It was nice to hear Frank Figliuzzi today, former FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence, state live on MSNBC that Donald Trump is and has been engaged in ‘organized crime’…He specifically referred to the Trump family as clearly an organized crime family unto itself. Again, this is a former FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence.

As many of my readers know, I have been writing about Trump’s deep connections with organized crime since before Trump’s disgraceful election by Republicans and Independents, many of whom are even cops and working in law enforcement, who know of those documented mafia connections and still called him the “law enforcement candidate”.

The monumental shame and lack of basic moral principle behind such a mentality, especially reflected by arguably the vast majority in such a field of public service, is what I call a desperate “911 emergency wake up call” of its own to the rest of the American people.

And if the above wasn’t disgraceful enough, over the weekend we witnessed Donald Trump going out of his way to mock and sarcastically denigrate former George H.W. Bush’s well known call to volunteerism, when he referred to the large growing numbers of caring and loving volunteers as being comparable to ‘a thousand points of light’ across the country…

Trump proceeded to mock that statement at a Montana rally this past weekend, asking the crowd if anyone knew ‘what the hell that even means’? His disgraceful sheep-like followers hooted with cheers and applause as he further scoffed at and put down such a call for caring, integrity and goodness that was the OBVIOUS message of Bush’s ‘thousand points of light’ speech.

Trump told the crowd that his motto ‘Make America Great Again’ was what everyone understands, and again sarcastically mocked the ‘thousand points of light’ as being an example in his opinion of the opposite message that American’s don’t care about.

And such a statement by Trump reveals everything about his lack of morals…Such a statement reveals everything about his lack of even an ounce of integrity and good character. Because understand this…The fundamental foundation that makes any country “GREAT” is first and foremost the measure of the GOODNESS and BENEVOLENCE of its people!

Trump’s denigrating of Bush’s ‘thousand points of light’ context in that regard is exhibit A of his and his followers’ utter contempt for that truth. It is exhibit A of why they, including so many in law enforcement, chose to call him the ‘law enforcement candidate’, even having been made aware of his deep connections with organized crime.

Good Americans cannot allow this national shame and disgrace to be tolerated or ‘normalized’.

In addition to the above, during the same Montana rally, Trump continued to show his adoration for one of the biggest human rights abusers alive today, that being Russian President Vladimir Putin. He mentioned many Americans’ deep concerns and the media’s reporting that Putin is “KGB”…Trump again was very sarcastic in bringing such concerns up during his speech, and proceeded to say that “Putin is fine”, and added, “we’re all just people”.

As anyone knows who has not been living in a ‘partisan cave’ for the last decade, Putin is the opposite of ‘fine’ or a ‘fine person’…He is the opposite of ‘the fine people’ he has often killed and abused.

He is responsible for propping up one of this decades’ most monstrous genocidal killers, that being Syria’s President Assad, who has used chemical gas on his own people on multiple occasions, with many HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent refugees murdered in his ongoing genocidal war to hold on to power. Putin has ACTIVELY SUPPORTED Assad in doing so.

In addition, Putin is responsible for countless dissidents being poisoned, murdered and jailed just for trying to speak out in the media about his rigged elections and human rights atrocities, and for trying to call for electoral reform and for others to run against him, etc. He is also responsible for the same kind of murderous acts against many reporters and journalists who did the same.

In addition, Putin the ‘fine man’ Trump refers to, is also responsible for the Russian downing of an airliner over Ukraine during his invasion of Crimea, which cost the lives of hundreds of innocent human beings. And I’m just listing but a short list of only a few of his most recent human rights atrocities…there are many, many more.

But Trump’s supporters, who he recently referred to in another recent rally speech as ‘SUPER ELITES’ to giant applause, just shamefully continue to make an active choice to IGNORE these truths, while Trump calls Putin “fine” and still repeatedly continues to question the established documented facts from not just our intelligence agencies, but confirmed by international intelligence agencies of our allies in Europe and abroad, that Putin actively interfered with our Presidential election in the interest of helping Trump get elected.

His supporters dutifully bury their heads in their “MAGA sandboxes”, actively refusing to face the obvious reality that Putin clearly has Trump in his pocket, and this is a clear and present danger – a dire threat to the security of our nation and our democracy.

Again, good Americans cannot allow this shameful behavior and lack of moral principle to be tolerated or normalized. If you have not been speaking out about this, it’s imperative you begin letting your voice be heard at every reasonable opportunity as we approach the midterm election in November 2018.

The question is not ‘will honorable Americans hold Trump accountable’…That is absolutely going to happen. The question is how quickly are we going to do it, so as to minimize the extent of damage to our democracy that he and his shameful, sheep-like followers will be allowed to inflict?

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at