This past Sunday on “MEET THE PRESS”, in the wake of the ridiculous controversy of Donald Trump’s insistence that he personally observed “thousands” of people cheering at the falling twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, Hugh Hewitt and Andrea Mitchell among others came to their ‘light bulb moment’ conclusion that we live in a “POST-TRUTH WORLD”.

As a result, a popular radio talk show I listen to in northern California picked up on it for their show fodder today, as though this was some “new concept” that was fostered by “Meet the Press” and therefore worthy of more thoughtful consideration by their listeners. You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!

We have existed in a post-truth world for at least a couple of thousand years, and that is the reason we have had so much war, genocide and hateful violence, still ongoing in the world today. It has only gotten more and more obvious, to where the absence of truth is reaching an all time fever pitch of late. The problem is that people have become so distracted with their materialistic pursuits, consumer-based obsessions and social media activities, that it’s the rare ‘exception to the rule’ individual who cares about the truth anymore.

As long as things seem somewhat comfortable for people, the majority remain content to be misled by the major institutions of religion, media and politics, which have been convenient bedfellows for ages. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THOSE INSTITUTIONS ARE DEPENDING ON! BLIND CONFORMITY…Or as the church would prefer to call it…BLIND FAITH/BELIEF.

“Put another way…people behaving like SHEEP…That is what the institutions of power in society have always counted on to successfully gain and hold the power that religion and politics has had over the masses for centuries upon centuries.

They count on the fact that people would rather conform and not question the propaganda their institution sells as “truth” as long as people can feel a certain sustained degree of security from such blind conformity.

Ironically, those who crafted the man-made ‘scriptures’ of the Bible even brazenly used that very metaphor to describe their beautifully “blind believers”, describing and referring to them as “sheep” and the church/priests as their “shepherds”…As though it is a wonderful thing to be like a sheep. Time to get real folks. Time to put down the “Linus security blankets”.

Islam does NOT corner the market on being an ideology of harmful lies in the name of God/religion. A religion does not have to be currently engaging in suicide bombings and acts of terrorism to be equally as hateful, damning and destructive to truth and love with its core teachings.

Christianity and the Bible were carefully crafted by factions of men with a socio-political agenda, and the message of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE long ago attributed to a philosopher (who may or may not have existed) named Jesus was fraudulently perverted by man-made bigotry entirely based on “conditions” for inclusion as a child of God, just like Islam.

If you research the historicity of the Bible, you quickly discover this was largely orchestrated by political factions who were the early “fathers” of the Roman Catholic church, and if that wasn’t enough, they were working in tandem and VERY CLOSE cooperation/influence with political leaders at the time.

There were violent clashes between them and the “Gnostic Christians” who understood the truth that the philosophy of universal unconditional love and forgiveness then attributed to Jesus’ message, which had been already well known from many other faiths and practiced LONG BEFORE Christianity, DID NOT include teachings of any kind of damnation or condemnation of others.

The Gnostic Christians understood that it was a message of universal love and acceptance of all diversity of belief, all being a part of the diversity of what “God” was.. and that it was being corrupted by these early Roman Catholic church fathers who were taking extreme liberties to change that message to suit their socio-political agenda.

Unfortunately for humanity in the POST-TRUTH world that was really gaining traction even back then, the bigoted early members of the Roman Catholic church and political rulers working together at the time to gain power over the masses ultimately prevailed and brought us the fraudulent, fear-based, condemning hell-fire and damnation version of Christianity we have today.

It isn’t hard at all to see through this man-made hate masquerading as “God’s Word”. As I mentioned above, it is the same “we’re special and saved, and all others are condemned” model as Islam. And that ALWAYS creates a recipe for world war, genocide and terrorism as reflected by history. Quick question: Aren’t we supposed to use history to LEARN from, so as not to REPEAT it?

The lack of truth in organized religion is endless, and nowhere is this more true than when you start looking at the history of the origins of Christianity and the New Testament…Not ONE of the “Gospels” (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) were written by those disciples whatsoever! As a matter of fact, this is an established truth by Bible scholars with respect to the vast majority of the books in the Bible.

