Let me begin with a general summary/outline of the emergency ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ currently in production with parts one and two now posted for viewing FREE ON DEMAND at ConnieBryan.com (Also see the short eye-opening trailer for the series just posted)

One of the primary reasons things are now as corrupt as they are, is due to the conditioning of the general public to believe that the mainstream media is informing them, when it is one of the main sources of ‘propaganda’ and lies on behalf of the monopoly corporations who control them, and who are behind all of this corruption that independent journalists like myself are exposing.

That said, here is a brief outline of the emergency topics I’m covering in my eye-opening ‘Game of Genomes’ special series:

A.) Newsweek confirming Dr. Fauci and the N.I.H. FUNDED the Chinese Wuhan Lab partnering with scientists from American labs EcoHealth Alliance and scientists from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, for bioweapon gain of research on bat coronaviruses, going around a BAN on all gain of function research by the Obama admin. THIS IS CONFIRMED BACK IN 2020 by many mainstream news sources. I show the Newsweek article on my show.

B.) I reveal the diabolical facts now uncovered in 2018 with ‘PROJECT DEFUSE’, now exposed by a U.S. Marine Major named Joseph Murphy, who was formerly with D.O.D. / DARPA (military intel) showing that EcoHealth Alliance funded by Dr. Fauci partnering with Wuhan Lab in China, actually ASKED DARPA if they could RELEASE the bat coronavirus they had artificially concocted in the Wuhan Lab into bat caves, ostensibly for the purpose of ‘inoculating’ bats in China, using a newly developed AEROSOLIZED NANO PARTICLE SKIN PENETRATING DELIVERY SYSTEM!

B. (continued) DARPA told EcoHealth ABSOLUTELY NOT, and would not ‘officially’ green light that request citing how dangerous and risky that would obviously be, and Major Murphy’s whistleblower account included the fac that DARPA even cited the fact that such experimentation was all a result of banned ‘gain of function’ research.

C.) Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff comes forward, one of the leading top scientists at EcoHealth Alliance, and sounds the alarm on this corruption he was a witness to while working there on bat coronavirus chimeric gain of function research. In the process he also reveals that the CEO of EcoHealth Alliance specifically asked him how he would feel about the CIA working with them.

D.) FBI Director Chris Rey AND former Director of the CDC Robert Redfield come forward in the last 30 days (I show the clips on my show) officially announcing to the American public, confirming and validating everything I’ve been telling my viewers for the last 2 years, that YES, it is the FBI’s and CDC Director Redfield’s assessment that Covid 19 originated from gain of function bioweapon research at the Wuhan Lab in China.

E.) In 2017 while giving a speech at Georgetown University, Dr. Fauci tells his audience, specifically discussing the possibility of an upcoming pandemic, and as though he was a psychic and not a doctor, that there ‘will be a surprise outbreak’ during the Trump administration. (I show viewers the clip on my show)

F.) In 2019 just a few months before the ‘surprise outbreak’ of Covid19, Dr. Fauci gives a Milkin Institute (think tank) panel presentation broadcast by CSPAN, featuring Fauci & colleagues from the Department of Health and Human Services, in which shockingly Dr. Fauci and others complain about how long it takes to do the SAFETY STUDIES on normal vaccines, and how they want to push the new experimental MRNA technology instead, and actually state that in order to get people to start taking MRNA experimental vaccines even for just the FLU, they want to use an ‘ENTITY OF EXCITEMENT’ in order to ‘BLOW UP THE SYSTEM’ with a ‘DISRUPTIVE EVENT’ in order to use that fear to get the public to be willing to take the new MRNA experimental versions that would not have to be subjected to current required ‘phases’ of safety testing first. (Yes, I play the actual clip on my show so viewers can see it for themselves)

G.) In 2018, Dr. Giordano, a neuroscientist affiliated with DARPA (military intel) gives a video recorded diabolical presentation to a class of WEST POINT Army cadets under the moniker of ‘MODERN WAR INSTITUTE’ in which among many other disturbing facts, he actually reveals to the class the recent development of weaponized ‘STROKE EPIDEMIC INDUCTION AGENTS’ using none other than AEROSOLIZED NANO PARTICLE SKIN PENETRATING delivery systems, so tiny you can’t see them.

