I think we can all agree at this point, that the current insane trend and fanatical obsession with all things ‘artificial’ has gone WAY beyond just unhealthy…

Now that it involves the aggressive ‘gain of function’ artificial manipulation and mutation of viruses in the lab in order to make them deadly WHEN THEY WEREN’T TO BEGIN WITH, and manipulation of animal and human genomes/DNA, it has put humanity in even more of a position of being able to cause our own extinction, without the need for any thermonuclear holocaust.

Remember what seems now like the rather QUAINT time when the extent of our obsession with the artificial mainly involved women wanting breast implants??

Now they want to make themselves fully into a MACY’S MANAKIN! Or worse yet, they want to ‘upload their brain to the MICROSOFT CLOUD’! The technology has been with us for a while now to artificially clone animals, and people are actually wanting to CLONE THEIR PETS!

One day when I was walking down the Venice Beach promenade, a middle aged lady approached me with two of the cutest dogs on a leash, while also trying to show off what easily may have actually been the largest breasts anyone has ever seen on Venice Beach!…

She wasn’t even wearing a top! I figured she was looking for the attention, so I said “I’m sorry but I just have to ask you, ‘ARE THOSE REAL??’

She replied, “What, the breasts or the Shihtzus??…Believe it or not, the breasts are REAL, but I had the dogs done.”

OK, all joking aside now…’STUFF’ is about to GET REAL as they say…

Just last week, Chinese scientists revealed that back in 2017 and 2020 they isolated yet another SARS COV2/COVID-19 related virus that they claim they obtained from a pangolin. They further revealed that after collecting it, they took it into the lab and made it deadly using artificial ‘gain of function’ methods using ‘humanized mice’…

They announced in their research findings that this new lab created virus mutation KILLED 100 PERCENT of all the humanized mice into which they injected it. To be clear, the Chinese researchers describe in their findings that this virus they created specifically attacks the brain, resulting in 100 percent lethal results in the humanized mice.

In addition, their research findings stated that this deadly virus they created was found to be present in the lungs of the dead mice, indicating that it had entered the respiratory system of the mice, and therefore would be contagious and would capable of spreading as a respiratory virus.

As I tell you about this insanity, you need to understand something very important…

What we are experiencing with this increasing gain of function ‘Frankenstein’ humanized mice research, (which is exactly what we now have confirmed was behind the creation of Covid-19) is all originating from military BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS LAB RESEARCH.

It is critical to understand that this diabolical behavior going on more and more in virtually all of the world’s developed nations, is replacing nuclear weapons as the NEW ARMS RACE and/or ‘balance of power’ brinksmanship.

Some of you may recall within the last year or two, when Boston University researchers made their shocking (if not bizarre) announcement that they had used their own ‘gain of function’ research in their university lab to develop a new variant of Covid 19 that, instead of being like a cold or the flu for most people, was actually very deadly, killing 80 PERCENT of the humanized mice in their findings!

Beyond how obviously diabolical this was, it is imperative for you to understand that this was not just a rare episode of irresponsible ‘mad scientists’ at Boston University…Quite the contrary, it was sanctioned sponsored and commissioned research, funded (usually covertly) by our national intelligence services and/or Department of Defense, among other ‘alphabet soup’ agencies.

As I mentioned above, and as I’ve previously covered extensively for my viewers on my monthly television program ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, this D.O.D. bio weapons funding is precisely what has now been revealed to have been a large source of the funding of the artificial ‘gain of function’ creation of Covid-19 in the Wuhan lab in China, with millions of dollars also coming from Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health.

Now that I’ve informed you about that fact, and getting back to Boston University’s announcement a year or two back about their ‘gain of function’ development of a deadly virulent version of Covid, you need to understand that such a shocking announcement was not a misstep or mistake by the university revealing they had engaged in ‘reckless research’…

Oh they had engaged in reckless research alright! But as we are finding out, all of this is the new bio weapons arms race, with our nation’s top universities having been captured and compromised, and wanting the funding they get from being so commissioned to engage in such reckless work, while they rationalize it by telling themselves it is for ‘national security’.

