Don’t make the mistake of reading the above title and assuming that I am just another ‘atheist’ attacking God. There is a night and day difference between REAL SPIRITUALITY and JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY (Organized Religion).

Real spirituality does not WEAPONIZE GOD, period. It is not used for EMPIRE BUILDING and aggressive conquering of other cultures in the name of God…

Real spirituality does not serve to DEIFY A CULTURE (as Dr. Yosef Ben very succinctly describes much of ‘organized religion’.)

But that is EXACTLY what Judeo-Christianity does. While claiming that “God is love”, the Bible’s fundamental man-made lies are replete with so-called ‘HOLY’ scriptures justifying condemnation, racism, bigotry and frequent genocide of entire nations in the name of God by the CHOSEN RACE (Or in the Christians’ case, the ONLY TRUE BELIEF), thereby weaponizing their belief in “God” and using it to justify such horrible hate and genocidal violence toward those outside of their ethnicity and culture, by branding them UNHOLY ‘non-believers’, ‘gentiles’, ‘pagans’, etc.

Real spirituality also does not COPY and COUNTERFEIT much older myths, then twist and tweak their meaning with such patriarchal racism and bigotry, and then claim the counterfeited myths as ORIGINAL TO THEM.

Even the patriarchal racism and bigotry tacked on to the counterfeited myths of Christianity isn’t original, as the Jews had pioneered that male pattern cultural elitism, and Christianity was just a spin-off of Judaism.

Roman Emperor Constantin and the early founders of the Roman Catholic church enabled that ‘spin-off’ from Judaism at the time of the 3rd Century A.D. As I will synopsize below, all they did was continue the same COUNTERFEITING of much older, popular ancient myth models that predated Judaism and Christianity by thousands of years.

The early founders of the ‘Christian’ religion just AMPLIFIED the condemnation and religious bigotry already practiced in Judaism’s counterfeiting of many of those same much older myths, in their new state religion that Rome then forced on all of their subjects, which they knew would be a powerful tool in their Roman empire building agenda.

In order to successfully force this new state belief system on the masses, Rome in tandem with the Roman Catholic Church created what are known as the “Dark Ages” between 500 A.D. and 1500 A.D. They went about destroying as much of the evidence and books that showed these much older myths predating Christianity by thousands of years, and decreed that NO ONE could have a copy of even the Bible or the New Testament, but the ONLY THE CHURCH and it’s priests would have the authority to read it and it would tell the masses what they needed to know.

Further, Rome and the Roman Catholic Church during this time decreed that anyone found with any of the historical writings that contradicted their “New Testament” and their new religion of Christianity would be put to death. They used threat of execution and the complete lack of access to knowledge and information as their oppressive EMPIRE BUILDING tools in order to slowly, over about a thousand years, root such sick, man-made concepts of God in the minds of the masses.

Below I will provide a brief overview of what has been deliberately held back from most Christians by the church, and by pastors and “ministers” who may even themselves not be aware of these facts, having never done their homework about the “beliefs” they admittedly hold entirely based on ‘childlike faith’.

I was also raised in that evangelical Christian fundamentalist environment, and I am very thankful that I was ‘SAVED’ from it after finally learning about the following truths that expose the lies and man-made fraud of Judeo-Christianity.

The following are historical facts, not ‘beliefs’:

The copied older myths predated Christianity and Judaism by thousands of years, originating with the earliest known African, Egyptian, Persian and Sumerian civilizations and cultures, and long predating Christianity, practiced by much older Greek culture.

Those much older myth models, claimed to be original by Christianity, were precisely of a ‘virgin birth’ of a ‘savior god-man’, also born on Dec.25th.

They included the original concept of ‘baptism'(symbolic representation of your spiritual nature taking priority over the physical nature), ‘communion’ and the partaking of wine to show remembrance…

They included the concept of ‘the passion’ meaning the suffering the ‘savior/god-man’ endured in life, before a death and resurrection over THREE DAYS, and they often included 12 followers that were always meant to be symbolic of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.

A simple way to research the crux of these historical facts is to do an internet search on “Zoroastrianism”, which predated Judeo-Christianity by at least 10 thousand of years or more, and was widely known to already hold those specific fundamental myth models that the crafters of Judaism and Christianity would later copy.

It is astounding, everything that is NOT original to the ‘Christian belief’, but was ripped off from much older civilizations that were meant to be just metaphors to remind you of your universal spiritual nature.

And the most important fact about this is, those copied, ancient myths were meant to symbolically point the masses to an understanding that those myth models are representative of THEM…In other words, to point to the ‘spirituality’ in ALL of us…that we are ALL ‘sons and daughters of God’…Not just the particular ‘savior god/man myth model’ and not just the ‘preferred chosen race’ or ‘preferred culture/belief’.

BUT, and this is very important…As they were copied and counterfeited by conquering empire building cultures like Greece and Rome, they gradually became more and more polluted with condemning, fear based man-made additions that served to control those who they were conquering. As I said above, the empire of Rome, in tandem with the origins of the Roman Catholic church, KNEW the power that such a fear based, forced state religious ‘belief’ contained.

