I’m going to share a fitting analogy to this Covid-19 ‘HERD STUPIDITY’ panic-demic in this article. But first I want to remind my readers, some of whom recently have wished me harm and said they hoped I would ‘die from the virus’… I want to remind you of something important, even though many of you will have a hard time reading this until you finally remove your head from your ASS…

As difficult as that task may be for some, I want to begin by reminding everyone that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been caught in a MAJOR corrupt lie for his part in all of this fraudulent fear-mongering on behalf of Big Pharma, after it was found that he wrote earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine that in fact, this virus is comparable to nothing more than a HARSH FLU SEASON.

That isn’t me saying this, it is Dr. Fauci himself writing it, CO-AUTHORED by none other than Dr. Robert Redfield, THE DIRECTOR OF THE CDC!

Do any of you know any of your friends who have a subscription to “The New England Journal of Medicine??” Of course not.

He and Redfield wrote this truthfully to a tiny, narrow audience of their scientific peers, while out of the OTHER SIDE OF THEIR MOUTH, they played along with this Big Pharma and Bill Gates ‘panic-demic’ narrative and ‘agenda of control’ in the mainstream media to scare you, with Fauci being the chief dishonest mouthpiece from our national health institutions, that have been entirely bought off and controlled by Gates and Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer, Merk, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, etc.

Do you remember the warning President Eisenhower gave us all as he departed office, when he warned us about the extreme growing danger of ‘the military industrial complex’?

Well this is another example of that…I call this similarly corrupt Big Pharma group ‘THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX’, and they are just as big if not BIGGER of a threat to our nation and our civil liberties as the military industrial complex and their profiteering agenda of control we have known about for some time now.

What a lot of you don’t know is that MANY MANY doctors are totally ‘on the payroll’ and sold out to these monopoly pharmaceutical companies, because their private practices or their high paying hospital positions largely depend on their taking ‘bonuses’ (bribes in all reality) and ‘subsidies’ from them, predicated on their continued PRESCRIBING OF THE NEW DRUGS AND VACCINES that these monopoly Big Pharma companies tell them to prescribe.

How many of you knew that? How many of you know that it has been estimated that the MAJORITY of sponsors of the mainstream cable news channels are these same monopoly Big Pharma members of the ‘pharmaceutical industrial complex’?

How many of you know that they are in lockstep with China, who in addition to a longstanding partnership with them in dangerous ‘gain of function research’, has for a LONG TIME enabled a giant part of their profiteering model, by allowing them to outsource to China the manufacturing of the often toxic ingredients of many of Big Pharma’s new drugs and vaccines they then need to find ways to PUSH ON YOU.

So, how do they push them on you? Well being the biggest sponsor of mainstream media allows them to market their new drugs directly to you with those commercials that have the extremely fast, very low talking attorney-sounding disclaimer at the end that rattles off all of the horrible side effects of the drugs, often including heart attack, stroke and death…But they know that many of you are such gullible sheep that you won’t listen or care about that disclaimer…

They know by now that you will instead run, not walk to your physician, and remind them to prescribe you the drug that had that cute purple pet elephant walking through the park with the lady who ostensibly is now finally able to walk through the park and avoid a stroke because she is taking the ‘purple pill’ (that the cute purple elephant was representing).

Oh, and again, this reminds your doctor that yes, that is one of the drugs he or she is supposed to prescribe for the ‘bonuses’ he or she can get from that pharmaceutical company, to pay for his or her new (insert expensive item here).

Then a year or two later, we see the many commercials from law firms asking if you or a loved one have been harmed or died as a result of taking that purple pill…effectively being STEPPED ON by the pet purple elephant, etc, etc. All because you didn’t take the time to look into the dangerous side effects, INCLUDING BEING STEPPED ON BY THE CUTE ELEPHANT metaphorically speaking!

A huge example of this massive Big Pharma complicity was of course what happened with the much more dangerous and real OPIOID PANDEMIC…But Big Pharma has so much power and control, they were able to get off cheap relatively speaking, by only having to pay about a hundred billion or so in fines across their industry.

Then they perfected their profiteering agenda of control, and since that time they tightened their control of our national health institutions and our politicians who represent THEM and not ‘We the People’, and they have continued with their fraudulent profiteering at our expense. And a HUGE part of that profiteering at our expense has been and CONTINUES to be PUSHING DANGEROUS VACCINES that have the SAME DANGEROUS WARNINGS IN THE FINE PRINT!