When Boston University took that insane announcement to the media, it was simply the U.S. trying to send a message of our capabilities to our potential adversaries. Consequently, to return to my original topic of China’s new ‘gain of function’ deadly brain virus, when nation’s like China release this kind of announcement, it is China saying “OH YEAH?? WELL LOOK WHAT WE CONCOCTED…LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO TO YOU!”

In short, this is a very dark and extremely dangerous and risky new evolution of ‘saber rattling’…similar to the now rather ancient method of what North Korea’s Kim Jong Un still does to show off his nuclear capable rocket test launches.

And now that I’ve explained this to you, it will help to crystallize in your mind the dire importance of why I have been reporting to you on ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ in recent episodes, about the illegal, unlicensed Chinese bio lab discovered by an ‘on the ball’ code enforcement officer in the little sleepy town of Reedley, California, on the outskirts of Fresno.

While the mainstream news media was almost completely silent with the rare exception of the local Fox affiliate in Fresno, I was one of the few voices breaking that news to my viewers. Since then, as I showed my viewers in the January 2024 episode of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’, that illegal Chinese bio lab story was covered on Del Bigtree’s show ‘The Highwire’, and Florida U.S Representative Neal Dunn focused on it during a recent congressional hearing, with both powerful segments featured on my January show.

To be more specific, the reason this illegal California lab is so relevant to the story I am sharing here of this new Chinese lab created virus killing all of the humanized mice exposed to it, is because as I reported to my viewers about the Reedley Chinese lab, the code enforcement officer discovered not only SARS-COV2, but very deadly viruses such as HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and ebola, and she found almost a THOUSAND HUMANIZED MICE they were experimenting on, a significant number of which were dead.

Further disturbing as I reported in my show’s coverage, and that the mainstream news deliberately avoided, was the fact that the FBI and the CDC ordered the local Fresno County health department and the local Reedley Mayor to keep their mouths shut and not inform the public about the presence of the illegal lab for SEVERAL MONTHS!

I encourage you to make a point of watching my in depth coverage on this story, which I began in part five of my ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series which you can watch on demand on my website in the show archives section at conniebryan.com…And as I mentioned, the topic is continued with the clips from ‘The Highwire’ and Florida Congressman Dunn, in my most recent January 2024 episode.

The obvious reason this is so disturbing is not just the common denominator of the many humanized mice related to these two China lab stories, but it is that if this Fresno area illegal Chinese lab was only found due to a very conscientious local code enforcement officer, then it stands to reason there may be who knows HOW MANY MORE in other towns or cities across the United States!

Also, while we are on this subject of how all of this ‘gain of function’ deadly virus creation is the new ‘ARMS RACE’ replacing the nuclear version, I want to stress that this is also STRONGLY UNDERLINING exactly why I took the time to introduce my viewers to the diabolical ‘Dr. James Giordano’ and his power point presentation entitled ‘THE BRAIN IS THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE FUTURE’ at the West Point ‘Modern War Institute’.

This too was prominently featured in parts 1 and 2 of my recent ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series…I show clips of Dr. Giordano openly discussing the mind blowing degree to which this new lab created, chimeric ‘gain of function’ bio weapons and nano-particle weapons delivery system technology is being pursued by all of the major industrialized countries, ESPECIALLY by the United States and China.

At this point, it is imperative that I also inform you of a very specific detail relevant to all of this, that Dr. Giordano and other top intelligence sources, such as a recent annual report from The Rand Corporation, have been recently revealing, which takes the diabolical nature of this ‘gain of function’ virus creation to a completely different level of concern…

That being the fact that more and more of this dangerous gain of function bio weapons research is being found to be an even more focused pursuit of ‘RACE SPECIFIC’ bio weapons.

