There is NO EXCUSE for us as a human race, having now reached the 21st century without yet destroying ourselves, that we still have not learned to see the ignorance of our former warmongering, superstitious, religious divisions and xenophobic regional tribalism.

By now we should have LEARNED THE LESSON we were meant to learn long before now, that being to see each other as DEPENDENT ON ONE ANOTHER, in all of our beautiful global diversity, and being ‘all in this together’ on this precious shared planet we all call home.

There is NO EXCUSE that we still have not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of thermonuclear warheads pointed at each other, ready to obliterate each other along with our mutually shared home, entirely due to such shamefully sustained, selfish lack of love for one another, while we hypocritically claim to be ‘Christian’ or ‘Jewish’ or ‘Muslim’ nations, ostensibly believing in a ‘God of love’…

ENOUGH WITH SUCH BLATANT, DIVISIVE RELIGIOUS & ETHNIC HYPOCRISY that has been at the root of most of the wars and genocide throughout history!

This hypocrisy is also at the root of a so-called ‘deterrent’ of the use of said thermonuclear weapons referred to as ‘MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION.’

Think about that…What that means is that the main ‘deterring’ reason we have NOT yet mutually assured our own destruction with such divisive, bigoted tribalistic mindsets largely in the name of our respective ‘Gods’ is purely NOT because we truly love one another and don’t want to assure OTHERS’ destruction…but because we are ‘deterred’ and perplexed by the thought of assuring OUR OWN destruction if we were to attempt THEIRS!

ENOUGH with the U.S and most of our European NATO allies AND ironically Russia as well, often hypocritically branding themselves CHRISTIAN NATIONS, or Israel doing the same, branding itself a ‘JEWISH NATION’, or Pakistan branding itself a ‘MUSLIM NATION’, India a ‘HINDU’ nation, China and many Asian sector countries branding themselves ‘BUDDHIST’ nations etc. etc., all the while we still haven’t sought to elect leaders who first and foremost champion the common sense and moral ‘deterrent to nuclear holocaust’ through universal love and MUTUALLY ASSURED COOPERATION, instead of an ever weakening one entirely based on maintaining the fear of MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION & ANNIHILATION!

I can clearly see how to bring this healing, assured cooperation to the world stage, and that is not to say I am the only one who knows how to lead such a long needed reformation internationally…But the corrupt system that ‘We the People’ MUST CHANGE keeps producing puppet/shill leaders, while you naively think you elected them, when in fact you were only given TWO choices, both of which this corrupt global monopoly corporate cabal carefully and covertly selected, financed and produced for you to ‘vote’ for…

‘Choices’ (after the assassination of one of the rare exceptions who was undoubtedly selected by them initially, but who then tried to OUT them, that being President John F. Kennedy)… ‘Choices’ like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush Jr., Barack Obama, Donald Trump… and now Joe Biden…’CHOICES’ from equally corrupt and compromised political parties, that are sold out to a mandate of serving the warmongering selfish interests of the globalist banking, military & pharmaceutical industrial complexes!

How many of you are under the false history understanding that the U.S. had ‘no choice’ but to drop the atomic bombs on Japan in World War Two? How many of you are under the related false history that we ‘dropped leaflets of warning’ on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, telling them of the pending atomic bomb attack and warning them to evacuate?

Both of those are carefully crafted propaganda and lies, taught by our academic institutions in order to cover up the truth that Japan was trying to surrender WELL BEFORE our unnecessary dropping of the atomic bomb on their innocent civilian population, and to cover up the truth that NO LEAFLETS OF WARNING were dropped in Nagasaki or Hiroshima foretelling of the coming annihilation of their cities by such a new monstrous weapon…

This is because those pulling the strings of our ‘puppet leaders’ took the position that if they were to warn them, they would risk the possibility of them shooting down the planes trying to drop the bomb on them, though they were actively TRYING TO SURRENDER.

There are many reputable mainstream media sources from which to learn these truths that have been obfuscated and shamefully covered up by careful ‘crafting’ of the preferred, white-washed ‘narrative’ in all of our ‘approved’ public education curriculum history books…

One such example can be found in a July 31st, 2015 Washington Post article by Gregg Herken entitled ‘FIVE MYTHS ABOUT THE ATOMIC BOMB’, in which he writes, “The notion that the atomic bombs caused the Japanese to surrender on August 15th, 1945 has been for many Americans and virtually all U.S. history books, the default understanding of how and why the war ended.”

Herken goes on to detail how there were other options, not the least of which was the U.S. accepting JAPAN’S OFFER OF SURRENDER! He explains that one of the conditions that WOULD later be accepted, but was initially refused by both Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman (so they could drop the bomb on Japanese civilians instead) was what was known from their terms of surrender as ‘the emperor clause’, stipulating that Japan’s emperor Hirohito would be granted protection from being charged as a war criminal.

Again, this was actually accepted though initially rejected, by both U.S. Presidents, until after they dropped the A-bombs on Japan, KNOWING Japan was actively seeking to surrender.

Herken further addresses the lie that the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were warned by ‘leaflets’. He explains that there were warnings with ‘leaflet droppings’ all across the entire country of Japan during the war, for ongoing conventional bombing in general. But Herken writes, “There was never any specific warning to the cities that had been chosen as targets for the atomic bomb prior to the weapon’s first use.”

Herken adds that the omission was deliberate, due to the fear that if forewarned, the Japanese could possibly shoot down the planes delivering the atomic bombs on the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If that doesn’t at least begin to cause you to stop hitting the ‘snooze alarm’, and finally begin to wake up to the massive corruption of the system we have to change, then you are just as much a part of that corruption as those who are pulling the strings of these puppet leaders.