Now please, hold off for just a few more minutes on writing me your wish that I die from the coronavirus, and listen to me…

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the guy they put into the National Institute of Health back in the Reagan Administration, and it was Dr. Fauci himself who was the leading force in ensuring from inside the N.I.H., that Big Pharma got their ‘golden goose’ so to speak – That being COMPLETE IMMUNITY FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY from any injury or death associated with taking any of their vaccines…

And this unprecedented, total ‘industry liability protection’ by the government was specifically designed to protect them from the known dangerous potential side effects associated with CHILDHOOD VACCINES. Those dangerous side effects including seizures, auto-immune diseases and death are included IN THE PACKAGE INSERT WARNINGS that most parents don’t even bother to read.

As a matter of fact, that Big Pharma industry liability protection legislation that Fauci spearheaded for Big Pharma was actually named “The National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act of 1986”. Now how many of you knew that?

Fast forward to this current fraudulent agenda of control by Big Pharma which among other existential threats to our freedom, has at its core yet another profiteering agenda of pushing EVEN MORE dangerous vaccines on the public, but of a new and even more dangerous kind, called “RNA” vaccines (recombinant DNA).

How many of you know that within the last few months, Dr. Fauci and our government, along with most other major foreign governments including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia ( just to name a few) have once again willingly given total immunity and liability protection to all of the Big Pharma companies who are developing these new RNA vaccines associated with Covid-19?

It’s true…Big Pharma once again demanded and received total legal immunity from any and all liability associated with their FAST TRACKED RNA VACCINES that they have received BILLIONS from those governments to FAST TRACK, and in the process, Dr. Fauci and others have made sure that they were even allowed to SKIP critically important animal trials!

Since then, in not one but TWO of Bill Gates’ funded fast tracked vaccine trials that SKIPPED the critical animal trials, the majority of the volunteers got sick, about 20% were HOSPITALIZED(Google CBS interview of Bill Gates on vaccine trial side effects)…

And in the last couple of weeks, a Johnson and Johnson vaccine trial was abruptly halted when one of their participants came down with what they would only describe as an ‘unexplained illness’…And in the last week or so, it was reported that a young 28 year old female volunteer DIED in Astrazeneca’s Covid19 vaccine trial in Brazil.

But the pharmaceutical industrial complex is counting on the false narrative of panic in the mainstream media they control, to keep you paralyzed MORE in fear about a new virus that the vast majority of us are NOT at risk from, and keep you completely UNAWARE of the very serious dangers of the vaccine they plan to PUSH on you, to the extent that like a weak little fearful sheep, you BEG them to inject you with it!

Most Americans ON BOTH SIDES of the political aisle are NOT weak minded sheep…We are the majority of strong minded INDEPENDENT WOLVES who keenly see through this massive fraudulent agenda behind this PANIC-DEMIC of ‘COVID-19’…A fraudulent agenda of control that is a giant existential threat to all the freedoms and liberties we hold dear, and that were guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution!

OVER FIFTEEN THOUSAND of our nation’s leading doctors, epidemiologists, virologists and medical scientists have now signed on to the powerful document called “The Great Barrington Declaration”, that was drafted by three of our nation’s leading doctors from three of our top universities – Oxford, Stanford and Harvard.

These leading M.D.s and medical scientists have said the same thing many of us strong minded Americans have known using COMMON SENSE from the beginning of all of this hype and needless fear-mongering…

They state in their declaration that there is no cause for fear, that the vast majority of us are not at risk, meaning if we catch it we will have mild symptoms at most like the flu, and that as such, it is critical that the vast majority of us who are not at risk RETURN TO NORMAL IMMEDIATELY…And that our children RETURN TO CLASSROOM EDUCATION IMMEDIATELY!

This isn’t just me saying this, this is OVER 15,000 of our nation’s M.D.s, epidemiologists and medical experts saying it!!

They specifically address the common sense CORRECT APPROACH, that being to focus on protecting those in the ‘at risk’ group who just like in ANY ‘flu season’, should use extra caution, maybe wear a mask (i.e. not a mask mandate on everyone!) avoid crowds, stay home as much as possible, etc.
But they make it clear that SCIENTIFICALLY, we need to get to what is called HERD IMMUNITY by the vast majority of us who are NOT in that ‘at risk’ group.

Now hold off just a little longer on writing your hate comments wishing me to die from the virus, and listen to this because this is important…stop BAHHHHHHING for just a minute more…

Just like with ANY new virus, what will NATURALLY HAPPEN as we begin the process of reaching herd immunity?

If you guessed that there will be a very large RISING NUMBER OF CASES, you deserve a GOLD STAR!!

But the mainstream media, controlled by this sick agenda of Big Pharma, is counting on you remaining a weak-minded sheep, BAHHHHHING in fear every time they say on the nightly news that there is now a huge SPIKE IN CASES in this state or in that state, and we have to LOCK YOU DOWN for your own good!

