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The Definitive Guide to the Lies & Fraud of the Bible

Holy Libel: The Definitive Deprogramming Guide to the Lies & Fraud of the Bible



“There is no more ignorant question ever asked in mankind’s history than ‘What is the harm of religion?’. There is NOTHING MORE HARMFUL than the man-made lies of ‘weaponized faith’ rampant in the Bible…

In ‘HOLY LIBEL’, I discuss my life experience being transgender, dealing with the horribly painful & bigoted rejection by family and others, largely rooted in their Christian ‘faith’. Like no other work on the topic, and using your own King James Bible, I detail & expose the massive amount of UNDENIABLE lies & fraud taught in the Bible, falsely in the name of God, and show you what REAL spiritual truth is.

By design, you have been lied to by the very institutions you thought you could trust the most. Thank you for having the courage to finally face & awaken to those lies, the primary barrier humanity faces to unity & world peace.”

Connie Bryan

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