I’m going to be sharing a link here to my most recent episode of “The Connie Bryan Show”, which is my cable access program I produce monthly for 14 affiliates nationwide including Washington D.C.

The show provides real news and honest, provocative content, speaking truth to power that you often won’t find on the ridiculous excuse for ‘news’ our media has devolved into.

Last month, I had David Fitzgerald, a fantastic Bay area author on, to discuss the monumental lies and man-made corruption behind organized religion. It was quite a provocative interview, and spoke truth to the hypocrisy of many in the so-called “Christian” community who have enabled the current mind blowing level of corruption and frequent bigotry by the Trump administration.

That particular guest interview was preceded by a really funny sketch where I featured “Elmo” from Sesame Street, having been commissioned by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, to educate a dumbed down American public that refuses to read anything more than a ‘tweet’, about Mueller’s report on Russian interference in our election and Trump’s efforts to obstruct his investigation. (You can find that sketch on my website, link at bottom)

My August 2019 episode features a very funny “Wayne’s World” sketch and impersonation, with myself and comedian Charlie Wilder impersonating “Wayne Campbell” and “Garth” from the popular SNL classic. The two have decided only THEY have the ‘Presidentially dumbed down MOJO’ to take Trump down in 2020 and save the country!

In my lifetime, especially over the last two decades, I have been shocked at the extreme pace of the dumbing down of our country and the simultaneous embracing of recreational drug use, etc.

This has not only been reflected by, but in many ways largely CONTRIBUTED to, by the mainstream media…By the virtual eradication of real journalism and real news, and led by a corporate agenda to replace real news with dumbed down ‘entertainment’ masquerading as news, but that is especially slanted for their ‘target markets’…meaning those who they target as likely being interested in the products they are seeking to sell us.

That is precisely why we see the disturbing, current trend and obsession by Facebook, Google, Amazon and many other social media companies working so hard to secretly monitor, collect and sell our private personal data to those corporations.

Unbelievably, Americans have allowed this to take place, without taking to the streets to protect our freedom AND our privacy.

As such, in allowing this irresponsibility and erosion of community values and morals, even Americans who DIDN’T vote for Trump have helped enable a climate that was ripe for a con-artist like him to be elected. Also, because of this dumbing down of our culture, the result is a growing lack of civic responsibility and turning out to vote, ESPECIALLY among Liberals/Democrat voters. That was a large part of what contributed to Trump’s election in 2016.

Great freedom requires great responsibility. But don’t forget that responsibility includes ‘accountability’.

I want my readers to understand that is the primary reason why I take the amount of time it takes me to write these periodic articles, thus far from which I receive no compensation. That is why I have produced my cable access show all these years, and why I take the huge amount of time it takes, producing and editing the show each month.

I’m amazed at the number of people I encounter who are going about their lives acting as though they don’t see the extreme degree of corruption and racism that has been allowed to occupy the highest office of our land. I’m amazed at the apathy I see from so many people. People like to say, “I don’t care, I’m not into ‘politics’!”

Hmmm…Are you into ‘MORALITY’ and ‘ETHICS’? Because it sounds to me, when someone reacts to what we are witnessing by saying ‘I’m not into politics’, that what they are really saying is, “I’m into looking the other way”…”I can’t be bothered with doing the right thing”…or “I don’t care about values and ethics”. They very cowardly and falsely conflate and apply the general word ‘politics’ to those of us who are speaking out, seeking to hold this unethical, dishonest, criminally corrupt administration accountable.

Not only should impeachment proceedings have already begun (hopefully they will after the Labor Day Congressional break) but by now we should be taking to the streets monthly in protest of such a mockery of all the criminal behavior revealed and detailed in the Mueller report, not to mention all the democratic values this President has been flagrantly undermining.

I love this country and the values of equality and justice that we are supposed to stand for. That said, I can see how far we’ve fallen from those ideals today in the summer of 2019…I can see how badly that which we call the ‘news media’ is dropping the ball. It seems obvious to me that this is not accidental or by neglect, but totally intentional much of the time.

Somewhat as a result of this intentional ‘conditioning’ as I described above, Americans are rapidly losing touch with basic moral and ethical COMMUNITY values and principles that need have ZERO to do with ‘religion’, and that just 20 or 30 years ago were much more rooted in our lives and our mindsets.

So, this is what motivates me in writing these articles and producing the show that I have produced for the last 15 years, between my time living in Santa Barbara where the show began, and continuing after I moved to Sacramento.

If you weren’t able to take the time to watch Special Prosecutor Mueller’s testimony before Congress, you can catch a factual, hard hitting synopsis of it on my August 2019 episode, as Davis Media Access Programming Manager Alex Silva-Sadder and myself specifically break it down for you in a 15 minute guest segment.

One example we cover on the show, of how badly CNN and MSNBC are dropping the ball with their so-called ‘news’ coverage on this critical topic, is their entirely false statement they have repeatedly put up on the screen that has said: “Mueller unable to make determination on obstruction”.

It is beyond irresponsible that the media ever put this graphic on screen to the degree they have, grossly misleading the American public as a result. The truth is that Mueller stated in his report that BECAUSE of the Dept. of Justice policy on not indicting a sitting President, he felt that IF they were to not going to indict him, but then STATE that he committed crimes, this would be constitutionally unfair because Trump would be denied his right to a SPEEDY TRIAL to try to CLEAR HIS NAME.

Now, is that Mueller saying he couldn’t come to a determination on such criminal behavior by Trump? OF COURSE NOT! And his statement as such is right there spelled out in the report, yet even CNN and MSNBC are ignorantly if not intentionally contributing to the narrative that Mueller didn’t find and detail criminal behavior by Trump.

Mueller’s report DID in fact reach a conclusion on criminal obstruction, and he lays out all of that obstruction evidence for at least TEN COUNTS of Trump trying to criminally obstruct Mueller’s investigation. He even uses graphics to show that Trump met each or the THREE ELEMENTS of the crime of obstruction.

He simply said, if we can’t indict a sitting President because of this Department of Justice policy that I am hamstrung by, then I can’t make an assertive accusation without unfairly denying Trump the ‘due process’ of a speedy trial to clear his name of such an accusation.

So, it is a monumental inaccuracy at the least, to irresponsibly place a graphic on screen that falsely states ‘Mueller unable to make determination on obstruction’

This is the ‘accountability’ and ‘responsibility’ that we have lost from the ‘news media’ at present, and this means it is all the more important for the public to fill in the breach. Doing so isn’t to ‘be into politics’…It IS to be into justice, democratic values, and holding corruption accountable at the highest level.

Mueller himself actually referred to Trump’s behavior as a ‘corrupt exercise of the powers of office’, and specifically referred to impeachment by Congress as a potential remedy, as he was hamstrung by the DOJ policy of not indicting a sitting President.

For those who still may not have read any of Mueller’s report, here is that damning paragraph in Volume 2, page 8, that stood out glaringly to me when I first began reading the report:

Mueller writes: “The conclusion that Congress may apply obstruction laws to the President’s corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law.””

Below is the link to the August 2019 episode of “The Connie Bryan Show” featuring the SNL “WAYNE’S WORLD” sketch…

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material and articles on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com)