What do you think is the biggest cause of moral decline and criminal behavior in our communities and society as a whole in America? An argument can certainly be made that unchecked greed by corporate monopolies on Wall Street at the expense of the American people on Main Street is a major contributing factor. But that isn’t in the number one spot. It’s a close second.

Is the biggest cause of moral decline and criminal behavior in our communities and society a lack of religious belief or commitment? Not hardly…Atheists and agnostics are often the most ethical and moral people you will meet in your community. And if you don’t have your head buried in the sand you should be clearly aware of the fact that religion has been the root cause of why we have not been able to achieve world peace on this planet to this day…it has been the primary cause for all the major wars, crusades and genocide throughout history, much of it lead by Christianity and Catholicism, not just Islam. 

Religion and fundamentalist religious zealotry remain the primary thing standing in the way of world peace. Ironically religious fundamentalism has nothing to do with understanding true human values and true spirituality, which leads to the realization that we are all brothers and sisters, that forgiveness is what it is all about, and that there is no condemnation.

No, the biggest cause today of the erosion of morality and ethics that leads to illicit behavior in our American society is the advocating of legalizing or using drugs, and the abuse of alcohol, HANDS DOWN. 

I want to qualify here that I don’t mean those who champion the access to drugs for legitimate medical reasons. However 99.9% of those standing in line at marijuana “medical clinics” are there only to get high by their own admission. (You rarely find one of them in line who represents the “many” who need it for leukemia, aids, glaucoma or cancer to help keep their food down.)

I have yet to meet someone who advocates legalizing drugs for ‘recreational’ use who admits to me that they want their kids or grand kids to be recreational drug users. One huge sign of a society on a death spiral decline is simply the retarded thought in the first place that drugs could be a legitimate form of “recreation”. 

Is it any wonder we are hearing more and more news reports like the one out today showing the United States is falling far behind other countries in terms of our children’s education level as compared to many other countries that are strongly outperforming ours? Let’s consider a few of them and their attitudes about “recreational” drug use and whether drugs should be legal for “fun”. Do you think China is an advocate of such a ridiculous idea? How about India? What about Japan?…of COURSE NOT!

That is one of a litany of reasons why the youth in those countries are consistently outperforming the youth in America. Setting aside the leadership and moral ethic of their wise elders, just the young people in those countries by a huge margin would laugh you and your bong out of the room at such a suggestion that drugs should be used for fun and ‘recreating’.

Even a huge majority of young Mexican youth understand that truth, ironically while their communities and cities are largely held siege by the current ruthless marijuana drug cartels that feverishly work to supply our American drug addiction at the expense of peace in much of Mexico today. News reports often remind us that the stranglehold these cartels have in Mexico does not represent the culture of the Mexican people that is largely opposed to any kind of recreational drug use. It is ironically a corrupt and horribly violent minority in Mexico and Central America that has accomplished this stranglehold through terrorism in the interest of drug profiteering that dwarfs any terrorism we see internationally caused by Al Qaeda or radical Islamic fundamentalism. 

And thinking that legalizing drugs would somehow eradicate that black market is laughable. It would actually bolster it, because then the black market cartels would be more free to operate and sell their dope more effectively at “tax free” pricing that would appeal to more users. The violence between cartels that we see today would have no reason to cease just because marijuana or other harder drugs became “legal”. On the contrary, the increased competition in the black market would likely lead to to an increase in that trend with pot being legalized. 

So make no mistake, there is nothing ‘innocent’ about the growing crusade in our country for legalizing drugs for “fun”. And when you talk to those who advocate for such a sick behavior, they typically try to make some of the dumbest arguments to try to rationalize it. 

For example, believe it or not, they refer to “milk” as being a drug, and therefore since milk is legal, so should marijuana and other drugs. Their reference to milk is partly because there are studies that show that drugs given to livestock can often find their way into milk. But to try to go any further than that and refer to any ingredient in milk that is comparable to marijuana, THC, or other such drugs is beyond absurd. 

One almost needs to be on drugs or have brain damage from the use of drugs to think such a thing. They are comparing a life-giving, bone building, vitamin enriched NUTRIENT to an illicit drug that recent groundbreaking studies are proving over and over causes serious brain damage when used while the brain is still developing. (The brain is developing up to age 25)

That is like saying drugs should be legal, because HEY, eating TURKEY is legal! And turkey contains the sleep inducing drug TRYPTOPHAN! That is no more ridiculous than trying to compare dope to MILK!! How has our great country eroded to such an irresponsible degree that many adults are setting such a horrible, irresponsible, morally bankrupt example?

Because that is what leaders must do…that is what citizens in any community hoping to grow and flourish must do…they must lead BY EXAMPLE. 

You can’t say you don’t have a responsibility to anyone else.
For that matter, if you understand you have a responsibility to be a role model to your kids, younger brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, grand kids, etc., well then that should be enough to get you to stop advocating for, or doing drugs for “FUN”. (And yes, of course that includes abusing alcohol)

Comedian Bill Maher loves to brag about his drug use, while whining and complaining that the “drug war” has so far proven to be largely ineffective. He loves to say it’s time we TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I agree with Bill. We SHOULD try something different.
How about this?