Classic 1980s David Letterman ‘TIME WARPS’ to 2023 in Connie Bryan’s very funny ‘Late Night w David Letterman’ sketch debut!
Letterman’s monologue includes his complaining about how expensive L.A. was during the show’s recent road trip to the West Coast… Later he explains why what the world needs is a strict HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, like the one where he lives in Connecticut, followed by a hilarious ‘viewer mail’ segment featuring a letter from his ‘LATE NIGHT FAN CLUB’ in New York KOREATOWN, asking Letterman to help them get back at North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and all of his annoying missile test launches, by helping them to do a ‘LATE NIGHT’ sponsored retaliatory missile test launch from CENTRAL PARK, directly over the New York high rise hotel where Kim Jong Un’s brother is known to be staying…Very funny MUST SEE TV!!