ComeyPicSo we heard FBI Director James Comey formally speak to members of Congress last Monday, confirming what many of us have predicted for some time…FIRST, that there is an ongoing major classified criminal investigation into possible Trump campaign connections with Russia, and into the Russian meddling in our election in general…and SECONDLY, that there is absolutely ZERO evidence found to support Trump’s tweets that maligned the character of President OBama, accusing him of masterminding a “wiretapping” campaign against Trump during his campaign.

Recently I posted a list of at least 10 of Trump’s major lies. (I am including it here below at the end of this article.) Democratic Senator Adam Schiff said it well recently, when he said there is a serious amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian individuals, and there is serious DIRECT evidence of DECEPTION at this point. And then within less than a full week of making that statement, he has amended it and is now revealing that he has seen more than circumstantial evidence that points to collusion.

When you have that much dishonesty and in Schiff’s words, “direct evidence of deception” from Trump and his campaign…When you have their repeated efforts to hide things that they eventually had to admit, but only AFTER they were exposed, that is very damning to the office of the President, not to mention a major indication of guilt.

TrumpCasinoWhiteHsAnd in addition to that dishonesty, what is even more damning to Trump and many of his misguided, blindly supporting sheep, including many Republican members of Congress, is their childish ‘tattletale’ defense…Their unconscionable excuse-making to distract from all the damning things coming to the surface, in which they try to distract from that grave, treasonous information by saying: “The more important problem that needs investigating is who is responsible for LEAKING the information”.

REALLY?? The ‘tattletale’ is the real corruption?? The whistle-blower who may have technically violated some law to protect confidential communication, but who in the interest of patriotism, may have leaked information to prove that General Flynn and the Trump campaign were being dishonest about his having never discussed the Russian sanctions?…THAT is the more damning concern, much more so than Trump and his associates’ possible COLLUSION with Russian?? You are really able to say that with a straight face??

tillersonputinexxonLike Trump’s growing ‘greatest hits’ of lies that I mentioned above, such an absurd, clearly partisan effort to distract from Director Comey informing us of his investigation into possible Trump campaign connections with Russia is not just ignorant and irresponsible, but the degree to which we have heard it as a major talking point from Donald Trump and his administration is huge evidence in itself of guilt.

An innocent person would never make such a ridiculously ignorant assertion. They would welcome the investigation, not try to undermine it by attacking the whistle-blower as the ‘real problem’.

putintrumpbabyWhat are we, in second grade? More often than not, Trump creates that impression…He knows he’s in the cross hairs for his corrupt behavior…He knows he is in deep sh#t just based on what has been leaked, so what does he do? He acts like a second grader, throws a tantrum and points his finger at other kids in the class he suspects of ‘telling on him’ to the teacher, screaming ‘TATTLETALE’. And just look at all the childish, low character ‘sheep’ for Republicans that want to embrace that behavior! It is beyond belief, and it is FAR from patriotic or intellectually honest.

trumpflynnBut again, when your lies are exposed by such damning ‘leaks’ by those ‘whistle-blowers’, what choice do you have but to make such insane assertions? When it comes to possible treason, thank God for the brave and patriotic ‘tattletales’ in the interest of preserving our nation’s precious and apparently still fragile democracy.

Here’s my list of Trump’s Top Ten Greatest Hits (Or should we say Greatest Bull Sh#ts) Feel free to add a few more in the comments section, if you think of some big ones I left off…

1.Repeatedly doubling down on his lies that President Obama ‘wiretapped his phones’ at Trump Tower, even after admitting he had ZERO evidence, and only cited an article in the New York Times and one episode of Bret Baier’s Fox News program. This is a serious crime to accuse someone of such an egregious felony with no evidence.

2. Lied when he promised during the campaign that he would absolutely release his tax returns. Then immediately after the election he formally announced he will no longer honor that promise.

3. Lied during the campaign when he and his campaign advisers denied having anything to do with the change in the Republican Party platform with respect to military aid to Ukraine. The party platform had wording at the time that called for aid, including military aid to Ukraine in their fight to stop Russian backed aggression by insurgents after Crimea had been invaded.