G. (continued) Dr. Giordano then proudly announces in his Modern War Inst presentation to the class, that these weaponized AEROSOLIZED NANO DELIVERY SYSTEMS have been designed to deliver a ‘bug’ (virus) that has been developed using gain of function in the lab, to make a virus deadly and infectious to humans where it wasn’t before, and to deliver it to the general population, NOT just military target(s) in time of war! (I show this clip to my viewers in this emergency series)
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Connie Bryan
(Watch the short eye-opening ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ Trailer now posted)


Dr. Fauci, partnering with Eco Health Alliance, Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill and others for many years on gain of function research on bat coronaviruses here in the United States, secretly went around Obama’s 2017 ban on such lab gain of function research…

Despite the ban, Dr. Fauci CONTINUED FUNDING that gain of function lab research with Eco Health Alliance and scientists from UNC Chapel Hill and others, specifically on bat corona viruses, taking that research OUTSIDE of the U.S., and conducting it in partnership with none other than China and the CCP, our CHIEF FOREIGN ADVERSARY!

How many of you are familiar with the military intelligence agency DARPA?

DARPA stands for ‘Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’. What you need to understand about DARPA is that they are a fundamental covert arm of ‘The Deep State’ and the monopoly corporate cabal that we often refer to as either the Deep State or ‘The New World Order’.

DARPA is one of their most nefarious elements, being one of the Deep State’s lethal and ‘kinetic’ enforcement arms…DARPA is joined at the hip, and is virtually synonymous with the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that both President Eisenhower and President Kennedy warned us about, and since then you can see how their nefarious agenda has expanded to include what I have coined the ‘PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.’

DARPA is connected also with the rogue black ops element of the CIA that Kennedy vowed to destroy and scatter to the winds…

Fortunately, as I will be showing you in my ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ special series of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, we now have some high level powerful whistleblowers exposing their nefarious actions with respect to the corrupt, man made, lab created GAIN OF FUNCTION behind COVID-19.

The reason that ALL of the massive fraud and predatory Big Pharma corruption behind Covid19 was able to happen in the first place includes at least two primary reasons:

A.) Because of the ‘MONOPOLY CORPORATIZATION’ of medicine and our health care industry, which has by design deliberately stripped away the independence of our doctors and health care providers, forcing them to conform to the directives of the corrupt corporations making the health care decisions based on PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE, not based on the Hippocratic oath of ‘do no harm’ and by extension, ‘PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT’.

And B.) If the ‘captured’ doctors and physicians of this monopoly corporatized medical system don’t follow the profit based corporate dictate and protocol, they risk being fired and even losing their license, because this corporatization of our medical system has also captured our top regulatory and licensing agencies.

It’s very important that you understand this, so let me repreat…The MONOPOLY CORPORATIONS who are controlling our health care providers and hospitals ALSO have captured and compromised our top state and federal health care REGULATORS such as the FDA, the NIH and the CDC.

Agencies who are sworn to be the WATCHDOGS for ‘We the People’, instead have become WEASLES for ‘WE THE CORPORATIONS’ in a CRONY CAPITALIST revolving door system where as long as they prostitute themselves for this globalist corporate monopoly cabal, they are guaranteed a high paying job working for Pfizer or Merck when they retire from their regulatory positions.

I have figured out the gist of what they did and why, and I’m going to do my best in my ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series, to break it down for you without getting too much into the weeds, and show you the shocking evidence of both their pre-planning for Covid19 and using you as an experimental guinea pig for these gene-therapy experimental MRNA shots, and their pre-planning to create the Covid19 ‘PANIC-DEMIC’ scare, in order to get you to beg them out of panic and fear to be their guinea pig for the experimental shots.

