24 02, 2015

WHAT THE HELL? Why People Believe In It

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"President OBama is grossly in error as he continues bending himself into a political pretzel by trying to argue that ISIS, Al Qaeda and other such Islamic radicals are NOT part of Islam. That is not just a laughable lie, it is a hysterical lie. These groups are first and foremost, fundamentally motivated by the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran that demand that ALL MUSLIMS help to create a world wide "caliphate", which means a world wide theocracy under Sharia Law, where the entire world's laws are to be governed by the teachings of Islam and the Koran."

24 10, 2014

Being The Love of God That Others Need

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'...do you want to know what brings harmony, health, happiness and peace in life for people? A daily awareness that your function...your purpose here is to create heaven on earth by being the "love of God" that others need. Your purpose is to be the love and strength of God for others, because you are a part of what God is. To be very frank, Christianity and Islam have lied and denied the masses that awareness for untold centuries. The only real spiritual truth that has the power to bring peace on earth is that God's love and forgiveness are not "proprietary" to one religion that "owns" the only way to receive it.'

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