The truth is, what happens with the lockdowns is just that you SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS OF GETTING TO SOCIETAL IMMUNITY…

The lockdowns cause soooooo much incomprehensible economic, psychological and social destruction to a free society that DEPENDS ENTIRELY on the social fabric of COMMUNITY and personal interactions with each other! (It is critically important to understand that last sentence.)

And while such a wrong destructive approach is taken, it ironically only SLOWS DOWN the process of the vast majority of us who are NOT IN THE AT RISK GROUP developing the antibodies that ultimately render the virus virtually ineffective, hence at that point making it generally safe…or at least as safe as could be reasonably expected for the ‘at risk’ group.

That is what over 15,000 of our nations top medical experts, M.D.s and scientists are saying as they have signed on to “The Great Barrington Declaration”, in calling out the threat and the monumental irreparable damage this ‘panic-demic’ is doing not just to our nation, but to the free world as a whole.

They specifically address one of the areas that is of the utmost concern, and that I have harped on the most, that being the inconceivably ridiculous and unnecessary traumatizing of our nation’s children with regard to this virus.

They state in their declaration that the educational, psychological and social damage we are doing to our children in keeping them out of school is massive and needs to stop now.

Now in closing, let me get to my analogy to this ‘HERD STUPIDITY’ panic regarding this virus, using a hypothetical panic driven by the media, as they hypothetically begin to show deaths from allergic reactions to BEE STINGS…

First, what you have to keep in mind is that the mainstream media has NEVER shown you the same deaths that have always happened to the SAME AT RISK GROUP who died from complications from the FLU.

Had the media shown you how every year many hospitals had their intensive care units overwhelmed or were close to capacity from those dying or needing critical care from the flu, you would have been just as frightened about the flu!

Do you know how many deaths the CDC said we had from complications of the flu in 2017?

EIGHTY THOUSAND!! And those numbers are real, not CONJURED and exaggerated because of the government’s special Medicare Covid payment benefit – creating a huge profit incentive, paying huge sums to hospitals for every case they diagnose as coronavirus, mostly without an actual test, etc.

Now, the other thing you have to remember is that those who die from a flu-like virus, either the flu or Covid-19, are those who have a very compromised and weakened immune system.

This is comparable to someone who has severe allergies and/or a body that is particularly vulnerable to dying from anaphylactic shock if stung by a bumble bee, OR…What was the latest ridiculous hype in the media…Oh yes, they branded it “THE MURDER HORNET!”

The comparison is similar for sure in the case of those vulnerable to bee stings. In either case, dying from a bee sting or the flu, the person has an immune system that is compromised and vulnerable to an auto-immune allergic type reaction, to the point of dying from something that the VAST MAJORITY OF US can handle exposure to JUST FINE!

But let’s use the “MURDER HORNET HYPE” model…

Imagine if CNN and MSNBC and PBS and the other media outlets masquerading as news and journalism today, imagine if they suddenly began artificially hyping the danger of MURDER HORNET STINGS.

They begin a non-stop obsessive campaign every night, showing you all the people in the nation who are hospitalized from being stung by an insect of some kind they were allergic to, and every night they showed you examples of this, with focus on sobbing nurses and medical aides, along with a fraction of hyped death numbers they began telling you were ostensibly from MURDER HORNET STINGS…

But of course as they hype these rising ‘case numbers’, they don’t tell you that the hospitals were all incentivized by Medicare, who under Presidential emergency order. guaranteed to pay hospitals tens of thousands of dollars for every case they diagnosed as related to a MURDER HORNET STING…

What would the result be?

It would most assuredly cause an unnecessary national panic among a certain percentage of weak-minded sheep among us (especially on the Left) who would easily allow themselves to buy into such a narrative of the need to WEAR BEE SUITS AT ALL TIMES, SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, FORCE ALL MOM AND POP BUSINESSES TO CLOSE, FORCE EVERYONE TO STAY INSIDE, FORCE OUR KIDS NOT TO BE ALLOWED TO GO TO SCHOOL, on and on all due to being led by the nose by hyped fear tactics from the media and those who control them, with their ‘agenda of control’ they want to impose on us.

I know, I know…you can’t help yourself, you want to write me and tell me that you wish me to die from a ‘FLY BY’ MURDER HORNET ATTACK.

Fortunately, those of you weak sheep who think like that, who actually WANT to live in fear, and who are willing to give up a lot of your civil liberties and freedom for a false perception of ‘security’, and who want to live in submissive subjection to Big Tech and Big Pharma…Fortunately you are not the majority.

You are just sadly a cancer on the Democratic Party that is going to ultimately need to be removed by the rest of us to save our nation, our precious independence and ‘The American Dream’.

Connie Bryan

Connie Bryan, writer, Presidential election, Trump, Biden, Kamala Harris,

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