I was RIGHT ON THE MONEY when I predicted Trump would have a much bigger win (BEFORE THEY SUDDENLY SHUT DOWN THE COUNTING) than the media ‘polling’ propaganda machine was brainwashing everyone to believe.

Now, MILLIONS of fired-up-more-than-ever Americans across our nation – Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans and all stripes in between, are RISING UP by the minute, and are taking to the streets to take our country back from this shameful attempt from the Left to steal the election.

The dumbed down sheep – and you know who you are- JUMPED THE SHARK so to speak with their dumbass believing of the mainstream media that desperately and prematurely tried to declare (coronate) Joe Biden ‘President Elect’.

The mainstream media is trying sooo hard right now to ignore the obvious, massive and still growing evidence from all over the battleground states, showing SHOCKING levels of systemic voter fraud activity and fraudulent mail in ballots, after they inconceivably STOPPED the counting on election night in those battleground states when they were stunned to see Trump blowing those fake media polls away, and consistently staying in the lead in those states, on track to win in a landslide.

Shell-shocked at that reality, they suddenly shut down the vote counting in those states, as has NEVER happened in America’s history, and just within the next day large numbers of mysterious mail in ballots began magically appearing, virtually and magically ALL for Biden, causing the graph to shoot straight up to overtake just enough of the votes to win in each state.

The nationwide stench of horse sh#t woke a lot of Americans up, even within the Democratic Party….as even wearing their ‘virtue signaling’ masks outside in the fresh air couldn’t hold back that nasty stench…

And more and more Americans are waking up every day now, as we continue to ‘RING THE LIBERTY BELL’ alarm…

You unAmerican SHEEP who celebrated prematurely for your Marxist ‘COMMUNIST CHINA COMPROMISED SHILL’ are in for a rude awakening in the days and weeks to come! And if you don’t believe me, check out this video:)

I am sharing my coverage of the huge turnout for the first “STOP THE STEAL” protest at the California state capitol last Saturday, where I managed to get some POWERFUL interviews from your Sacramento neighbors there, who made it clear they are not going to stand by and tolerate this election fraud, and this Marxist partnership with China by the Democratic Party.

Facebook tried to censor them, and DELETED their Facebook group page they had created for ‘STOP THE STEAL’, SIGNING UP OVER 360,000 MEMBERS practically OVERNIGHT! Facebook, kinda like what happened on election night, then BANNED and DELETED their page!

But GEE WHIZ, look at this attached video below!…That ‘communist style’, anti-American censorship didn’t seem to work did it Mark??

Connie Bryan

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