhetoric. That is going to get them nowhere fast.  Capitalism is not the problem in America. In it’s appropriate form, it is what has made America the world’s leader and top innovator. Corrupt unregulated capitalism is the problem. Freedom WITHOUT responsibility is what? It equals Anarchy and Corruption. America is supposed to be about freedom WITH responsibility: “With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all”

But the current corrupt un-American practices of most corporations as I’ve mentioned above has created an ‘injustice for all’…especially for American workers. They have been systematically and intentionally kicked out of their manufacturing jobs by the tens of millions, while corporate executives have sought to give those valued American jobs to sweatshop foreign workers in other countries. What was the corporations’ motivation? It obviously was NOT patriotism, and therein lies the problem we need to expose and correct as true patriots. They were motivated by unbridled greed for higher profits at the EXPENSE of Americans.

This is at the root of what is horribly wrong in our country for the 99%. And it is this message Occupy needs to be pounding day and night. Capitalism without proper regulation?… Well that’s like deciding to let a lion out of his cage at the zoo, if he’ll just agree to be a vegetarian.  You better get right with God, because he’s going to eat you! Needless to say that’s why zoos have zookeepers. Corporations and the politicians lured by their ‘contributions’ require zookeepers! They must be kept on a leash, with REASONABLE, not COMMUNIST regulations that prevent the un-American corrupt profiteering practices that have become the name of the game on Wall Street.

The immoral, lack of American business ethics has itself become in many ways just as bad as communism in its threat to our future as a free country. Drum circles, marijuana and Marxist calls for communism are not only ineffective and irresponsible…They are counter -productive to what is necessary to lead the revolution American workers and the 99% desperately need, if we are to have a prayer of saving the American Dream.