Fast forward to the present…There is no excuse for the current and growing nuclear ‘saber-rattling’ between NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

I can clearly see how to bring a peaceful compromise to the conflict, INSTEAD of Putin feeling backed into a corner by the continued expansion of NATO, symbolically if not formally, by this obvious PROXY WAR in Ukraine against Russia.

As I said above, if I can clearly see the path to peace through reasonable compromise, so can those who are seeking to FOMENT this proxy war with Russia. But it is their corrupt, military industrial complex obsession with warmongering in their selfish, immoral pursuit of total corporate ‘global governance’ that is their overall motivation, at humanity’s overall expense!

Please don’t misunderstand me here…Vladimir Putin is a very, very corrupt and immoral leader in his own right. With his shameful and ongoing bombing campaigns of innocent civilian targets in Ukraine, he has shocked the conscience in his military response to what he perceives as a NATO NUCLEAR THREAT on his doorstep.

It’s one thing to bring a military action against such a perceived threat to your nation’s sovereignty by targeting key infrastructure and military personnel/assets, and it’s OBVIOUSLY ANOTHER THING to so consistently target civilian men, women and children, hospitals, schools, etc!

But this MASSIVE IMMORAL WRONG is on BOTH SIDES…It is not just unnecessary, but it is SHAMEFUL ON BOTH SIDES!!

I want to stress the fact that Putin is one of the most diabolical, sinister, KGB trained human rights abusers on the planet right now, albeit slightly less than arguably the leaders of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and China.

But what do you think a dangerous gizzly bear is going to do if you go to their den while they are trying to sleep, and not just once but REPEATEDLY JAB THEM with a spear?? And then when they begin mauling those around you, what sense does it make to then BLAME THE GRIZZLY BEAR for its defensive actions that you knew would be the result?? (Please recognize the degree of my restraint in not dropping at least an F-bomb front of that last word ‘result’)

The truth that the mainstream news media isn’t reporting to you is that there have been multiple treaties signed by the U.S., NATO and Russia, promising and guaranteeing that NATO would not act in any way that sought to expand further toward Russia.

But then they violated those treaties repeatedly, specifically now bringing NATO to the doorstep of Russia’s border in Ukraine, with NATO and U.S. military intelligence recently openly admitting that they are not just funding and supplying Ukraine’s military now with long range missile systems that are being used to target Russian nuclear military resource bases deep in Russian territory, but that they are using U.S. and NATO intelligence and satellite technology to assist and guide the targeting of Ukrainian attacks on Russian military assets.

In other words, NATO & the Pentagon are openly admitting this is a proxy war with Russia. And once again, no matter what you may think of how diabolical, bad and dangerous Vladimir Putin is (and you and I would absolutely agree on that assessment of him), I ask what do you think is going to be the result if this ‘jabbing of the grizzly bear’ continues by NATO and the U.S.?

The simple question is this:

Do we really need to be aggressively and repeatedly jabbing the Russian ‘NUCLEAR GRIZZLY BEAR’ as we have been doing via the ‘spear of Ukraine’, being thrust into said bear non-stop now, by the provocative treaty violating expansion of NATO??

The simple answer is NO! When I stop to think about the number of innocent civilian lives that have already been needlessly lost in this mind-blowing corrupt and insane international agenda, it is overwhelmingly and morally angering!

Joe Biden has admitted on multiple occasions that he has been actively refusing to seek peaceful negotiations directly with Vladimir Putin. And that is the primary thing he as leader of the free world should be seeking to do if not on a daily, at least on a WEEKLY basis.

Before the U.S. and NATO engaged in this violation of former NATO treaties not to expand closer to Russia’s border, and before Putin felt cornered and launched his invasion into Ukraine, do you know what Putin was on record saying?

He was saying that he was supportive of Ukraine being independent, with the caveat that Ukraine would not seek partnership or membership in NATO, the result of which would be too much of a nuclear NATO threat on his doorstep.

Again, despite the fact that you and I probably agree on how horrible of a human being Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be over the years, was that or was that not a reasonable request on his part?

How would the U.S. react if, for example, let’s say Mexico became an ally of Russia, and managed to begin interfering, financing and influencing the outcome of elections in Texas? And imagine if Texas then elected a Mexican Communist shill as their governor, as a result of that Mexican Communist influence as a proxy for Russia.

Would the U.S. recognize this being too close of a nuclear threat? Even closer than the nuclear threat Cuba’s partnership with Russia presented in the ‘60s when we came to the brink of nuclear holocaust?

Ironically FUELED by the added danger of ‘END TIMES’ self-fulfilling prophecy Bible believers, who dogmatically believe such an ‘Armageddon’ world holocaust is ‘destined by God’ to happen, and who seek to brand their country as a ‘Christian Nation’ under such sick ‘beliefs’, ALL of such religious superstition, insanity and warmongering corruption has to end now!

There is a solution that can be found at the root of genuine, true diplomacy, through what I call ‘GOLDEN RULE COMPROMISE’. But current globalist leaders are bound to a corrupt world control and domination agenda and refuse to pursue such genuine ‘Golden Rule Compromise’ diplomacy.

It is time for us to REPLACE THEM ALL with leaders who understand this, and who will also replace such a ticking time bomb of ‘mutually assured destruction’ masquerading as a so-called ‘deterrent’, with the healing, moral and REAL deterrent guarantee of global ‘MUTUALLY ASSURED COOPERATION’.

Connie Bryan

“The Connie Bryan Show”

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