If you are a man who is ‘direct’, strong and straightforward, not one to shy away from speaking out about what is morally right and needs to change…well my goodness you should be the next Deepok Chopra…you are a born leader. But if you are a woman who is ‘direct’, strong and straightforward, not one to shy away from speaking out about what is morally right and needs to change, well my goodness, you must be a LESBIAN. You need to learn to ‘soften’ and not ‘challenge’ those contributing to the problems we face in our society. (It’s weird how it is often WOMEN who will attack with such stereotyping well before a man will say it.)

I know I shouldn’t paint with a broad brush unless I’m painting a portrait of Governor Chris Christie, but generally speaking what I’ve found to be a truism is that for Republicans, you better not challenge them and point out the many grave errors with their Bible beliefs, or ironically their non-Christlike selfish, anti-social welfare programs and anti-immigrant views…

And with Liberals you better not challenge them and point out the horrible example and irresponsible behavior of their love of RECREATIONAL drug use and RECREATIONAL casual sex. And if you are FEMALE and do so, well you just need to get laid…or there’s something wrong with you…ironically liberals jump to the conclusion you must be a ‘holy roller’, who else would find fault with a lifestyle of recreational drug use and casual sex, but a Jesus freak or someone who just can’t get laid. 

Back to Republican Conservatives: They think you have to be a Lesbian bitch who is going to Hell to speak up about their religious hypocrisy in their beliefs. While they love to talk about their Bibles which are full of bigoted teachings, they go entirely against Jesus’ well known teaching to the rich young ruler when he told him to give all his money to the poor and follow him, while they angrily rant that their tax dollars don’t need to be going to social programs to help the poor, and especially ‘illegal mexicans’ who are ‘taking their children’s jobs…Really? Your kids are depressed because Mexicans took all the housecleaning jobs at the Holiday Inn Express? 

Funny how there are many field worker jobs where farmers are offering 20 to 30 bucks an hour, and they can’t find ONE of your kids willing to pick strawberries! And when was the last time you saw a MEXICAN holding a sign at an off ramp asking for handouts? It’s always who? You don’t even need me to say it, because as soon as I do, we’re back to you calling me a LESBIAN. For the record, I’m not – not that there’s anything wrong with that – I mean, let me clarify…I might be “Ellen-Curious”, meaning, I wonder sometimes if I might like kissing Ellen Degeneres, But I’m just not a SHEEP, and I see to many sheep being led by dangerous, ignorant ‘shepherds’. So I will answer my above question despite the answer’s lack of popularity: You virtually always see WHITE PEOPLE holding those signs begging at off ramps and intersections. They aren’t going to take a manual job in a farmers field even if it pays $20 per hour…they make twice that much or more “running a sign”…or better put, “running a SCAM”.

You will be hard-pressed to ever find a Mexican doing that. They have a work ethic and come from a culture that puts ours to shame, which is WHY you people, and you know who you are, keep putting them down. You are threatened by their ethics.

Lastly, contrary to popular opinion, it IS OK LADIES, to be a female and be outspoken about what needs to change. We need more women leading and speaking out about so much that is wrong right now – but just get ready for those you make uncomfortable to start their ‘weak shit’: Why are you so ‘direct’? Why are you so ‘opinionated’? Why do you act like a ‘man’? Don’t you know that turns men off? etc. It helps to make sure as a strong woman, that even in cold weather you avoid flannel shirts and extremely comfortable flats. Even still those ignorant attacks keep coming if you don’t have a penis.