clintonnypostI have tried to exercise restraint regarding the current liberal temper tantrums being thrown like a 4 year old in the toy section of a Walmart store, as a result of FBI Director Comey’s announcement that the Hillary Clinton email investigation is being investigated once again.

Intellectual HONESTY is clearly what is missing most ON BOTH sides of the partisan aisle in our country today. As a Progressive Democrat myself, I am compelled to point out that it is obvious, at least to anyone who’s being honest and objective, that Director Comey had no choice but to announce that they found a boat load of new emails from her private server address, surprisingly as a result of another investigation into disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner. That separate F.B.I. investigation was being conducted as a result of Weiner’s alleged ‘sexting’ of his genitals to a 15 year old girl.

dircomeyThink about it OBJECTIVELY…If you were Director Comey, and you had announced months ago to Congress that the FBI had completed its investigation of Clinton’s emails and private server issue and cleared her of any criminal behavior…

And then unexpectedly your investigators uncover thousands more emails coming back and forth from Hillary’s private server address on another electronic device related to former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, ironically whose ex-wife Huma Abedin is Clinton’s personal right arm assistant…

Now follow me here…Knowing you have no choice but to investigate all those newly discovered emails, if you DON’T inform Congress of this new development, what are the ethical responsibilities you are ignoring, and the huge risk you are taking?

It would obviously be the concern that Hillary gets elected without Congress knowing the investigation had resumed due to thousands of new emails discovered, and the result could possibly be that those emails CHANGE EVERYTHING. If that happened, what would all the Republicans in Congress accuse Director Comey of doing?

clintondenialIt would appear that there was a cover up by Comey to allow Hillary to avoid scrutiny and responsibility with voters prior to election day. And by the way, it would appear as an attempt at a cover up even if she was cleared, because the issue would come out after she was elected as opposed to before, and Congress would rightfully say, “Wait a minute…Under oath you specifically told us that her email investigation was OVER, and then you opened it back up due to new evidence WITHOUT TELLING US??”

EVEN IF the results were innocuous and there were no classified materials or evidence of Clinton Foundation corruption found, the huge appearance would be that Comey was helping Hillary avoid the fallout with voters by his omission of this continuing of the investigation that he had previously sworn was completely finished.

Of course, this is just if we are being intellectually honest. If we are throwing honesty out the window in the interest of “PARTISAN DISHONESTY”, then as Progressives we are just as guilty as many on the Conservative Right, who practice ZERO intellectual honesty as they ignore all the bigotry, sick vulgarity, racism and bad character of Donald Trump.

Intellectual dishonesty is only HALF of the problem with Trump voters…The sad fact about the other half of Trump voters is that they don’t have a developed intellect to be dishonest with in the first place…They take the word “special” in “special needs” to an all new level.

littlebusThat is to say, there are special needs Americans who have to ride the “little bus” to school every day, and even they could take one look at such a reality show circus act clown and laugh their ass off at the question of whether someone should vote for him for the highest office of our country.

That’s the excuse for half of the Trump voters…they are in the category of “special needs” Americans.But all of you dishonest, partisan minions of Hillary Clinton don’t have that excuse. You know exactly what you are doing. You are often lacking in objectivity, and even more often overlooking honesty in pursuing your obsessively partisan agenda. And that is wrong.

I do understand we cannot afford to elect a racist, womanizing Bozo the Clown to the oral office…sorry, like the old joke from the 80’s, I meant “oval office.” But that doesn’t mean we act dishonestly on our side, in the process of holding our collective noses and voting for Hillary.

weinernypostLastly, I want to point out that when the FBI is investigating a case like the one with Anthony Weiner and his alleged sexting of his private parts to an underage girl, it requires a warrant. Then, when thousands of unexpected emails are discovered on one of his devices, or a device belonging to his estranged ex-wife Huma Abedin, and those newly discovered emails are FROM Hillary’s private server address, you need to understand that it isn’t as easy as those investigators on that case just quickly reading all of them…

Why? Partly because before they can look at them, recognizing that they are not likely related to Weiner’s ‘sexting’ communications, but that they ARE related to another separate investigation involving Hillary Clinton, they are required to obtain a SEPARATE warrant first. Then and only then can they proceed in sifting through those many, many newly discovered emails to determine their content.

IF we are being intellectually honest, does that sound like something that can be done in a day or two? No, at the earliest we may be able to hear something from Comey about the content of those emails within a week if we are lucky.

HillaryWallStThat is why he had no choice but to let Congress know that what he had told them about the Clinton email investigation being closed was changing due to this unforeseen development. He couldn’t keep that a secret from them after telling them the case was closed, because if he didn’t and Hillary was elected, no matter how the investigation of the new emails turned out, even those “special needs” folks riding the little bus to school would think that he covered it up to help her avoid the issue at the last minute.

And Comey didn’t even publicly announce the continuing of the Clinton email investigation…He did so in a private letter to all of the ranking members of Congress, and then one of them ‘leaked’ that letter to the press.

Of course it was likely that would happen, but Comey had no choice under the awkward circumstances, in order to avoid having it look like an attempt to keep it from Congress in Hillary’s interest.

But those of you with your lips surgically attached to Hillary’s ass…this won’t detach you from her…You are content to remain as such, with honesty being the casualty. This of course is no surprise, since that is often the character of the Clintons as well.

But I’m challenging you to stop it, be a better person, hold your nose like me and vote for her, but do so HONESTLY! Do so understanding you unfortunately have no other choice…you are electing her not because she is the example of ethics and honesty, but because despite the concerns surrounding her likely enriching herself while in office, we can’t elect an orange, fake-weave schizophrenic traveling snake oil salesman who brags about grabbing women by their p***ys and routinely kissing them without their permission…

trumpivankaWho has been quoted saying things like, “my daughter is so hot, if I weren’t her dad I’d be dating her”… Whose Trump University is being investigated for defrauding thousands of Americans(including a large number of senior citizens) of millions of their personal savings, who was investigated and fined a large amount for discriminating against blacks and minorities in a housing project he built etc., etc. etc., etc., etc., etc. on and on and on the vulgar, low class “Cirque de TOUPEE” act goes.

But this requires at least a minimal degree of decent character and intellectual honesty on BOTH sides. Hillary will win by at LEAST a 10 point margin if not greater, but that doesn’t mean she should celebrate. This is only going to happen because as I said, “special” Conservatives on the right were allowed to nominate someone with such a low character, he was the ONLY candidate who could LOSE to Hillary…and do so by a landslide.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at