ConnieHdshtSmallFile1The first thing that we need to realize if we care about being a healer here in this world, and in this experience we call ‘LIFE’, is that EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT. Nothing exists apart from thought. So to heal, we must seek to make corrections to our thinking, and make sure we are ‘thinking in the right direction’.

We are all co-creators, responsible for everything we are experiencing. We are not separate from ‘the creator’ or “God”. We are a part of what God is, and when we realize this, it is very HUMBLING to say the least. It is not egotistical to recognize you are what God is…It is a realization that humbles you to your core and makes you realize you have a responsibility to live as a healthy, holy example…not to go around abusing alcohol, advocating for using drugs for ‘recreation’, abusing sex like it is a carnival ride, etc…etc.

There is so much pollution in the thinking of the majority of people in this world, and ironically much of the pollution comes from organized religion and the Big Three (Christianity, Judaism and Islam).

The cornerstone and source of this polluted thinking is their common man-made teaching that you are SEPARATE from what God is, and that you are ‘condemned’ and ‘damned to Hell’ if you don’t convert to their beliefs.
This is obviously not ‘unconditional love and forgiveness’. Yet they claim to believe in that as well. This is the prime example of polluted thinking, because by definition, unconditional love and forgiveness CANNOT EVER condemn…it can only forgive unconditionally. To condemn, you have entered a ‘condition’ for the love and forgiveness.

Another prime example of the polluted thinking of so many people today is found in the whole “Republican” and “Democrat” division. Even this is fueled in a subtle way by organized religion, because of the Big Three religions’ heavy emphasis on teaching their followers to think of themselves as ‘elite’ or apart from ‘unbelievers’, instead of understanding the spiritual truth that we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of our diversity of faith.

Recently at one of my music shows, my audience was really getting into my song selections, singing along and playing my tambourine. I announced that I was going to play my favorite Bruce Springstein tune next…a tune entitled “My Hometown”.

Then to utterly ruin the beautiful mood, someone exclaimed, “I hate Bruce Springstein, he’s a Communist!”. What they really meant was, he’s a “Liberal Democrat”. But these days, that isn’t strong enough for people on the other side of the political spectrum. So they exaggerate with their hate and like to refer to Liberals as “Communists”.

I just politely explained that no, Bruce wasn’t a “Communist” and that he was simply what you would call a very Progressive Liberal. Still, you could have cut the tension with a knife. I played the song “My Hometown”, and you could hear in the lyrics, the strong message Springstein delivers of how healthy Capitalism and access to the “American Dream” for hard working Americans have been destroyed by what I call “Corporatism” which ironically is often embraced by Republicans who think they have to support whatever Corporations do because the “corporate market” can’t be wrong, etc.

I’m not going to get off on a tangent about politics here. My point is simply that we have to start thinking in the right direction, and part of that right direction is to stop looking at others with hate and disdain because of whether there is a “D” or an “R” associated with their name.

For heaven’s sake, as a moderate, I can see elements present on both sides of the political spectrum that I agree with. In order to bring healing to this world, and that is the only thing that has real value by the way…fulfilling your divine purpose as a healer here… In order to do that, you have to recognize that everyone is a part of you on a spiritual level. That is ‘thinking in the right direction’, and that will bring healing to your path and the path of others.

Conversely, when you selfishly look at others with disdain, or harbor a grievance of ANY kind toward ANYONE, for ANY reason, whether it be because you are a Christian and they are gay…or because you are a Muslim and they are Jewish, or you are a Conservative and they are a Liberal, Or you are an American citizen and they are an undocumented immigrant, etc… you are thinking in the ‘wrong direction’.

And on a brief side note, ironically those who have angst toward undocumented immigrants almost always ignore the real source of that topic, that being the largely Conservative-owned corporations and businesses who benefit from undocumented workers…

There wouldn’t be such a massive influx of undocumented immigrants were it not for the largely Conservative business owners who desire and invite their cheap labor…Yet consistently, Conservatives love to spout hateful rhetoric targeting mainly the desperate Mexican immigrant rather than target the source of the issue, those Conservative businesses recruiting and hiring them.

