What is wrong with our society today, that we think a “life well lived” is synonymous with “recreational” drug use?…What is wrong with us, that too many adults today actively participate in sending that dishonest unhealthy message to young people? A popular Youtube advertisement makes this assertion, proudly claiming you need “Michelob Ultra” if you want to experience a “life well lived”. It shows young people doing all sorts of fun outdoor things, and leads the viewer to believe none of it would matter – none of it would even be close to a life well lived without “Michelob Ultra”.

Let’s consider the question: What makes a “life well lived”?

The ignorant, irresponsible person is the one who thinks it has anything to do with drugs and alcohol. The doper is the loser, with their loser friends, who think it has to do with marijuana and/or other drugs, and who sit around getting stoned and dreaming of legalizing drugs in America. WHY are we at a point in our society when it is not “politically correct” to say these things? Because penalties are too harsh for drug users? OK, who would disagree? But somehow that translates to celebrating, promoting, legalizing and taxing recreational drug use for our society’s profit motive?? That somehow translates to NOT teaching young people about the serious consequences of drug and alcohol use (not just “abuse”)?

Recently Governor Brown here in California boldly spoke out on this very topic, warning of the dangerous, bad example of a society that would irresponsibly seek to generate tax revenue by legalizing marijuana. I couldn’t believe the amount of ignorant vitriol he received from irresponsible dope advocates who claimed he was “out of touch”. No, sorry…he’s just not “HIGH”.

If he’s out of touch, he’s just out of touch with unhealthy, irresponsible dopers, and thank goodness for that! The last thing we need in California are more politicians who are “in touch” with unhealthy, irresponsible recreational drug users. If we continue to go in that direction in our country, the potential for American moral greatness and ethical world leadership will be forever lost.

More than ever, with all the problems we face in this world, it is important that we say these things, because the answer to my above question about
“what makes a life well lived is”: A LIFE THAT SETS THE RIGHT EXAMPLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

Such an assertion by Michelob that no matter what else you do, a life well lived depends on “Michelob Ultra” is the opposite of setting the right example. It is a lie sold by Michelob in the same fashion as Big Tobacco sold their lies about cigarettes to young people, using similar enticing scenes and cartoons to hook and addict young people early and for their entire lives.

The ad seeks to remind the viewer that alcohol is their “salvation” in life – what gives their life value, what makes it worth living. This is a very sick lie that has gone unchallenged for too long by too many responsible adults who should be more effectively challenging “recreational drug use” in America. But salvation and happiness are not found in alcohol or drugs ANYMORE THAN THEY ARE FOUND IN RELIGION!

Organized religion is the kingpin of lies – just another false security blanket “drug” that teaches condemning lies to young people that lead to the endless wars between religious factions like what is currently going on in the Middle East and between Israel and the Palestinians (specifically Hamas). Christianity and Judaism, along with Islam have caused more genocide and wars than any other reason in our history, and they are all based on man made lies and bigotry, MASQUERADING as MORALITY.

True morality and good character have absolutely nothing to do with religion, the Bible or the Koran. What makes a “life well lived” is a life that lives by healthy example, with good character defined by the Golden Rule, which was around LONG BEFORE Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

A “life well lived” is a life that understands the difference between “spirituality” and “religion”. It is a life that learns that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters, and that we SAVE EACH OTHER regardless of differing religious beliefs, by loving and forgiving one another, rather than holding beliefs that others are “condemned” by God, etc.

Do you think teaching young people that recreational drug and alcohol use is the key to a “life well lived” is healthy? Do you think, like one person I know, that you don’t have any responsibility to set an example for young people? If so, you should be ashamed. At a minimum, if you hold such a view, you should know that you yourself are FAR from an example of a life well lived…There isn’t even really that much different between you and a drug “dealer”, because you are part of a sickness in our society that makes it harder for the rest of us in trying to set the right example.

I recently heard a news report about how more and more studies are showing that drug and alcohol consumption is the root cause of many of the most serious debilitating and terminal diseases in America. Before hearing this report, this is something I had long surmised just by common sense.

Lastly, none of this is to say that there is anything wrong or unhealthy about a beer or glass or wine in moderation. But one who does so isn’t doing so to get high or stoned. There is a distinction between the ability to have a social beer or glass of wine once and a while, compared to smoking a joint or doing other drugs, which is always done simply to get high and escape reality – especially when the pot of the 60’s makes the pot of today look like crack or methamphetamine!

Recent powerful studies are showing that marijuana causes brain damage when used while the brain is still developing…and the brain is known to be still developing up to age 25. Unless you live in southern states, and then it is apparently developing up to age 5, as we’ve recently seen with HONEY BOO BOO. That said, I have to admit I’m still kind of conflicted about METH though…Because meth is the only thing left that American’s still PROUDLY MANUFACTURE! (Just joking)

If you are going to have an alcoholic beverage, do so moderately without trying to set an example for young people that it is the key to happiness! It has nothing to do with a healthy, happy life. And again, morality and healthy living does not come from religious beliefs, but from common sense and good character, things that are in short supply more and more in our country’s leadership and business today.

Connie Bryan
Connie Bryan is a comedian and editorial writer in Sacramento, CA. Check out all of Connie’s opeds on her blog at