ConnieHdshtSmallFile1You see the recent terror attacks in France, and many people don’t just think “we have to attack and bomb ISIS”…they think “we have to GO TO WAR with much of the Muslim and Islamic world!”.

We aren’t going to EVER solve this problem (or the problem in Israel and Palestine for that matter) with military action and war…There is only ONE way to solve it, and that is by recognizing we have to deal with the false religious ideology behind it…And by recognizing that false religious ideology IS NOT LIMITED to Islam.

Fraudulent man-made religious ideology has been at the root of this problem creating endless wars, violence and genocide for THOUSANDS of years, and has misled mankind in ALL THREE major organized religions. ALL THREE of them teach their own version of ‘holy elitism’, that they are God’s “CHOSEN PEOPLE” and all others are deserving of damnation and destruction in the name of “God”. ALL THREE of them have engaged in violence, war and genocidal acts in the name of “God” over that time period, Islam being just the most recent radical example of such terror in the name of man-made religion.

Strangely, probably because it would be so offensive to Christian and Jewish viewers and ADVERTISERS/SPONSORS, the media rarely touches on the truth of the root cause behind such mutual desire for attacks being created by the MUTUAL HATE between the religious ideologies of Christianity/Judaism (seen as the Western World) and Islam (seen as the Middle East and growing Third World regions in Asia and Africa). The media likes to hide the MUTUAL part of that equation, and only help to promote the false idea that it is only caused by radical Islamic religious ideology.

And as I write about this, don’t get me wrong…I am not saying we should not take a proactive position in order to stop such attacks by radical groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. But we can’t forget the unpopular truth that one man’s patriot is another man’s terrorist. One religion’s “infidel” is another religion’s “Saint”. We also can’t lose sight of the significant truth that a large majority of Americans fervently believe and proclaim the United States to be a “Christian nation”. We have hundreds if not thousands of different faiths represented in our free democracy in the U.S., yet a majority of Americans proclaim their elitist religious ideology from their Bible’s that we are a “Christian nation”.

How would they feel if they became the minority, and let’s say Mormons became the majority at some point, with the result being the prevailing proclamation was that we are a MORMON NATION? Then they’d see how ridiculous it sounds, but they don’t see that when THEY say it as Christians.

This popular elitist, unconstitutional sentiment that we are a “Christian nation” is reflected in recent national polls, despite our clear constitutional edict of separation of church and state. So of course the Islamic world sees America as a symbol of Christian hate toward them, and more importantly they FEEL the hate that Christian and Jewish American’s have for them.

You can’t listen to conservative talk radio very long before you’ll hear either the host or a caller refer to the desire to “nuke” them all in the Middle East, etc. You will be hard pressed to find a Republican Conservative who is not either Jewish or a Christian. My point is that the ideology of hate that is at the root of acts of terror by radical Islamic groups is the SAME ideology of hate that is at the root of Christian and Jewish beliefs toward Muslims and other beliefs they call “pagan”, etc. They teach that God hates all opposing beliefs, and that what God hates is worthy of being destroyed and condemned, etc.

If we are ever going to have a hope of HEALING mankind and solving this universal violent problem, we have to RECOGNIZE THE UNIVERSAL NATURE of it! We can’t ignore that WE, the United States, largely fueled by a Conservative presidency at the time (George W. Bush) and his Christian and Jewish constituency and advisers, continued a long legacy of undermining and attacking Islam…specifically Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our actions were the metaphorical equivalent of your child being stung by a couple of hornets, and you get so angry that you decide to take a broomstick and SWAT the hornet’s nest a dozen times. After doing so, you hypocritically exclaim to all your neighbors’ horribly stung children that you did so because it was time to “BRING IT ON”, etc.(The words George W. Bush famously said after our invasion of Iraq)

Make no mistake about it, we did so LARGELY from the hubris of our being a CHRISTIAN NATION. That man-made hateful ideology is NO DIFFERENT from the hateful man-made ideology that is taught to Muslims in the Koran. If you call yourself a Christian and you don’t know that the entire Bible teaches the same “worldwide religious caliphate” crusade in the name of God/Jesus that the Koran teaches in the name of Mohammed, then you really need to actually READ the Bible.