It was not original, and as soon as you learn that it was not ‘original’ and that it was entirely copied – ALL OF IT – and then polluted with condemnation, and a justification for violence and genocide ‘in the name of Jesus’ by the empire building goals of those who copied it…As soon as you learn that fact, it is GAME OVER!

Most in the Christian church began ‘believing’ that man-made, condemning image of God because they were little children when first exposed to it, and they didn’t know any better. It was pushed on them by their parents, who had not done their homework, and it was pushed on them by their parents, who had not done their homework, etc, etc. We were all brainwashed just to ACCEPT it and BELIEVE it ‘like a child’ WITHOUT QUESTION or what?? We would GO TO HELL.

Sound familiar? It’s the same thing the Romans initially did as I described above, using fear of execution to force ‘believers’ not to question it.

But the truth and the facts have been well documented and reported, now that people have much better and complete access to those historical facts.

More and more people’s eyes are being opened to real spiritual truth, as these facts expose that Christianity was crafted and entirely COPIED by the Romans, who copied much older very popular myth models from early Greece, and the Greeks copied them from the same much older original myth models in the earliest great civilizations along the Nile in Africa, ultimately settling in Egypt for thousands of years BEFORE the ethnic tribes who later became Israel ever became a nation.

It is important to note that those ethnic tribes who eventually became “The Jews” had learned all of these popular myths while they had been living around the African Egyptians…

They had migrated to that area due to a major famine, and the African Egyptians accepted them, fed them, taught them their much more advanced agricultural, astronomical and scientific knowledge….taught them their advanced culture and spiritual understanding, and eventually those tribes who would later form Judaism, copied much of what they learned from the African Egyptians.

It’s important to understand GEOGRAPHY here. Amazingly, a lot of people forget that Egypt is in Africa. Egypt at the time of the building of the pyramids and long after, was founded and ruled by black Africans.

It is very important to understand that Egypt under African rule was historically known to have been the ORIGINAL DEFINING CENTER of world civilization and culture.

Even the original ‘TEN COMMANDMENTS’ the Jews tried to claim were something they came up with, were originally learned by them from the African Egyptians, who had a much older, well developed system of morals and values, even much more delineated than just those 10 moral understandings…

They had what are known as the 42 Negative Confessions of Ma’at, which included the 10 that the Jews copied from them after learning them while under the provision and guidance of the African Egyptian people and culture for hundreds of years.

This is something else that you can look up quickly and verify by doing an internet search for “The 42 Negative Confessions and The Ten Commandments”

There are no ‘BELIEFS’ in any of what I’m writing to you about. Christians, Jews and Muslims are however, entirely holding on to fraudulent ‘beliefs’ that are not based in fact. (Islam is guilty of the SAME COUNTERFEITING of the same myth models, DEIFYING their culture, and the adding of condemnation toward all ‘unbelievers’)

Now, here’s the important thing about ‘beliefs’ and ‘faith’…Holding on to ‘belief’ and ‘faith’ wouldn’t necessarily be so bad IF your beliefs or your ‘faith’ WAS NOT so fundamentally rooted in ‘condemnation’ and intolerance toward other diverse people’s spiritual perspective, sexual orientation, etc.

But because they ARE rooted in that condemnation and intolerance in the name of God…Because such sick fraudulent beliefs in God have been the number one factor causing war and genocide over the last 4 thousand years, because such sick ‘beliefs’ are the primary thing standing in the way of creating PEACE ON EARTH…That is why it is critical now more than ever, that we hold such people to the flame, so to speak…

REAL SPIRITUALITY understands that we are ALL a part of what “God” is, in all of our varying diversity, like colors of the rainbow. But in order to create peace and ‘heaven on earth’ as we were meant to do, we have to hold ALL of those accountable who are continuing to embrace such shameful beliefs and continuing to push such sick beliefs on their children.

When such ‘beliefs’ have the legacy of violence, genocide and condemnation that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have, there is NO excuse for anyone today to hide from the historical facts that expose it as the ‘organized lie’ that it was in an effort to control the masses by Rome and the Roman Catholic church in their team effort of building their dominant world empire.

Spirituality seeks to build a harmonious, diverse, kind, all inclusive world COMMUNITY, not a conquering EMPIRE in the name of “Jesus”. If you like to tell yourself Jesus was a ‘peacemaker’, you haven’t read your New Testament much have you?

For just one example many examples, read Matthew 10:34, where Jesus is quoted bragging about the fact that he DID NOT COME TO BRING PEACE, BUT A SWORD.

It is long overdue for this sick ‘weaponizing’ of God by the Big Three organized religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam to come to an end. We are approaching a major SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE in this understanding that fortunately, growing numbers of us have been writing about for a some time now.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 14 cable access markets nationwide. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at or Youtube/ConnieBryan.)