John Stossel's False Spin, Misrepresenting what "Yes We Can" Means

John Stossel’s False Spin, Misrepresenting what “Yes We Can” Means

I’m officially calling John Stossel out right now on his bull shit. It must be John Stossel’s mustache that somehow hypnotizes people. Either that or his hypnotic, unchanging speech pattern that drones on and on,  back and forth from a kind of ‘whining’ to a kind of ‘talking down his nose’ predictable repetition.

I’m specifically calling him out on the extremely misleading title of his new book “NO THEY CAN’T”, playing off of President Obama’s campaign slogan “YES WE CAN” . This title is a deliberate misrepresentation of what the slogan “YES WE CAN” means.

The ‘WE’ in “YES WE CAN” never, ever referred to government.  It has always been well known, even with those who have the IQ of a garden snail(no offense to garden snails) to refer to WE THE PEOPLE.  

Stossel puts his deliberate ‘false spin’ on it to try to say ‘WE’ in that slogan means “government”. He spun it that way to misrepresent what the Obama administration is trying to achieve for the American people, and to sell his book to morons who seem to get their only nourishment in life from such lies. More on that in a moment.

First, I want to address one of Stossel’s main ideologies he holds as a self-described Libertarian. There are some serious problems with the stereotypical way “Libertarianism” is always presented by the loud minority of it’s vocal members in the media – John Stossel, for better or for worse for Libertarians, being one of them.(Though in a recent radio interview he stressed that he is Libertarian in philosophy, but not a member of the Libertarian Party.)

What these loud vocal members love to rant about is this mantra: “Get government out of my way!”

It sounds good when you say it fast, but just as fast if you think it through, you realize this mantra is grossly irresponsible for “We the PEOPLE”. It is a mantra coveted and aggressively LOBBIED for by corporations and the big banks. It is a mantra that too many politicians in Washington PROSTITUTE themselves for. 

The truth is they are who benefit the most from Stossel and his fellow ‘corporate puppets’ who beat that drum! Here’s the ironic thing…Most Americans, MOST LIBERALS for that matter, share a large amount of ‘moderate’ Libertarian views. But those responsible moderate Libertarian views are not generally represented by Stossel’s extreme irresponsible rants that demonize “regulation” and “law”.

How is it John doesn’t see the real ‘demon’, that being corrupt corporations controlling government, lobbying for LESS regulations just like Stossel’s Libertarian extremism calls for, at the expense of Main Street America? We don’t need less government, we need less corporate control of government, and an ethical revolution that returns it to WE THE PEOPLE. THAT is what “YES WE CAN” has always meant.

If getting government out of our lives means no regulations, that’s setting Capitalism up for utter failure. We are well on our way to such a failure of Capitalism with NAFTA, Free Trade and the anti U.S. worker policies that have given big corporations the incentive to close American factories and opt for third world slave labor.

This is what has CAUSED our nation’s unemployment crisis. Not Barack Obama, who by the way is leading a successful effort to reverse that irresponsible corrupt unAmerican trend, enticing more corporations to return manufacturing to the American worker. Why is he doing that? Isn’t he supposed to be a socialist John?

On the contrary, President Obama is probably the most populist president this country has seen since FDR, meaning he is a rare president who has shown his commitment to working for the PEOPLE, not just corporations, in the interest of protecting ETHICAL free enterprise, and helping American working and middle class to have the chance our forefathers intended for them to have to achieve the American Dream. That is “ALL AMERICAN”, and in order to accomplish that ethical revolution we need in the U.S., it MUST include REGULATION!

If getting government out of our lives means no regulations, will our economy actually collapse the NEXT TIME Wall Street acts as corrupt as they did last time, when no government regulations were in their way to stop them? We’ve seen the result of Wall Street and the “too big to fail” banks in such an environment, and they almost sent America into another Great Depression.

No regulations from government… government not ‘in their way’ led to corruption on a level never before seen, and required you and I to “BAIL OUT” those corrupt banks with almost a TRILLION of our tax dollars. Talk about WELFARE! Actually, I’m not trying to be insulting, but you can’t conceive of a TRILLION, even though that number is starting to be tossed around more and more. You really can’t even conceive of a BILLION, let alone a TRILLION dollars – A TRILLION dollars just given to the very corrupt banks who were responsible for the egregious criminal acts that almost destroyed our economy. But people who share Stossel’s point of view usually much prefer to demonize the poor, who largely depend on social welfare just to put food on the table.

To put the above in even more practical terms, it wasn’t even OUR tax dollars…we just GAVE those corrupt banks corporate welfare tax dollars that belong to our CHILDREN, a tax debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for the rest of their lives.

This is the result of the stereotypical Libertarian mantra ‘Get government out of our way’, because what caused that Wall Street corruption was entirely a lack of government regulation and oversight in the interest of the American people on Main Street.

Freedom without responsibility is anarchy…it is corruption. Freedom REQUIRES responsibility. Regulation and law is what enforces responsibility. To say laws and regulations are ‘in the way’ is to sound like a mouth-breathing moron. Does John seem to breathe more out of his mouth than his nose? I would think that huge mustache of his would tend to block the air passages in the nose, and make it much easier for him to just breathe out of his mouth. But I digress.

We need a revolution in America of ETHICS. We need that in our society and culture overall, but most specifically in two areas: Business and Government. That is what Libertarians should be ranting about the most. Not ‘get government out of the way’.

I admit there are many areas that are bloated in government and can use major cutbacks. But the biggest cutback government needs is not in regulation. It is cutting out unethical and corrupt corporate control of government. Lack of ethical regulation in the interest of we the people has caused this. Ironically, this is the biggest threat to Capitalism. Just as much of a threat to Capitalism I might add as is Socialism or Communism!

For too long, government has been bought and controlled by corporations. America has become ‘We the Corporations’ and not ‘We the People’. And listen closely to me John…THAT is what ‘YES WE CAN’ is all about. It is about returning government to WE THE PEOPLE. To think you can do that without regulation in this current corrupt environment is like getting trapped in a cave with a lion, and trying to convince him to become a vegetarian.

In his book, Stossel is purposefully mischaracterizing what ‘YES WE CAN’ means, trying to say ‘WE’ means ‘government’. You’d kinda have to be living in a cave, possibly with the lion above, to believe that. That slogan has always meant the opposite, and this is common knowledge outside of mouth-breathing circles anyway. So I’m calling you out on the BS John: “No YOU CAN’T”, how about that?

I mean, How the hell does his book even get published, and get past an editor with such a false premise in the very TITLE?  I’m telling you John hypnotizes people with that mustache!