Those individuals whose names were attributed to those books had NOTHING to do with writing them. Worse yet, the true authors are unknown. And we are such sheep that we accept the deification of this book with all it’s obvious bigotry in the name of God?? Surprisingly few Christians are even aware of this fact that the Catholic church admits is true.

Most Christians just assume the disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote those books. But in fact, NOBODY KNOWS who the person was who actually penned those books. We do know their content was violently fought over as I described above, and that ultimately the faction that later became the founders of the early Roman Catholic church prevailed in their demand for what those books were to say overall.

We also know that for hundreds of years, the entire New Testament was still not agreed upon with regard to the approved content for the books and the names attributed to them. This process was called the ‘canonization’ of the New Testament, which basically meant the deciding of its content by the leaders of the early Roman Catholic church.

Not surprisingly in this process, and as the first form of “MASS MEDIA” over the public in an effort to successfully integrate the New Testament and the new religion of “Christianity” at the time, the Roman Catholic church had a monumental Papal prohibition against any parishioner OWNING or READING the Bible for themselves. How many Christians know this? Very few.

For hundreds of years, if you were an early Christian, you were prohibited from owning or reading your own copy of the New Testament… The Catholic church depended on their members being kept from reading the new “gospels” for themselves, and required that they only be taught what to believe from the priests who would read select and approved passages to them. How many Christians today are aware of facts such as these?

In so doing, through the generations, the new religion of Christianity as doctored, perverted and ‘perpetrated’ by the Roman Catholic church, was successfully integrated into mainstream society. It has always been and continues to be used as a form of mass population control, and it has ZERO to do with spiritual truth.

But people bah-ahhhhhhh-ahhhhh-ing like sheep, let themselves be controlled and deceived, believing that there is an exterior God who will save them, while angrily condemning all others to hell…How special they are actually DEPENDS on the damning of all those who aren’t as special, because of the different way they might choose to embrace a faith in God. How sick indeed to look at the diversity of your brothers and sisters in such a manner! How sick indeed to teach your children such a concept of God! Nothing could be further from the truth about spirituality.

How sick indeed to believe in HUMAN SACRIFICE required by such a concept of God…I thought we all agreed the concept of ‘human sacrifice’ was clearly indicative of a sick Satanic or evil “cult” practice…So how then do we get convinced to accept such a sick practice, that God would need such a ‘human sacrifice’, as being that of an unconditionally loving God? You gotta be KIDDING ME once again!

How sick indeed to believe you must eat of the “flesh” of a person’s body and drink what actually becomes a human sacrifice’s blood, literally like some kind of vampire, and again…how sick to brainwash your children with such a MONSTROUS and “cannibalistic” belief! Shame on us for perpetuating such horribly fear-based and man-made concepts of “God”.

And how sick indeed for women to roll over and accept the sick, constant teachings that portray women in the Bible as second-class citizens, not equal with men, and created by a patriarchal God for the purpose of serving the needs and whims of men…and again, how sick to help instill this sick belief in the minds of their children, that the woman was made as an after thought from Adam’s rib, and her stated purpose was to serve the man, and that women can’t serve equally as priests, etc. etc.

There’s no excuse for it. Before this man-made perversion of spirituality with respect to the subserviant ‘role’ of women, earlier forms of spiritual belief RESPECTED the feminine as an equal part of the equation of what God was…And as a matter of fact, women were often revered as symbols of the origin of creation, and were often in the leading roles as spiritual leaders. But this was prior to the socio-political agenda that brought on our POST-TRUTH WORLD that “Meet the Press” is acting like they just reported for the first time to everyone.

And I can hear some of you right now: “Well I don’t teach that to my children that women aren’t equal, and I’m a Christian.” OK, so basically you cherry-pick what you like in the Bible, and IGNORE what you don’t like is what you are saying, just like the Catholic church only taught their parishioners the parts they wanted them to hear and wouldn’t let them read it all for themselves so as to know the extent of the disturbing content.

