TrumpWallCrowdWe can’t find peace, happiness and healing for ourselves, or bring it to others, until we learn to ‘think’ correctly…until we learn what our true nature is, which teaches us what our purpose is. Do you spend a great deal of time asking for this kind of wisdom? The vast majority of people do not, and as a result their lives are full of pain, unhealthiness, unhappiness, selfish anger, bigotry, disregard for others’ needs, discord and depression…All stemming simply from incorrect, unhealthy thinking about the nature of what they are.

They refuse to accept the healing understanding of their EQUAL and HOLY CONNECTION with ALL OTHERS, regardless of religious dogma. This awareness is the only key, the only doorway to world peace. Organized religion, bigotry, racism and nationalism are what stand in the way, and those destructive elements are FRONT AND CENTER in the Trump movement.

“Highest Wisdom” is that you wake up to the knowledge that you are PART of what “GOD” is, not separate from it as organized religion has fraudulently conditioned you to believe. That is the root of the problem mankind has been suffering from for thousands of years, standing in the way of healing and peace. That lie is destined to change now, as you and I help others awaken to the truth of what they are.

Blessings, happiness and healing beyond your wildest dreams is what I intend and ask for you. You are a part of me, and we are BOTH a part of what “God” is. The lie that religion teaches, and that I cut my teeth on growing up, is that God is outside of you – that you are nothing but an evil, sinful ‘body creation’ of God (which fundamentally is an oxymoron, because a Holy God cannot create something evil, even if he/she did give that creation free will. Holiness cannot create “evil”…By definition, Holiness could only create Holiness. But the problem is, Christians cannot be distracted from their elite “we’re the only saved ones” beliefs, with such truth and logic).

The truth of the nature of what you are is that you are NOT A BODY! The body is not “you”…It is nothing but a learning ‘tool’ for your divine spirit to use here in this earthly, physical dimension of eternity.

How are you supposed to learn to use that tool? You are supposed to learn to use your body in “Highest Wisdom”. And what exactly is Highest Wisdom specifically?

It is for you to learn to be a HEALER. It is for you, as a part of what “God” is, to always be seeking every day to bring the love, healing and blessings of “God” (our shared nature) to EVERYONE, the same as you would like to receive such love, healing and blessings from them. (Sound familiar?…Yes, “The Golden Rule.” And The Golden Rule was around for thousands of years prior to the Bible, and in it lies the framework of this precious teaching.)

Question: Does Donald Trump’s movement reflect such universal, unconditional love, blessing and healing? Quite the opposite, obviously. That is why this election was such a disgrace for our country. It marked an all time low for our country. But it is serving to show us what we must be about doing in order to reverse and heal our country and this planet.

In the process, make no mistake about it…LOVE IS NOT A DOORMAT. Love is not weak in the face of such selfishness, bigotry and hate by such unhealthy people who resonated with such an angry, bigoted and divisive message that routinely denigrated almost every minority group.

Love brings healing by bringing strong, often painful correction. The key is that while it can bring painful correction to those who are currently embracing an unhealthy, unloving mindset, it does so with NO condemnation. That is important to understand.

Trump supporters will always play the card, “You are JUDGING me!…Who are you to judge me??” Tell them you are a part of what God is, and they are perverting our purpose here, which is to bring the universally loving awareness that we are all equal brothers and sisters, in all our diversity, all a diverse and shared part of God. As such, our purpose is to love, bless and heal each other as equal parts of God. And they have been a walking, talking perversion of that responsibility we all have to one another, as reflected in our country’s founding documents.

Remind them that we ‘judge’ things all the time…What coffee we prefer, what restaurants are good and what restaurants are not so good, what is healthy to eat and drink, we judge behaviors that we recognize are unhealthy like smoking, abusing alcohol, using drugs for ‘recreation’, etc. etc.

Judging in this context is “discernment” which comes from healthy “wisdom”…It is a necessary and healthy practice when guided by HIGHEST WISDOM, and this critical “discerning judgment” in life doesn’t have anything to do with the other definition of the word, which is the one that such Trump supporters are trying to confuse you with, that being the “condemnation” form of the word.

Ironically, religious types and Trump supporter types engage in the condemning, divisive, hateful form of that word ALL THE TIME, with the elitist way their message constantly lifts them up at other minority groups’ expense.

So remember that love doesn’t tolerate that unhealthy message. That means yes, you are going to experience CONFLICT with these unhealthy individuals when you bring that truth to bear on them. If you believe in Jesus, don’t forget that even he had major conflicts in his rebuking of those hypocrites that HE DIDN’T TOLERATE EITHER, who were making a mockery of the unconditional, universally loving message of God.

