Sharing a link to my new October 2020 episode of “The Connie Bryan Show”

This is a special ‘ON THE ROAD’ edition, live from the State Capitol of Montana. It includes the ‘dueling rallies’ I covered between a Black Lives Matter group directly across the street from an ARMED Trump supporter group in Kalispell, MT…

Also, be sure to check out the ENDING of this episode, which includes a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT clip from the recently censored interview by Tucker Carlson, of whistle blower Dr. Li Meng Yan, one of the world’s leading Chinese virologists that worked for the W.H.O. in Hong Kong, specifically studying coronaviruses, and specifically studying this so-called ‘novel’ Covid-19 virus when it was ‘discovered’.

Dr. Yan is now in hiding in the U.S. and has risked her life as a whistle blower, confirming what top India virologists, and many top virologists have confirmed, that Covid-19 is NOT NATURALLY OCCURRING, and is in fact a man-made, artificially constructed virus, intentionally released on the world by China, after being artificially created in the Wuhan lab.

Though Google, Youtube and Big Tech in general has worked overtime to try to keep it hidden and censored from the public online, MANY other top virologists from several countries have already gone on record independently confirming this same thing, that they can see the ‘insert points’ and the ‘fingerprint nature’ showing how it was unnaturally spliced together…

They have used the well known high tech ‘CRISPR’ technology to easily see the tell tale man-made ‘fingerprint’ nature, including the tell tale ‘insert points’…(In short, ‘CRISPR’ easily shows virologists when a virus is artificially created in a lab).

Top virologists in India were the first to confirm this, followed by several other countries’ top virologists. Dr. Li Meng Yan is the first to actually come forward to confirm it from China, and she has already received strong threats from the Chinese Communist Party to ‘disappear’ her. This is a very, very brave woman to say the least.

Don’t miss this clip, as I said above, Big Tech has been trying to keep it censored, and as we know, Big Tech is joined at the hip in their global dominating partnership effort with China, while turning a blind eye to China’s gross human rights crimes against humanity ongoing, much of which includes exploited slave labor serving the interest of Big Tech and their global corporate monopoly and profiteering agenda.

Here is the link to the new October 2020 Episode:

Connie Bryan

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