Big HBO news! Did you hear that Bill Maher’s show “REAL TIME” is being changed to “REAL TARD”?

Ok it isn’t official, but I’m sending them a recommendation to make the name change, because it’s always in a show’s interest to have a name that most accurately reflects their content…And with the ‘SHEEP-TARD’ sh#t that constantly spews out of his mouth, obviously trying hard to ingratiate himself with the masses of fellow radical Marxist SHEEP-TARDS on the Left, “REAL TARD with Bill Maher” is definitely the way to go, and I think the executives at HBO will have trouble disagreeing with that logic.

Especially in light of Bill’s most recent ‘tard’ display…But before I describe it in detail, I want to address those of you who are not too happy with my use of the slang term ‘TARD’. Yes, I realize a lot of you are very sensitive to that shorthand slang term for ‘retard’. Now, under NORMAL circumstances, I wouldn’t stoop to use such a term, but to say these LOONEY TUNES LIBERAL SHEEP TARDS are ABNORMAL is an understatement…

These are beyond abnormal times, these are TREASONOUS times, and we need a term that really captures the MINDBLOWING, BEWILDERING DEGREE OF WILLFUL STUPIDITY we are dealing with right now…

And in my opinion, ’TARD’ it is the ONLY term that fits these un-American Marxist MORONS on the Left that have now caused me as an American veteran and patriot to have to part company with the Democratic Party!

And let me make something else clear…I would never call mentally challenged individuals that term, because most mentally challenged individuals who sadly, of NO fault of their own may have very low IQ’s, have MUCH MORE moral character, intelligence and common sense ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, than these weak minded treasonous SHEEP TARDS like Bill Maher who KNOW BETTER, and are WILLFULLY BEING THIS RETARDED in undermining our precious American Republic.

This is how much of a SHEEP TARD Bill Maher is…Not long ago, in one of his HBO standup specials, he made reference to his receiving REALLY ANNOYING fan mail that hammered him for his irresponsible advocating for drug use and legalization, specifically hammering him because of how much of a bad influence that is for young people. Bill became visibly pissed off at that point in his act, and began his SHEEP TARD PRO DRUG TIRADE saying, “F#CK CHILDREN!!”

Oh yeah Bill…Well F#CK YOU A##HOLE!!

And by the way, when you have such a “F#CK CHILDREN” MINDSET in your life like you do, it isn’t just people like me who say it back to you… KARMA says “F#CK YOU AZZHOLE!”… And I know you aren’t so stupid that you don’t know how dangerous it is when you get KARMA’s attention like that!!

Oh and another thing…What I STILL want to know is what’s the deal with you people at HBO?? Is that perfectly OK with you??

YOU PRODUCED that showcase of Bill Maher’s…So is it just fine if you run a little legal disclaimer at the end of his performance? Does that give you at HBO all the legal and ethical ‘separation’ you need from someone who is trying to GET LAUGHS on your network by adamantly saying “F#CK CHILDREN?? as he responds, ironically, to fan mail pointing out the PROBLEM with what he is frequently advocating??”

If that isn’t enough to qualify him for the new name for the show I am recommending to HBO execs, fast forward to this week on his show “REAL TARD w/ Bill Maher”…

Bill thought it would be ‘FUNNY’ if he did some standup comedy about the needless shooting and killing of 14 year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt on January 6th inside the nation’s capitol.

OF COURSE, what else better for a ‘SHEEP TARD’ to think is ‘FUNNY’, I mean OTHER than the obvious making fun of people with AIDS, or HOLOCAUST VICTIMS, etc… Bill wants to be a cutting edge ‘SHEEP TARD’ for his expectant audience of radical Leftist ‘TARDS’.

He’d love to have made fun of Hank Aaron dying after taking the second vaccine, maybe make some joke that Hank Aaron is up in heaven arguing and kicking sand on St. Peter’s feet, explaining the rules are supposed to be NOT TWO, but THREE STRIKES and your OUT!

But Bill Maher KNOWS what ‘side of the bun’ his ASS is BUTTERED ON!
He knew the risk he faced with Liberal ‘CANCEL CULTURE’ if he made fun of an African American NATIONAL TREASURE and a baseball HOME RUN KING like Hank Aaron, so Bill thought:

“HMMM…OH YEAH!! Let’s make fun of the Air Force veteran who served in FOUR WAR TIME TOURS, who was shot and killed by Capitol Police when she was UNARMED and no threat…YEAH! That should get us BIG RATINGS with all the ‘SHEEP TARDS’ we’re targeting in our audience!”

He proceeds to describe Ashli as an Air Force veteran who once supported President Obama in a prior presidential election, and then he acts INCREDULOUS in sarcastically saying that somehow she came to believe that the country was being destroyed and that Georgia was going to become COMMUNIST.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You F#%king DUMBASS!! You BLEATING SOLD OUT CONFORMING SHEEP! HOW MANY WRITERS DO YOU HAVE ON THAT SHOW, AND THAT’S WHAT YOU CAME UP WITH?? That should have been the clue that you needed to say, you know what, this is a bad idea…But see, THAT would have required just a little bit of what we call ‘CLASS’ Bill.

That isn’t even a respectable PUNCHLINE! Rather than showing an OUNCE of class, or professional character Bill…Rather than showing an OUNCE of patriotism, or even just an OUNCE of human decency, you preferred to sell out in your effort to ATTACH YOUR LIPS TO THE ASS of all the ‘SHEEP TARD’ RADICAL MARXISTS you care more about in your audience!

For those of you who may not be aware, Bill is still famous for losing his FIRST HBO show back when it was called ‘Politically Incorrect,’ when right after the attacks on 9/11, he came out like an ass on his show and said how you can say what you want about those terrorists, but it definitely takes COURAGE to be willing to fly a plane into the World Trade Center, or words to that effect.

So Bill, you’ll say THAT about the ‘COURAGE’ of Islamic TERRORISTS, but you will go out of your way to DENIGRATE and BELITTLE the 14 year war time Air Force veteran who had 100 times the courage you’ll ever have, to go and stand up for We the People in our nation’s capitol, had no firearm, was ZERO THREAT TO ANYONE, and was shot and killed by the ONLY ‘violent mob member’ in the Capitol that day, that being the CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER WHO KILLED HER?

You’ll compliment the COURAGE of the 9/11 hijackers, but you’ll waste no time at all in making fun of the monumental courage of Ashli Babbitt, who was there ON YOUR BEHALF as an American, trying to stand up for FREEDOM AND LIBERTY which is OBVIOUSLY under existential threat like we haven’t seen in our country since World War 2!

So in closing, let’s make the honest comparison here, as we’re recommending your show’s NEW NAME to the HBO top executives…

Ashli Babbitt was an unarmed 14 year Air Force war veteran, engaging in a peaceful protest inside the capitol after the Capitol Police let them inside, and was needlessly killed when she climbed up into a broken hallway window, while surrounded by fellow patriotic Americans who I’m guessing are not your TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC.

You, on the other hand, have become a weak, DOPE ADDICTED UNAMERICAN DISGRACE FOR A COMEDIAN, with a lifelong career now of desperately trying to get laughs and ratings, while surrounded by LIBERTY HATING, FLAG BURNING ‘SHEEP TARDS’.

“REAL TARD with Bill Maher” it is!!

Connie Bryan
“The Connie Bryan Show”

The Connie Bryan Show

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