But Jesus’ teachings were NOT those condemning, “conditional” teachings of organized Christianity found replete throughout the New Testament. Any teachings by organized religion that say that you are ONLY blessed and healed IF you believe OUR ONE WAY, and the consequence of not believing OUR ONE WAY is that you are CAST OUT and CONDEMNED…Any such teaching is a hypocritical, man-made, power-play perversion of the Highest Wisdom of God.

The reason why is because IF God is unconditional love, blessing and forgiveness, then by definition, unconditional love, blessing and forgiveness CANNOT “CONDITIONALLY” or “SELECTIVELY” CONDEMN. Therefore, this is a man-made perversion of “God”…using a false, fear-based construct of God in man’s false image, and not the other way around, in order to control large populations and manipulate them with guilt,getting them to give them their money, etc. etc.

This devastating lie has been perpetrated on mankind’s psyche for thousands of years. It is the primary thing standing in the way of peace for mankind, and we are going to overcome it together once and for all.

Ironically, many such religious evangelical types have also embraced this disgraceful Trump movement. But neither those religious types, nor those in general who are behind the Trump movement, reflect the purpose of Highest Wisdom for us, which is to see ALL AS EQUAL WITH YOU…ALL AS DESERVING OF BEING EQUALLY BLESSED… To see ALL AS EQUALLY FORGIVEN UNDER NO PREREQUISITE RELIGIOUS “CONDITION”. Because all people, just like yourself, HAVE NEVER BEEN SEPARATE FROM WHAT IS DIVINE.

Those who resonated with Trump’s campaign, including most religious evangelical types, have a very sick and selfish mindset that is the opposite of healing thinking. Healing thinking (Highest Wisdom) is to see ALL diversity as an equal part of both yourself AND of what “God” is, UNCONDITIONALLY, no matter how diverse they are in race, sex, culture or creed.

And that is exactly how you are to learn to use the “tool” of your body here in this dimension. When you daily seek to be in Highest Wisdom, and daily seek to BE THE LOVE AND HEALING OF GOD THAT OTHERS NEED, guess what happens?

You begin to receive the love and healing where YOU NEED IT MOST, far beyond your wildest dreams. Your “Higher Self” knows what you need for your ultimate happiness. You have to daily seek that guidance and wisdom of your Higher Self, who is functioning at a higher level of “you” beyond only this dimension.

When that becomes your ONLY desire…when you begin asking daily for such guidance in Highest Wisdom, the guidance and direction will surely come, often in what can be hugely unexpected, life changing ways, to guide you to the healing path meant for you, and where consequently you can effectively bring healing to others as you are meant to do.

Alcoholics Anonymous even gets it wrong…It isn’t that there is a separate “Higher Power” from you…The truth is you are a PART of what that HIGHER POWER is, and you must learn to daily surrender to its guidance ALONE, not the distracting unhealthy material obsessions that have no meaning and often actively work against real happiness and healing you are meant to have, not unlike so many people’s growing obsession with alcohol abuse and recreational drug use.

But most people are not actively and daily asking their Higher Self for such guidance and wisdom. Most people are only selfishly identifying with their ‘bodies’ in their obsessive material pursuits, not realizing their true nature which is “spirit” living within the shell of a body that they are MISUSING and ABUSING. That is what stands in the way of the healing they need in this “life” in this dimension.

It is as though they are trying to swim or paddle against the current all the time, and wondering why they aren’t making the progress they want. Unless you are a SALMON, swimming against the current is not Highest Wisdom for you! The reason why they aren’t making the progress they want is because they have not been asking to be shown ONLY what is in the interest of their Higher Self, which is the only path where you find untold happiness, healing, peace and true freedom.

Ironically, the false teaching of man-made organized religion is at the root of why most people haven’t learned yet, what their true spiritual nature is. You are not a sinful, evil ‘body’ separate from God. You are an eternal part of “God” currently and temporarily experiencing being within a tool that is your body.

When you learn this truth, it brings a new and total freedom and healing to your life beyond description. It is not an ego trip. On the contrary, it is VERY HUMBLING. And you realize the huge, loving responsibility you have to the rest of humanity.

You realize you can no longer use the cop-out anymore that organized religion fed you, that you are just a hopeless ‘sinner’ and can’t help it… You once and for all realize that it is up to YOU to be the healing correction of God, and bring it by example to the destructive, condemning, “CONDITIONAL” elitist message of hate and lack of love that is so widespread today, and that must not be tolerated or allowed to continue to stand in the way of the SAME blessings of love and healing for the rest of your spiritual brothers and sisters.

Connie Bryan

ConnieHdshtSmallFile1(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at