I have a cutting edge Facebook social group I created about 3 years ago called ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW’.

In creating such a group, it is very important to cut through the propaganda on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, and make it crystal clear what ‘NORMAL’ means. Normal simply put, does not mean what is commonly accepted in your ‘belief system’.

It accurately and simply means being HEALTHY & BALANCED.

Normal means being genuine and true to who you naturally are in a universally LOVING, HEALTHY state of mind that doesn’t harbor beliefs that those who are different from your beliefs are ‘sinful’ or ‘influenced/possessed by demons’, etc.

Yet that is the sick, ABNORMAL ‘belief’ of virtually all of those who are on the Conservative Christian Right, the environment I grew up around as a child, and which I talk about in depth in my first book as an author, ‘HOLY LIBEL’, now available for order wherever books are sold.

In a nutshell, ‘normal’ does NOT mean just what is perceived as the most common traits in society…

For example, let’s take gender identity and sexual orientation for two separate, specific examples.

Though it is admittedly a very tiny portion of the population, it is NOT abnormal for those unfortunate individuals like myself, to know from an early age that your gender identity is in direct conflict with your biological sex, and to have the courage to take the painful and difficult, challenging steps to REPAIR that huge handicap, so that you can be true to who you are.

It is fortunately rare, because I wouldn’t wish the pain of having such a handicap on my worst enemy…That said, while fortunately being somewhat rare, that does not equate to ‘abnormal’.

Accordingly, it is also NOT abnormal, though it is also a small minority of the population, to recognize from an early age that your sexual preference is that of the same sex. It is not abnormal for someone who naturally is attracted to their same sex, to fall in love and pledge their love only to one person who shares their love, and to get married.

What iS abnormal however, are all of those on the Conservative Christian Right who have been falsely conditioned by a fraudulent teaching of ‘God’, to hold such beliefs that denigrate and/or condemn such differences in your fellow human beings, and CONFLATE such DIVERSE NORMALITY with SINFUL ABNORMALITY!

By the same token, it is NOT NORMAL for those on the radical WOKE Left to CELEBRATE the use of drugs for ‘RECREATION’ (See my standup bit hammering Bill Maher and the ‘doper decline’ of America) any more than it is normal for them to CELEBRATE abortion.

Don’t get me wrong…If men could get pregnant, would there ever have been ANY argument whether abortion should be legal??

If men could get pregnant, I can assure you abortion would be legal in any pharmacy where you can get a FLU SHOT! Seven Elevens and Circle K’s would all be open 24/7 with an abortion clinic attached for convenience store service!

But since men can’t get pregnant, and women are the only ones who can, clearly women absolutely need the right to control the reproductive aspect of their lives, regarding whether they carry a pregnancy to term or not.

So yes, abortion should of course be legal, within reasonable timeframes after conception.

But it is grossly both abnormal and immoral, just simply based on normal human values HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION, to create a fundamental plank of the current Democratic radical Left, that goes about CELEBRATING abortion overall, including late term abortion, and to pretend it has nothing to do with the ending of a human life!

And I would go so far as to add it is precisely because of that disgusting CELEBRATING of, and immoral late term application of abortion that has resulted in such a human revulsion to that from Liberals, Moderates and Conservatives alike, culminating in the Supreme Court and state courts’ recent rulings that have arguably overreacted in the severe ways they have tried to curtail that extreme ABNORMALITY.

But ironically, like I have frequently said on my show ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ (available free on demand at ConnieBryan.com) the radical WOKE movement on the Left is just as much an understandably rebellious, albeit unhealthy ABNORMAL OVERREACTION by the younger generation today, to the massively bigoted, condemning, racist ‘beliefs’ and harmful ‘CHRISTIAN MANIFEST DESTINY’ legacy that is so deeply rooted in the ‘BIBLE GROUP-THINK’ held largely by the unhealthy, unbalanced Christian Conservative Right.

Also as I have frequently stated on my show, the TRUTH (normality) is found in the MIDDLE GROUND!

Please seek out the episode of my show of that name, which you can find in my show archives on my website, as well as my blog article of the same name.

I mentioned my social group ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW’ on Facebook at the top of this article…So let’s talk just a little more before I close, about exactly what ‘NORMAL’ means…

Normal means being true to who you are HERE IN THIS PHYSICAL DIMENSION, just as you were on ‘the other side’ before you came here to have this physical life experience!

And that truth is what I talk a lot about in my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’, as I expose the man-made lies and fraud of the Bible that have abnormally polluted humanity’s proper understanding of our ONENESS with what ‘God’ is!

In deliberately blocking humanity’s understanding of our shared Divine ONENESS, this has resulted in the lack of HEALING you were meant to have in your life, so that you can reach your true potential, and be the genuine natural self that you were prior to coming here.

Please see one of my most recent articles on this topic on my blog and posted on my Facebook page, entitled ‘Lots of Humans Wish They Were Never Born’ in which I help open your mind to the healing you need if you are one of those individuals who feels that way.