I’m also going to show you the proof out of the mouth of the spokesperson for the White House, Admiral John Kirby, ADMITTING that YES, the Biden administration and the WHOLE OF GOVERNMENT is unapologetically engaging full force in GAIN OF FUNCTION man-made virus mutation and engineering.

In a nutshell, GAIN OF FUNCTION laboratory research is virtually ALWAYS what is called ‘dual use’ research, and conducted under partnership between both civilian research and military bio-weapons research. ‘Gain of function’ involves the deliberate attempt to take innocuous viruses, and make them extremely infectious to humans, where they were previously NOT infectious to humans.

You may recall a recent shocking news report that surprisingly made the mainstream news, about the University of Boston medical department announcing they had developed a bat corona ‘SarsCov’ type virus that showed 80 or 90 percent lethality in its pathogenic response when given to mice in the lab!

And the TIK TOK TWO SECOND ATTENTION SPAN of both the media and the American public was, ‘Wait, WHAT the ____?? But then everyone went back to smoking their dope, taking their fentanyl, and watching their TIK TOK psy-ops programming from China.

Now, a HUGE part of what I have told you from the beginning about the massive ‘Big Pharma’ and government corruption behind Covid19 is now being confirmed by both the U.S. Energy Dept and the F.B.I., both in the mainstream news this past week admitting that their best intelligence on the source of Covid19 WAS NOT that it originated from a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, but that it originated from the Wuhan Lab in China and was the result of a ‘LAB LEAK’.

What is CRITICAL to understand is the deeper meaning of this revelation that it was a ‘lab leak’…That’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg as it were, in explaining the origin…

The dark and disturbing deeper understanding is that for it to be a ‘lab leak’, it was FIRST being artificially designed using dangerous top secret GAIN OF FUNCTION manipulation in the lab, which is not just my ‘conspiracy theory’…This fact has also been confirmed from multiple sources.

Also what is CRITICAL to understand as I explain the truth behind the corruption of Covid19 are the following SIX IMPORTANT FACTS…

1. For the Covid-19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring, you wouldn’t have seen the shocking specific PRE-PLANNING and ‘SCRIPTING’ of it from multiple sources

2. For the Covid-19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring you wouldn’t have seen this shocking GAIN OF FUNCTION chimeric nature of the virus genome that has been confirmed to actually include insertion points of multiple viruses…a man made ‘virus cocktail’ as it were… to include the most infectious
protein of the HIV virus!

3. For the Covid19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring, you wouldn’t have seen the massive deliberate coverup of known effective early anti viral treatments including hydroxy-chloroquine and Ivermectin, which Big Pharma tried to hide from the public in order to force you to take their dangerous experimental shot…It’s critically important for you to understand that they wouldn’t have been able to force an emergency experimental shot on the public by law IF there were known effective anti-viral treatments. So those treatments which were admittedly KNOWN by the Pentagon and the National Institute of Health (Dr. Fauci) were intentionally and dishonestly hidden from the public and deliberately mocked by the mainstream media, which is entirely controlled by the Deep State.

4. For the Covid19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring, you would not have Wuhan Lab chief scientist Shi Zheng Li’s OPEN ADMISSION of gain of function chimeric creation of the exact same description of bat corona virus as Covid-19 turned out to be.

5. For the Covid19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring and not lab created, you would not have not one but lab scientists at Wuhan Lab suddenly being hospitalized in November 2019 with the same flu-like symptoms as Covid19, and their sudden illnesses kept top secret, but thankfully declassified by Trump just before leaving office, otherwise this would never have been known.

