What a night and day difference 4 years can make. Four years ago we had not realized this sick Marxist agenda from the Left we are seeing today even existed…We had not realized the extent to which the Democratic Party was aligned with mega monopoly, NON-AMERICAN, globalist corporations, joined at the hip with our nation’s biggest foreign threat, that being CHINA!

As a result, I have been shocked to find myself recently wrestling with a gut-wrenching decision to make on November 3rd – That being how the hell can I continue to vote for candidates from a party that has recently begun revealing itself as such an egregious, unpatriotic threat to our country and our basic civil liberties?

Four years ago, many of us in both the Republican and Democrat Party were trying to deal with removing one of the most corrupt individuals ever elected to our nation’s highest office, that being Donald Trump.

Now, the irony is mind-blowing.

Like a broken clock will be right at least TWICE a day, despite his fraudulent, con-artist life history, he is the one who gets it right on protecting the United States from the unprecedented, massive threat from China we are facing now more than ever.

And, he is the only one who gets it right when it comes to holding China to the flame for their releasing this novel virus from their lab in Wuhan, without warning the rest of the world, and on their lockstep partnership with Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Leftwing mainstream media in trying to take away our civil liberties, forcing lockdowns, mandating mask wearing, and taking away our ability to provide for ourselves, seeking to needlessly create panic by EXAGGERATING and HYPING the virus as something that it is not!

Is there a novel virus? Sure, there appears to be one. Is it a ‘killer virus’ like the Bubonic Plague? Absolutely not! The opposite is the case. As I have written about many times before, the CDC has made it clear from the beginning that it is a WEAK virus that for the VAST MAJORITY who catch it, you will either not even know you had it, or have MILD symptoms at most like a cold or a mild flu.

It is well known that it is RARE not only to die from it, but it is RARE just to even be hospitalized. The false narrative from the Democratic Party and the left wing media is the opposite, needlessly scaring the daylights out of Americans, trying to make them think that the opposite is the case, that you would likely be hospitalized and die.

Democrats, not Republicans, are trying to use this fear-mongering narrative to destroy much of what patriotic Americans hold dear…They are working in cooperation with Big Tech and Big Pharma, and NON-AMERICAN, sovereign wealth globalist, monopoly corporations like Amazon, Google and Walmart, joined at the hip with our nation’s biggest foreign threat, that being CHINA.

We cannot allow this to continue. In LESS than 4 years time, the Democratic Party has shown itself to not just be a willing partner with this ‘agenda of control’ by China and those monopoly corporations, but it has revealed itself to be a sold out WHORE to China and those globalist corporations.

Yesterday I heard a right-leaning radio talk host exclaim that he couldn’t imagine anyone being ‘undecided’ only 2 weeks away from the presidential election. Well, that is understandable coming from his Republican mindset…you likely wouldn’t find many Republicans who are undecided at this point.

But I guarantee you there are many more Democrats like me who are now finding themselves in that undecided boat within the last few months, as we have looked on in horror at the gross dishonesty our party has engaged in with respect to Covid-19, and the major violence they often did not try to curtail from protestors engaging in looting and burning down mom and pop businesses, and throwing incendiary devices at the police, and trying to kill cops who were tasked with controlling their mob behavior.

SHAME ON ALL OF YOU who sat silently on your couches watching your TV’s and rooting that violence on! You are the core of the un-American sickness within the Democratic Party that is the REAL DANGEROUS INFECTION in our country that the rest of us are tasked with stopping this November 3rd.

Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, both huge life-long radical Democrats, are a huge element of this infection that threatens our country from the Left. Fauci and Gates have a shared agenda with the profit from vaccines they are ‘fast tracking’ for this virus, because Fauci shares rights to multiple patents that Gates has funded with the N.I.H. and government research Fauci has led.

And as I have shown you my readers multiple times in the past both here and on my monthly cable television program, Dr. Fauci LIED to America about the death rate of Covid-19, after writing an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in which he stated the exact OPPOSITE.

In that article, CO-AUTHORED by the director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, Dr. Fauci told all of his colleagues the honest truth that the Covid-19 death rate was comparable to a ‘harsh flu season’, that is all. But of course, he has joined in the corruption with the Left wing media in saying the exact opposite to you the American public, in an effort to generate unnecessary panic for the purposes of an agenda of control by the corporate interests I detailed above led by Big Pharma and Big Tech, in complete partnership with China.

Lastly, these emails of Hunter Biden that have been coming out have been vetted and proven NOT to be a ‘Russian smear campaign’. The U.S. Justice Department and our Director of National Intelligence have shot that down as complete B.S. They have confirmed that the emails are in fact real, and if you read the emails you see plain as day that Biden, while he was Vice President, was selling himself to a China state owned energy company!

This is not only massively corrupt on his part, but obviously places him at great risk of compromise if elected President, and vulnerable to black mail from China.

As such, anyone with an ounce of ethics and patriotism cannot in good conscience vote for Joe Biden. His running mate Kamala Harris is obviously sold out to the same partnership with the radical Marxists on the Left, and with China. Every time I see any clip from her, she is giggling non-stop like someone who just smoked a huge bong all by herself. Is that who you want to be a heart beat away from the Presidency? I don’t think so!

We have two bad candidates for different reasons, and I can’t believe that as bad of a person as Trump has so often consistently shown himself to be, he is the only candidate who has a clear understanding of the massive threat our country is facing from this ‘agenda of control’ partnership between China, globalist corporations and the Democratic Party.

In closing, I’m predicting a HUGE victory by Trump over Biden in this election, after the Democratic Party has ‘shot themselves in the head’ over the last few months, figuratively speaking.

I predict that the polls are generally all wrong and probably somewhat rigged, in their reflecting higher numbers of support for Biden. I am predicting that those polls do not accurately take into account a huge number of Americans like myself, who have SHIFTED IN RECENT MONTHS, as we have watched in horror at the growing Marxist, un-American threat the Democratic Party has revealed about itself.

Yesterday I was ‘undecided’…Today I am not.

Only because he is standing up against that threat…Only because he is standing up and exposing the exaggerated hype and largely false narrative behind the Covid-19 ‘agenda’ from the Left that has shamefully and needlessly traumatized our children over the last 12 months…

Only because he is standing up to the massive threat we face today from China, while Biden is sold out to China…

Only because he sees the need to STOP ANY FURTHER LOCKDOWNS and keep the economy open…

Only because he seeks to bring manufacturing jobs back to America that were sold out to China… while Biden seeks to appease China wherever possible…

And only because he is the only candidate still loudly championing the protection of our precious civil liberties that are aggressively under threat from the Left in their partnership with those monopoly globalist corporations with their unAmerican ‘agenda of control’ that seeks to change and destroy our nation, the American Dream, and all the freedom and independence we hold so dear as Americans…


Connie Bryan

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