For crying out loud, in any Sunday School across the nation on any given Sunday in America, you can frequently hear children being led in the popular song “Onward Christian Soldiers MARCHING AS TO WAR…with the cross of Jesus going on before!” That is a Christian song based on the overall teaching of the Bible for Christianity to be a worldwide caliphate. It just happens to be that in the Christian model of this caliphate, they believe it will be accomplished by a warmongering savior and his warmongering angels who come down from the clouds and destroy all the infidels who didn’t believe in Jesus, etc.

The bottom line is that BOTH religions call for the same result, to be accomplished in the “End Times” as they like to refer to it…which is an ultimate worldwide religious dictatorship that will involve indescribable violence, motivated by their man-made fraudulent and bigoted faith.

Judaism in the Old Testament, and Christianity in the New Testament…each of their core teachings is for them to crusade as ‘soldiers of God’, and to believe that the end result promised them will be God/Jesus destroying all “non-believers”…and not only just destroying them, but casting them into Hell for eternal torment. (Talk about a sick ideology) THAT IS THE SAME MAN-MADE WORLDWIDE CALIPHATE MODEL that Muslims believe. Right now the Islamic model is just more front and center in the media.

YES I KNOW we were attacked on Sept. 11th, 2001. But the REASON we were attacked has its roots in this MUTUAL hateful MAN-MADE ideology of all of the BIG THREE organized religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Throughout history, all three have engaged in mutual periods of terrorism and genocide toward each other, all in the name of God for “Christ’s sake” or “Mohammed’s sake” or “Jehovah’s sake”…it has been the same with all three. And the United States is STILL seen as, if not actively and/or officially promoting itself as a Christian nation.

The Muslim world gets that message all to clear. We think nothing of using military drones to bomb suspected Islamic radicals with the result being that many innocent Muslims are killed in the process of each strike, though we claim to try to ‘minimize collateral damage’, etc.

Again, as a former veteran myself, I am not advocating that we should not take a proactive position to stop terrorism worldwide and on our shores here at home. However, we cannot afford to continue to ignore the facts and lie to ourselves hypocritically that the cause of the hate is only ONE-SIDED! The cause and root of the hate is MUTUAL, and has always been MUTUAL.

This has not changed for over two thousand years with respect to the mutual man-made ideological hate between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, and it only continued to foment with the advent of the man-made hateful ideology of Christianity. All three have at their core beliefs that they, and ONLY they, are the “Chosen Ones”… that only they are “saved” and all others are to be destroyed due to their stubborn unbelief in the one and only true religion.

The answer to solving this growing trend of terrorism (as well as our history of invading the Middle East with mutual attacks) is found in honestly facing the ugly truth of the mutual fraudulent ideology of organized religion in general. It does not teach unconditional love. It teaches an elitist “CONDITIONAL” love.

Again, I am pointing out this elitism and “conditional salvation” is taught in general by the Big Three organized religions…and ESPECIALLY by Christianity and Islam. That is the root cause of the geo-political hate and violence cycle that we are seeing escalate today.We have to begin having an honest universal conversation about the man-made fraudulent ideology of organized religion.

Spiritual truth has been the casualty there. Spiritual truth has no condemnation, no ‘conditions’ for Divine Love for mankind…It has no “Chosen Few” who receive salvation. The answer to dealing with our current problems with terrorist acts and tit-for-tat military attacks is only going to be found in raising awareness about the false ideology of organized religion on ALL sides. This is the next level we have to reach for mankind. It will be akin to the powerful illumination that began as a result of the Civil Rights Movement.

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