In so doing you still hold the Bible, full of all it’s bigotry and condemnation, in high regard while you just ignore all the many scriptures in it that teach prejudice and condemnation of others. But see, that’s a big part of what is holding humanity back, because when you act in such a manner, you only help to perpetuate the fraud and lies by turning a blind eye to the teachings in your religious book that you don’t like. And then many others read them and understand loud and clear that the Bible teaches you must accept all of its teachings to be a Christian. And then on and on the cycle of hate and elitism continues.

The question is, how long will we tolerate such massive, war causing,
world damaging, institutional fraud in the name of God before we join together in waking up and beginning to heal our world?…Before we finally realize the spiritual truth that WE are the HANDS OF GOD, and as such WE CREATE heaven or hell OURSELVES?…Before we wake up and start creating a world of universal love, forgiveness and ACCEPTANCE, based on real spiritual truth and not man made religious elitism and condemnation?

That message of elitism and condemnation is at the false ideological core of BOTH Islam and Christianity. And in order to solve this world wide problem we are fighting today, it can only be solved by exposing this false, fraudulent man-made ideology that is fueling the hate between Judeo-Christianity and Islam.

We can’t just only point a finger of blame at the false bigoted ideology fueling the hate of Muslims, and ignore the same bigoted man-made ideology of elitism at the core of Christianity and Judaism(with the core Jewish teachings in the Old Testament that they are the “Chosen Holy Race of God”…sound familiar?) REGARDLESS of the fact that Christians and Jews are not presently engaging in similar acts of terrorism.

The absence of such acts of terrorism by one or more of the Big Three organized religions DOES NOT take away from the fact that those religions’ core beliefs are virtually the same with respect to their elitist man-made belief that their’s is the ONLY “truth” and all others are “infidels” to be damned/destroyed by God, etc. That is the core teaching in both the Bible and the Koran, and it is the ideology behind our POST-TRUTH WORLD that must be exposed in order for us to ever achieve any kind of world peace as it was meant to be for us.

One of the biggest obstacles we face is this concept reinforced by the media that we must not bring ‘offense’ to others by challenging their religious beliefs. So, when religion is so blatantly bigoted and condemning from its very scriptures, over and over all throughout the Bible and Koran, we are supposed to ignore that?

We didn’t ignore such bigotry when it was being perpetrated on Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics and gay people did we? And the Bible is one of the biggest sources of hate for gay people, as well as for those who found lots of scripture to show God endorsing slavery and teaching that blacks and Native Americans should not be allowed to marry outside their race, etc, etc.

The false ideology of man-made religion in its current form as begun approx. two thousand years ago is the ROOT of the world’s most pressing and desperate challenges right now, and we CANNOT afford to continue to buy into such a secondary lie that says we can’t condemn it for the elitism and bigotry that it obviously is.

Again, we can’t point at that fact regarding Islam and the Koran’s teachings without equally pointing to the very same elitist and condemning teachings found all throughout the Bible and Christianity.

Make no mistake, this is the starting point and the only way forward to healing our planet. True spirituality is NOT found in the Big Three organized religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism…They have on the contrary been the source of an endless cycle of war and hate in the name of God in a POST-TRUTH WORLD.

It is very easy to see it all for the ridiculous concocted, sick man-made lies that it is, but people have to have the character to stand up for TRUTH in a POST-TRUTH WORLD.

People have been conditioned by their parents and their parents’ parents, etc… over generations, so much so that it has become like the analogy of the frog in the boiling water who doesn’t realize he’s being boiled alive because the temperature cooking him was turned up so slowly and gradually, hence the early prohibition by the Catholic church for its members to own their own Bibles, etc.

Do you care enough to speak out with me in the name of unconditional love and forgiveness that claims no religious dogma?…Do you have the character inside you enough to stand up for truth even when people will accuse you of “offending” their religious beliefs? Just because one is ‘offended’ does not make them RIGHT!

We had to offend people’s core religious beliefs in the Civil Rights Movement… And we still have one more major step to go in dealing with our POST-TRUTH WORLD caused by man-made religion.

Connie Bryan
(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Read all of her material on her blog at