"United States of Corruption"

“United States of Corruption”

The problem with our corrupt two party government is in a nutshell, they NEVER vote to LOWER the debt ceiling! Have you thought about that crazy truth? 

I recall one recent stat that said something like it has been raised over 70 times in last few decades by both parties(CBS News: “Since 1960, Congress has raised the debt ceiling 78 times.” SEE LINK ATTACHED BELOW) As much as we do need to cut the national deficit rather than inflate it more, the solution isn’t to hold the nation ransom to partisan game-playing. 

The solution also isn’t to target programs that help the struggling poor and working class, although we do need to expose and root out the major fraud in the welfare system, being exploited by many who are fraudulently obtaining it. 

Yes major cuts are needed, but in the right kind of critical areas, like avoiding taking the country into such bullshit wars like the war in Iraq which alone has cost us over a TRILLION DOLLARS…That’s right, just the Iraq war, which had NOTHING to do with Al Qaeda, was all about a war to gain access to oil and strategic bases in the Middle East region on a virtually permanent basis – just that war alone has sent the U.S. into another TRILLION dollars in debt, not including Afghanistan! 

The solution is we need a THIRD party that understands it is time to be ethical and responsible with the American people’s tax dollars, and STILL HELP THOSE IN NEED by the way…you selfish Republicans…I can just hear those of you who think that way. 

The problem isn’t the poor and programs to help the poor and working class… the problem is the fat cat corrupt corporations teamed up with fat cat Republican AND Democrat politicians who don’t have the American working class’ interest at heart…Who see them as a ‘necessary evil’ rather than a valued asset and the ‘backbone’ of their business enterprise…Who hide their profits in offshore bank accounts outside of the U.S…which is completely unpatriotic. 

There is ONE solution to this debt ceiling game playing and it is, simply put, a peaceful revolution beginning with a new AMERICAN PEOPLE’S PARTY(and no, not in the context of ‘communist people’s party’ from history) to clean up the huge pile of raw sewage and excrement in Washington D.C. that we still loosely refer to as Congress, and bring back a true Democratic Republic “Of the People, By the People and FOR THE PEOPLE”, not “Of the Corporations, By the Corporations and FOR THE CORPORATIONS”.

Connie Bryan

Link to CBS News Story: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505123_162-57606253/debt-ceiling-understanding-whats-at-stake/