The party platform was suddenly changed during the Republican National Convention, and the only change was to that portion of the platform. It was changed to reflect that the Republican Party DOES NOT support providing military aid to Ukraine. This change in the party platform is in direct support of Russian interests. Trump lied repeatedly to the press saying that he and his campaign had zero to do with this and had no idea where it came from. Since then, one of his key advisers has admitted that in fact the Trump campaign was behind it, and that it came as a directive from Donald Trump.

4. Lied when the Trump administration repeatedly and adamantly stated that Trump’s National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn had NEVER discussed the U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian Ambassador.

Ultimately it leaked out that in fact Flynn had absolutely discussed sanctions when he met with the Russian Ambassador, on the very SAME day that President Obama launched even stronger additional sanctions against Russia in retaliation and punishment for their interference in our election. In addition, it came out that Trump had been aware of this fact for several weeks, and had not taken any action against Flynn, but instead had kept silent only until this was exposed in the press.

5. Lied when he repeatedly denied over and over that NO ONE in his administration or his campaign staff had EVER had ANY contact or communications with Russian individuals. Now it has leaked out that in fact several top Trump advisers, including even his son-in-law Jarod Kushner all met with Russian individuals before and after Trump’s election. One of those meetings involving Jarod Kushner and Gen. Flynn took place during Trump’s transition in December, and was held AT TRUMP TOWER. There is no way Trump was not aware of this.

6. Lied when he and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly tried to claim that the press had taken steps to hide the huge record numbers of people who turned out to his inauguration. Trump and Spicer repeatedly tried to claim that his inauguration resulted in a historical record crowd turnout, the most in Presidential history, ‘both here in Washington and across the globe’. This of course was quickly proven to be an absurd lie, and side by side pics of Obama’s inauguration next to Trump’s, taken at about the same time of day, showed an aerial view of Trump’s inauguration with huge sparse areas, and Obama’s so large there were no sparse areas on the Washington Mall.

7. Lied when he gave a recent Presidential press conference in which he similarly tried to claim that he set an electoral college landslide record with his electoral votes. Immediately when he said this, he was caught and held to account for this lie by an on the ball NBC reporter who he called on for a question. The reporter promptly educated him about the fact that Presidents OBama and Clinton had both achieved much larger electoral college votes in their elections.

Trump, visibly shaken, then made an additional lie in reply, attempting to make the excuse that he ‘meant among Republicans only’. Again, the reporter promptly educated Trump to the fact that Ronald Reagan and President Bush Sr. and Richard Nixon all had much more electoral college numbers than he.

Trump’s reply was to then blame some unknown staffer saying, “I don’t know, that’s the information I was given”. (In an article on this in the New York Times, they point out that there have been 45 Presidential elections in America’s history in which the winner received more electoral votes than Donald Trump…/donald-trump-electoral-college-po…)

8. .Lied when he tried to say that the only reason he lost the popular vote by 3 to 5 MILLION votes, was because those were votes cast by illegal immigrants engaging in massive national voter fraud…Then he added another lie to support that one, saying he would prove it by launching an immediate investigation to provide the evidence of this…What happened since then? Was there an investigation providing any such ‘evidence’?…OF COURSE NOT. This was the same as his accusation of wiretapping by Obama, and that it would be ‘proven’ after an investigation, claiming there absolutely was evidence of it, and then he finally admitted this week that he had no ‘evidence’ of that either.

9. Lied when he repeatedly pledged to repeal Obamacare and replace it with “Healthcare for EVERYONE, and everyone would PAY LESS!” Now the Congressional Budget Office and other analysts are saying that his plan would not only be more expensive for most over the next 10 years, but 20 to 24 MILLION Americans would not be covered under his plan, many of whom are at the poverty level and will lose their Medicaid coverage they had obtained under Obamacare.

10. Going back a while, we mustn’t forget his huge lie when he kept announcing to the press that he had special ‘investigators’ on the “Birther” case, supposedly finding proof that he would be bringing forward soon that OBama wasn’t an American citizen, which of course he never produced, and has never apologized for.

This ego-maniacal, narcissistic con-artist is doing grave damage to our country and the office of President, with his constant dishonesty. And it is shocking how many ugly, low character Republican and Independent white voters are ignoring all of this because they think he’s either going to get rid of all the Mexicans and Muslims, or get them a lucrative manufacturing job back at a GM factory building cars for $80.00 an hour. They should be ashamed of themselves for harboring such selfish greed and hate. Trump and his corruption and lies are simply a reflection in the mirror of those voters.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at