Back to the main topic…Because EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT, meaning thought is the source of all creation…Those kinds of negative unloving thoughts have a consequence for those who think them…they will create major problems and negative outcomes in your experience here that we call ‘LIFE’.

Here’s another good example of what wrong thinking ‘creates’…You hear people talking more and more today about the dangers we face from global warming and ‘climate change’. Whether or not you accept the vast majority of scientists’ dire warnings on this subject, the most serious and undeniable problem associated with global warming is POLLUTION. That is the most critical and undeniable element of the topic – man-made industrial “emission’s” and waste – carbon or otherwise – and the extreme, deadly consequential damage of pollution to our ecology.

And even though the severe degree of pollution is the critical element at the foundation of the topic of global warming, oddly when global warming is brought up in the media, the general pollution element is most often left out of the discussion. Again, even if you remain skeptical in the face of the evidence of man-made ‘climate change’, you can’t be skeptical about the massive pollution element of the issue.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of holding mega-corporations responsible for cleaning up the egregious level of worldwide environmental pollution, and it is caused by the wrong thinking of those greed driven corporations who place profit BEFORE ethical and moral business operation.

Oddly, many Conservatives love to speak hatefully of Liberals because they are consistently trying to bring this truth to the forefront of our national conversation this election cycle. (Fact: Did you know according to ecologists and marine scientists, we may lose HALF of all the species on earth by the end of this century due to man-made pollution and climate change?

People mistakenly love to say, “You can’t talk about religion and politics”…yet we MUST talk about those two topics no matter how controversial it may seem, because those two institutions have been corrupt bedfellows causing upside down wrong thinking for thousands of years in their shared interest of controlling the masses for their power and profit motives. Ironically, trying not to offend anyone by not talking about it only allows those institutions to continue instilling their divisive, corrupt and fraudulent man-made agendas.

For example, the Bible widely teaches the concept of an elite race by the many man-made writings pretending to be holy scripture which refer to the Jews as God’s “Chosen Race”, and “Chosen People”…and then subsequently adding Christians to that group as ‘adopted Jews’ in the New Testament.

There is even a passage quoting Jesus as referring to a woman as a ‘dog’ because she was not Jewish, when she was pestering him for a healing miracle for her child. She replies by asking him “Aren’t dogs entitled to the crumbs from their master’s table?”, to which Jesus responds by finally giving her the healing she asked for, as he tells her to go away.

On and on, all over the Bible, there are continuous references that portray God as displaying racial preference, ordaining genocide (Joshua Chapter 6 for one of hundreds of examples), ordaining slavery and commanding ‘segregation’ of races, referring to evil bloodlines, etc. etc. Yet amazingly, Christians and Jews have historically NOT stopped their wrong thinking to question this for the obvious man-made fraudulent teaching that it is!

Fortunately we succeeded with the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60s, and more recently we succeeded with the Marriage Equality movement, solely because participants said, “No, we WILL talk about politics and religion, we will talk about things that might offend, because it is necessary to bring healing change”.

True spirituality is love for all, unconditionally…Love that transcends politics and religious ‘conditions’. Thinking in the right direction means we can disagree without hate or condemnation toward each other, recognizing that we are all connected to each other as co-creators here, and as such our thoughts are what create either Heaven or Hell for ourselves.

The problems we have been creating with thinking in the wrong direction must be solved by an awakening to real spiritual truth, and a decision to begin thinking in the right direction. The problems that need healing here must be healed by ourselves, and not this widespread cop-out teaching by many Christians that everything will be solved/healed by a ‘savior’ coming down on a cloud on a white horse, to fix everything and condemn everyone else. Once again, that is the root of the problem of wrong thinking that is to blame for the wrong direction mankind has been going for thousands of years.

It is time to wake up, stop the hate and condemnation, and begin thinking in the right direction.

Connie Bryan
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