Normal means getting back to a mindset that stands for FREEDOM & PERSONAL LIBERTY, not a radical WOKE mindset of ‘Marxist’ ideologies that seek to take away personal sovereignty and replace it with a Communist style government enforced ‘COLLECTIVE’, etc.

Normal means protecting healthy reasonable FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and small business, and dismantling what we are seeing coming from BOTH political parties over the last few decades, that being MONOPOLY CORPORATISM that has bought off our elected representatives, and is unconstitutionally seeking to replace a system that was meant to keep the power in the hands of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, and seeking to replace it with power in the hands of ‘WE THE CORPORATIONS’.

Of course not only is that ABNORMAL, but it is once again grossly IMMORAL to humanity in its effort to destroy those precious constitutional guarantees of liberty, freedom and equality that our nation was ostensibly founded upon!

It is just as immoral as celebrating abortion…It is just as immoral and abnormal as holding beliefs that we are a ‘CHRISTIAN NATION’ (or some who say in their respective countries, ‘We are a Muslim nation) and that all others who are not of your Bible or Koran beliefs are ‘evil’ and ‘sinful’ and deserving of being condemned by God / Allah, etc. etc.

We have to go BACK TO NORMAL NOW…

We are way overdue for a HEALTHY CORRECTION to our misguided ABNORMAL GROUP-THINK, which is present in critical areas on BOTH sides of the socio-political aisle.

There is NO EXCUSE that we are not teaching our young people to stay away from drugs INCLUDING the gateway drug of marijuana, which was long ago known to seriously disrupt and destroy brain cells in developing brains…Developing brains are defined as up to the age of 25.

Question: How many dope smokers do you think started smoking marijuana AFTER the age of 25? Yeah, that’s right…the rare number in any given town who actually truly need it to help them with their leukemia and to hold down food…

But the 99.99% of all others started in their mid to late teens why? Entirely due to the ABNORMAL, sh#tty influence of adults they looked up to, who should have been setting the right example for them, but it was more important to them to be dopers.

And as a result of this recreational drug culture, look at the resulting, undeniably destructive ‘dumbing down’ of our nation today!

And since those well known studies of marijuana causing brain damage when used while the brain is still developing, the recently legalized ‘Big Marijuana’ industry has CELEBRATED how it has deliberately intensified marijuana to be 5 to 10 times stronger (i.e. 5 to 10 times more toxic) than it was in the 60’s!

Now let’s address sex…There is NO EXCUSE that we are not teaching our young people of the adult responsibility that comes with sex, that it is not meant to be ‘casual’ for ‘recreation’ any more than drugs were meant to be used that way.

There is no excuse that young people aren’t routinely getting a NORMAL, reinforced message from home and from school, of the severe health risk consequences that can come from such an unhealthy approach to sex, not the least of which is the psychological consequences of having to deal for the rest of one’s life with the undeniable truth that an abortion was the deliberate termination of a potential life.

Again, there is NO EXCUSE that we are not teaching these kinds of basic community human values to our young people, IRRESPECTIVE of religious beliefs, just as much as there is NO EXCUSE for teaching our young people such shamefully harmful, divisive false teachings about God as I was traumatized with growing up, and that I detail in my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’.

Remember, the truth is found in the MIDDLE GROUND…There is no ‘JESUS’ coming with an army of genocidal angels to FIX everything for you and take you to Heaven, while simultaneously committing worldwide genocide on all others who don’t believe like you…

SHAME on you for teaching such things that are rampant in the Bible to your children!

Accordingly, SHAME on you for teaching by your daily life example that drugs can be used for RECREATION, and that sex is just another form of recreation as well.

Kids may not listen to everything we say, but they WATCH EVERYTHING WE DO like a hawk.

You have been lied to by the very institutions you thought you could trust for too long now. We are overdue for healing in all of these areas I am discussing, in order to go BACK TO NORMAL.

Check out my group ‘BACK TO NORMAL NOW’ when you can, but more importantly read my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ for an effective deprogramming guide regarding the lies and fraud of organized religion, most specifically the Bible.

Like no other book, I show you how to find the true healing you need, in order for humanity to get back to normal, and understand our shared spiritual nature as ONE with one another.

Like I said above, there is no ‘savior’ coming to fix everything with the violent genocide the Bible teaches for the so-called ‘End Times’…

WE SAVE ONE ANOTHER with the truths I am teaching you here in this article and in my book. We, in ALL of our diversity, are the Divine physical hands of what ‘God’ is, and that has NOTHING to do with holding one ‘belief’ or another.

Understanding that fundamental truth is the definition of NORMAL that has been kept from you by the institutions you thought you could trust. It’s time to wake up now.

Connie Bryan

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(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, author of ‘HOLY LIBEL’, and producer/host of  ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ now airing in 21 markets nationwide…Check out all of Connie’s material on her blog and website at conniebryan.com )