This is an EMERGENCY SPECIAL REPORT edition of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ featuring the interview by New Zealand journalist Liz Gunn of Barry Young, the head New Zealand Ministry of Public Health administrator of the Covid vaccine database/monitoring and ‘PAY PER DOSE’ system he created… Mr. Young explains that morally he felt he had no choice but to turn whistleblower about the data he was seeing, and reveal to the world the massive numbers of deaths the Covid shot database has documented of New Zealanders dying not long after being injected with these Covid gene therapy experimental shots. This is yet more validation of EVERYTHING I’ve been reporting to my viewers here on ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ for the last 3 years since 2020, regarding the KNOWN deadly design of these toxic ‘spike protein’ based mRNA gene therapy experimental shots. Please see the related article on my blog at for more detail on this developing monumentally important story.