I can’t believe what we are seeing every day, and I can’t believe the horribly bad things done by others toward their fellow man that I am having to wade through every day in the newspaper, in preparing for my local cable access television program.

Everything from the THOUSANDS of Christian Catholic pedophile priests and their KNOWN epidemic of raping of boys being allowed to go unchecked for so long by the Vatican for decades now, with MORE episodes coming to light all the time…

To our nation’s love affair with guns and killing, including recent episodes of police shootings resulting in victims being shot an excessive number of times, and not in the front but in the back, while the claim is made that the individual was thought to have been ‘pointing a gun’ at them (why then would there end up being so many shots to the victim’s back? And why is it so often the case that the police body camera footage is not available to prove the matter, and said to have accidentally been turned off, etc?)…

To a young 27 year old Sacramento Deputy Sheriff who was needlessly gunned down and killed yesterday because allegedly some local Sacramento rapper armed with a gun decided to open fire on him as he and his partner responded to a disturbance call at a Sacramento Pep Boy’s store…

To an eerily similar case of a young rookie deputy sheriff in rural Trinity County last week, who was only in his first few weeks on the job, and was also shot and killed as he arrived to a family disturbance call…a call that the Sheriff of that county himself was initially going to respond to, but this young deputy volunteered to handle it for him. As he arrived to the resident’s driveway, the resident opened fire, ambushing him with a AK47 high powered assault rifle, shooting him in the face through the windshield of his squad car…

To a little 3 year old girl who was shot and killed while playing inside her own house in South Sacramento recently. The shooter is yet unknown, and was responsible for firing the fatal shot in the direction of the house, the bullet penetrating the dwelling and hitting the 3 year old child. She was taken off of life support yesterday after having been unresponsive in intensive care for the last week.

To the frequent out and out celebration and encouragement of both recreational drug use and abortion, more and more by liberals in our communities. It is one thing to agree that pot use should be de-criminalized…It is entirely another thing to constantly be beating the irresponsible, dishonest drumbeat and Liberal mantra that marijuana use is ‘harmless’, when it has been shown in many recent studies to be very harmful and destructive, ESPECIALLY while the young brain is still developing (up to age 25).

How many dope users do you think STARTED using pot AFTER age 25? And how many of those addicted to much stronger drugs being used for ‘recreation’ do you think DID NOT start with marijuana?
For the longest time I have considered myself to be a moderate Progressive Liberal, but more and more the irresponsible things I hear coming from the mouths of Liberals, and as such, their resulting horrible example for young people, is just disgusting from a moral perspective.

None of the above is the world that I am creating. It is behavior on both sides that COMMON SENSE should teach us to know better!

It is, in fact, a world that very immoral, selfish and ignorant people from both sides of the political aisle are creating in our communities across this nation…

Both the immoral Trump supporters with their ‘dog whistle’ race baiting, looking the other way to all the obvious criminal corruption of Donald Trump and his dutiful treasonous partnership efforts with Vladimir Putin, along with their hate for Mexican and Muslim immigrants that inexcusably can be seen to widely appeal to a hypocritical Christian evangelical base…

And the other side of the spectrum, as I mentioned above, with what can often be described as a bizarre ‘conformity of celebration’ around recreational drug use and abortion on demand by Liberals who think that ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ means advocating for the doing of anything and everything that just feels good, without teaching healthy values and responsibility to young people, so that they learn as I did as a child, about healthy BOUNDARIES within which to live a safe and productive life, hopefully abortion and drug-free!

Yes, OF COURSE abortion should be legal for all women to have control over their reproduction. But goddamn it, can we please agree that it needs NOT TO BE CELEBRATED like it has no long term psychological consequence, and can we please at least agree it absolutely needs to happen EARLY before the unborn baby develops to have a discernible heart beat?

You people on the left who don’t understand such common sense, basic moral human values are just as big of a sickness in our nation as those responsible for electing this disgrace of a human being, Donald Trump.

What I’m writing about here has absolutely nothing to do with a Bible perspective or an organized religion perspective…On the contrary, it has everything to do with a common sense human values perspective, and LIVING BY PROPER EXAMPLE to set the right example for young people.

Ironically the church and organized religion can be seen to be a fraud, both from the vast epidemic of child raping by Catholic priests gone completely UNCHECKED by their superiors who have time and time again tried to cover it up, to the vast number of Christian evangelicals who have wildly supported the corruption and racism of the Trump administration.

But when we awaken to spiritual truth and real spiritual enlightenment, we see the LIES that the church tried to teach us, that we are ‘separate’ from what God is…We learn that is the biggest lie of all, taught by the church to keep you unaware of your true Divine nature, and in fear and in ‘sheep-like’ submission to them.

When we awaken to spiritual truth, we learn that we are ALL a PART of what “God” is, and the ignorance that led us to behave so badly and so irresponsibly is replaced by the humbling realization that we have a responsibility to BE THE LOVE OF GOD that our brothers and sisters need…

That we have a responsibility to set the right and healthy example for young people of how to avoid not only violence and guns, but also the importance of recognizing the destructive nature of all ‘recreational drugs’…

And to avoid sex as an ‘amusement park ride’, living by example for young people, teaching that while abortion is an available last option for such an irresponsible mistake, it is best avoided by recognizing the adult responsibility that comes with sex with another human being…

When you wake up to spiritual truth, you wake up to understanding that sex with another person is not a trivial, meaningless act of ‘recreation’…It is a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION between to spirits, never ever meant to be taken lightly like it is a ride at the county fair, especially because it is the act that leads to the bringing of another life into this dimension. Yet many Liberals today are hateful toward anyone like me exposing their immoral irresponsible advocating of the opposite.

Most importantly, when you wake up to real spiritual truth, you wake up to the knowledge that there is NO CONDEMNATION in the name of “God”. Love cannot condemn by definition. Love can only forgive. However, in doing so Love is not a doormat…it will bring healing correction.

What I have learned in my spiritual awakening, and in my daily desire more than anything else to bring healing to others, is that healing will come ONLY WHERE IT WILL BE RECEIVED, and many are resistant to receiving it and wish to remain in the unhealthy mindset they are currently in.

We are all equal parts of what the Divine is, and we are here to learn the lessons we all have to learn in these areas as I have described. Some of us will take longer than others, and will make bigger and worse mistakes than others, in the process of ‘waking up’ spiritually.

There are consequences for such ignorant bad behavior, but no one is condemned.

Many will have to deal with the very painful consequences of their ugly ‘anti-golden rule’ behavior toward others until they learn the lessons they have no choice but to ultimately learn. That is the definition of ‘karma’.

But the majority of us who ARE waking up to these truths have an obligation to speak out more, and to be the healing CORRECTIVE change by example, that will unsettle this sick conformity of those behaving in the above listed ways on both sides of the political aisle.

This rampant ugliness, violence, racism and religious condemnation in the name of God is NOT the world we are creating, and we have an obligation to speak louder to call it out and change it now.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com)