5. For the Covid19 pandemic to have been ‘naturally’ occurring, you would not have DARPA Whistleblower Marine Major Joseph Murphy exposing ‘The DEFUSE Project’ which detailed EcoHealth Alliance’s desire about a year prior to pandemic, to release the very same SarsCov2 chimeric gain of function bat corona virus ‘vaccine’ via AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEM into the open air in caves allegedly to ‘INNOCULATE’ bats with it. Let me give you the ‘Readers Digest Version’ of what Major Murphy exposed to the Department of Defense Inspector General, and then I’ll address the other 5 points I just listed…

Here’s the link to the article the broke in September of 2021 in The Daily Mail revealing “DEFUSE Project”, which in a nutshell was Peter Daszak and Dr. Fauci exposed for going to DARPA and asking them to fund a covert open air ‘aerosolized’ release of COVID virus in China: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10016283/Wuhan-scientists-planned-release-enhanced-coronaviruses-bat-caves-Covid-outbreak.html

Here is the actual link to the leaked DEFUSE / Eco Health Alliance documents, thankfully leaked to Project Veritas from whistle blower Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, a former top DOD officer who was assigned to DARPA and has since left the agency: https://drasticresearch.org/2021/09/21/the-defuse-project-documents/

In addition, here is the link to Major Joseph Murphy’s actual Jan 11, 2022 whistle blower report to the DOD Inspector General’s office https://www.projectveritas.com/news/military-documents-about-gain-of-function-contradict-fauci-testimony-under/

In short, Major Murphy’s smoking gun report reveals that SarsCov2 was developed in the Wuhan lab by Dr. Fauci and EcoHealthAlliance in partnership with China and the CCP who controlled the Wuhan Lab. Major Murphy includes detailed evidence shown in EcoHealth Alliance’s ‘PROJECT DEFUSE’ sales pitch, in which they were seeking millions in funding from DARPA, for ‘aerasolized skin penetrating nanoparticle’ vaccines of bats in China.

Major Murphy details how EcoHealth Alliance’s pitch describes how they developed SarsCov2 bat coronavirus in partnership with the Chinese Wuhan lab.

On Page 4 paragraph three of Maj Murphy’s report to the I.G., he shows how they KNEW the result of how they designed SARS COV2 with the spike protein would predominantly harm and severely infect the elderly and those w/co morbidities!

When you listen to what many of these Big Pharma companies are touting with this new MRNA technology, you begin to see that LIFE EXTENSION is one of the biggest driving forces behind it…

They see genetic modification and reprogramming DNA and RNA as the key to a possible ‘fountain of youth’…In addition to longevity and life extension, related to that is their belief that they can use this MRNA synthetic gene therapy to cure cancer and all other life threatening diseases.

This being the case, they are in a hurry to experiment with it and as you can see from the video I have shown you before of Dr. Fauci and his HHS colleagues in their panel presentation on CSPAN at the Milken Institute in 2019, they are admitting they do not want to be slowed down with proper long term safety testing with this new experimental MRNA gene therapy technology, and they even describe an upcoming pandemic of a flu-like virus coming out of China that would afford them the ‘disruptive event’ they need to use as an excuse to force this EXPERIMENTAL MRNA technology on the world!

As I have said, those elite uber wealthy few who pull their ‘puppet strings’ like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, The Morgans, the Rothchilds, etc, are getting old and running out of time, and they want to benefit from genetic modification life extension.

So part of what has been behind this massive Covid-19 ‘panic-demic’ psy-ops on the world is that they are RUSHING to experiment EN MASSE on humanity to use the known toxic spike protein as a ‘syringe’(As Dr. Malone described it as being) to eventually insert life extending telomeres. as Ray Kurzweil. Currently th Chief Engineer at Google, talks about in his book ‘Fantastic Voyage: The Science Behind Radical Life Extension’…

In that book, as I have covered in a previous episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, Kurzweil discusses the perplexing struggle and race to find a way to insert/inject life extension telomeres into the cells.

Also in the ‘Project Defuse’ whistleblower document, see page 7 parag 4 showing the quote of Dr. James Gimbert, DARPA program manager of ‘PREEMPT’ where he directly states that what EcoHealth Alliance was proposing ‘does potentially involve gain of function research’ which is why DARPA rejected it.

