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The Connie Bryan Show: SPECIAL REPORT

In this powerful ‘Connie Bryan Show Special Report’ edition, Connie delivers a very concise, hard-hitting ‘truth to power’ boil down of the evidence that points to the July 13th, 2024 attempted assassination attempt of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania likely being an ‘inside job’.

The Connie Bryan Show July 2024: Both the Religious & Political ‘Con’ of Control

On the MUST SEE eye-opening July 2024 episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, Connie continues to expose Netanyahu and Israel’s hypocritical war crimes in Palestine/Gaza and shows the evidence of the weaponized ‘faith’ of Judaism and the Old Testament of the Bible, being used to justify such war crimes in the name of God, synonymous with the evidence Connie also continues to detail of Christianity’s weaponized ‘faith’ of the New Testament of the Bible, and its shamefully decreed ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ legacy it has demonstrated since its fabrication by Rome and the Catholic church over the last 2 thousand years…Then Connie shows the massive evidence of the ‘controlled opposition’ CON MACHINE and WORLD STAGE REALITY SHOW by Donald Trump and his globalist handlers on the Conservative Christian Right that have hijacked the Republican Party, just the same as Joe Biden’s globalist handlers on the radical Democratic Left have hijacked the Democratic Party, both to the detriment of We the People.  Connie ends the show discussing how We the People can peacefully revolutionize and overcome the current corrupt monopoly corporate system, and replace it with the Constitutional one our foremothers and forefathers intended, that protects individual liberty, small mom and pop business enterprise, and the primary interests of We the People!  Please share this content far and wide to continue to help us overcome the incessant ‘shadow banning’ by Big Tech and social media.

The Connie Bryan Show June 2024: War Crimes Warrant Issued for Israel’s Netanyahu

Undoubtedly the most powerful broadcast of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ to date…In this MUST SEE episode, Connie brings the heat like never before in calling out Israel for their mounting genocidal war crimes in Palestine/Gaza…Connie plays the actual video clips of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invoking the Bible to shamefully justify Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza, calling it fulfillment of prophecy, and actually referring to Israel as being ‘the people of the Light’ and Iran as ‘the people of darkness’. In calling Israel out for such bigoted & shamefully weaponized ‘false faith’ in the name of God, Connie talks much more about her eye opening book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ and how it details all of the man-made fraud and lies of the Bible, many of which are at the root of what Israel is using to ‘justify’ their human rights atrocities that have targeted NOT just Hamas terrorists, but tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza over the last several months. Please share this healing content wherever you can.

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