The Connie Bryan Show June 2019: Connie’s Standup Special “STANDUP TO THE IDIOCRACY”
The Connie Bryan Show May 2019: The TRUTH about the Chinese ‘Spy’ Lady at Trump’s Maralago Resort, and Connie takes to the streets for opinions on the Mueller Report
The Connie Bryan Show April 2019: Connie Impersonates Chris Rock in the Monologue and Interviews Comic Impressionist Charlie Wilder
The Connie Bryan Show March 2019: Connie impersonates Donald Trump dialing 911 to declare yet another national emergency…Mexicans working at his local KFC changing the ‘original recipe’.
The Connie Bryan Show February 2019: Connie’s impersonation of Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” and Connie interviews comedian Brian Crall, owner of Sacramento’s “The Comedy Spot”.
The Connie Bryan Show January 2019: Featuring “Best Of” Clips from Previous Episodes in 2018.
The Connie Bryan Show December 2018: Connie interviews people live on the street in Davis, CA about their opinions about the corruption of Donald Trump as we approach the 2 year point
The Connie Bryan Show November 2018: Connie impersonates the Saudi Royal Family “Publicist” giving a press conference, and interviews Sasha Abramsky, columnist for the Sac Bee and NY Times
The Connie Bryan Show October 2018: Connie debuts her impersonation of Neil Young, one of her biggest musical inspirations, with two original parodies of Neil Young’s most iconic hits
The Connie Bryan Show September 2018: “Best Of Volume One” of The Connie Bryan Show featuring Connie’s standup comedy, interviews and other fun clips from previous episodes.
The Connie Bryan Show August 2018: Features Connie’s classic interview with comedy legend Jonathan Winters, the ‘father of comic improvisation’.
The Connie Bryan Show July 2018: Connie’s “Chris Rock Impersonation” and Sac State Students Speak Out on Kanye West