That’s right…It has been revealed that both China and the U.S., as well as many other nations, are guilty of engaging in ongoing efforts to deliberately develop very deadly, artificially concocted ‘gain of function’ lab created viruses, that are deadly only to a SPECIFIC RACE or SPECIFIC DNA.

And that fact FURTHER UNDERLINES the major import of the story I mentioned above, regarding the discovery of the illegal Chinese lab confirmed to have been operated by Chinese Nationals in Reedley California.

Why? Because in order to develop such ‘race specific’ artificial lab created viruses, you first need to collect samples of the DNA and MRNA of the race/ethnicity of those you wish to target…
And that is one of the other major disturbing aspects of the Reedley Chinese lab discovery that was revealed…They found that the lab was collecting a very large number of Americans’ blood samples that their lab had obtained through various methods.

And now in closing, the most important thing I need to include here as I inform you about these very corrupt and critical issues that you need to know, and that you are never going to learn about in the Big Pharma/corporate controlled mainstream news, has to do with the only way to stop this corruption…

The REASON for all of this diabolical corruption that is running rampant on the planet is entirely due to the fact that we as a human race do not yet understand WHO & WHAT WE ARE! And that is why I wrote my first book ‘HOLY LIBEL’…

There is no more important topic than what I teach and reveal in ‘HOLY LIBEL’…exposing the lies of organized religion (JudeoChristianity and Islam)… Lies that are the ROOT CAUSE OF WHY we still do not know WHO AND WHAT WE ARE…Man made lies that were weaponized by those who created those sick, superstitious fear based false belief systems about God, the ‘Devil’ and ‘demons’, all in order to leverage that fear for psychological control of the masses.

In doing so, those very harmful lies have BLOCKED humanity from a correct understanding of our SHARED SPIRITUAL NATURE, and of WHO AND WHAT WE ARE. And it is that level of ignorance that results in this degree of corruption we are seeing.

There are healing answers…But healing requires CORRECTION…specifically, CORRECTION OF WRONG THINKING, because EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT!

The content of my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ not only exposes the WRONG THINKING of those man made lies of organized religion, it removes that block for the reader, and brings the healing answers and the RIGHT THINKING to awaken humanity to the realization that we are not, and have NEVER BEEN SEPARATE FROM WHAT ‘GOD’ IS!

ALL OF US…IN ALL OF OUR DIVERSITY…We are all a PART OF what ‘God’ is.

And that is not an ego trip when you realize it…Quite the contrary, it is very, very humbling…When you finally learn this truth that has been blocked from your understanding by the lies of organized religion that taught you that you and all mankind are ’evil’ or ‘sinful by nature’, you suddenly are humbled by the realization that, being the HOLY HANDS OF GOD here in the physical, you have an OBLIGATION TO LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF OTHERS!

So the answer to the question of how do we stop this corruption and insanity is that we have to work more diligently to wake each other up to the lies about ‘God’ that have blocked HEALING THINKING…That have blocked the proper understanding of our SHARED ONENESS…

Shared oneness meaning there is no ‘CHOSEN RACE’ preferred by God, as the Old Testament teaches about the Jews, or as the Koran teaches about Muslims…

There is NO ONE TRUE BELIEF as the lies of the New Testament teach and that Christians shamefully believe, teaching their children that those who aren’t ‘born again’ or ‘saved’ are going to Hell, etc, etc

All of this I expose in my book ‘HOLY LIBEL’, detailing the many specific lies all over the Bible for you to see for yourself, and in so doing to help to open humanity’s eyes once and for all to the proper healing understanding of our collective SHARED SPIRITUAL ONENESS in all of our diversity.

THAT and ONLY THAT is where the solution to all of this corruption lies.

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(Connie Bryan is a writer and producer/host of ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ now airing in 23 cable markets nationwide. Watch her show on demand, and check out all of her material on her blog and website at Conniebryan.com…Also, find Connie’s book ‘HOLY LIBEL’ available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, KDP, and wherever books are sold.)