As I have shown my viewers many times on my show early on in the panic-demic, and I show again in my GAME OF GENOMES series, just from the whistle blower article in Newsweek in 2020, we know Dr. Fauci continued to fund EcoHelath Alliance and the Wuhan Lab’s partnership of gain of function research specifically on bat coronaviruses, funding them through N.I.H. instead, after they tried to get DARPA to fund it, and they were rejected.

It should be noted that while DARPA is seen in this whisteblower document as rejecting EcoHealth Alliance’s request to fund the absurd open air ‘aerosolized skin penetrating nano particle’ delivery of their ‘gain of function’ developed SarsCov bat coronavirus ‘cocktail’…

Despite that refusal by DARPA to fund that particular operation, in recent sworn testimony before Congress, Dr. Robert Redfield, the former Director of the CDC and a close colleague of Dr. Fauci, has testified that the Department of Defense and elements within the State Department were in fact approving funding for the gain of function SarsCov2 dangerous research by Fauci’s partnership with EcoHealth Alliance and the CCP’s Wuhan Lab!

Again, here’s the link to all of this including the long detailed whistle blower report from Marine Major Joseph Murphy, former DARPA military intelligence officer with the Dept of Defense:

And what is also very critical to understand is that this ‘Project Defuse’ information Major Murphy exposed and reported to the D.O.D. Inspector General is what I call DEEP BLACK…

It was never meant to see the light of day…To repeat, it was a DEEP BLACK covert operation pitched to DARPA in an effort to get our DOD, the PENTAGON, to green light and COVERTLY FUND the RELEASING OF A LAB CREATED GAIN OF FUNCTION BAT CORONAVIRUS INTO THE WILD, using a newly developed technology Peter Dazak and EcoHealth Alliance described as AIRBORN SKIN PENETRATING NANO DELIVERY technology!

Prior to this whistle blower report from Marine Major Murphy, who would have ever dreamed such ‘nano particle sized aerosolized SKIN PENETRATING’ airborn delivery systems…CLEARLY with military applications first and foremost, not just for ‘innoculating bats’… that could be covertly used for mass injection of viruses? Who knew such technology even existed??

Now that we know such disturbing nano technology exists, and now that we know that EcoHealth Alliance covertly tried to get DARPA to green light their using such technology in the wild with a dangerous gain of function developed virus…That knowledge now forces us to face the possibility that such ‘nano particle skin penetrating’ delivery of ‘gain of function’ viruses CAN be used as a weapon system by military and top national intelligence services.

That said, do you see what they were trying to do?

IF they were going to float a plan to release such a gain of function lab created bat coronavirus into a CHINESE CAVE, and they are working in partnership supposedly with China’s Wuhan Lab, who would you EXPECT them to ‘read into’ and include in this PROJECT DEFUSE plan…CHINA!

But no, they attempted to get DARPA to green light it as a covert operation for our Department of Defense!

And had DARPA agreed, and had it caused the pandemic that it later DID cause when it leaked from the lab, it would have easily been perceived as a biological attack on China by the U.S.

Fortunately DARPA RECOGNIZED that possibility, and told Peter Dazak (And his NIH partner Fauci by extension) that it was too reckless and dangerous, especially and specifically they noted because what Dazak wanted to deliver into the air with the bats in China WAS an illegal gain of function created coronavirus.

Don’t forget that the lab created virus they wanted to do this with was described by Peter Dazak in Major Murphy’s report as the same as what we now kow is SARS COV2!

Accordingly, had DARPA took on this covert op and released it into the wild via AEROSOL SKIN PENETRATING NANOPARTICLES, it would have potentially caused the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus that it later did upon being ‘leaked’ from the lab…

But, it would have given Peter Dazak, Dr. Fauci and their colleagues what is called PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY that it was DARPA who was to blame for its artificial creation and leaking from the lab…

Not to mention that, as I mentioned earlier, if DARPA had funded such a thing it would have most likely been perceived to be a bio-weapon attack on China and an act of war.