14 06, 2020

Calling for DISBANDING of the Police is not ‘WOKE’…It’s ‘WHACKED’!

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"This kind of stupidity and infantile ignorance on the far left is the worst enemy of Progressives who start off correctly understanding that there is a dire need for major change in our country, and for We the People to finally stand up together and take our country back from the corrupt, monopoly partnership between government and mega-corporations, but then they shoot themselves in the head, figuratively speaking, with such utter DUMB ASSERY!"

10 05, 2020

Yet Another World Renown Epidemiologist Confirming Covid-19 Death Rate Comparable to the Flu, as I have Said From the Start

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"When I say that we have been lied to, I am not saying that there isn't a newly developed strain of coronavirus that we could find ourselves exposed to. I am saying the dishonest 'reality show media' has falsely characterized it as a 'killer plague', in order to paralyze the world with fear for a specific agenda of political and social control, when all the top experts, including even the CDC and the W.H.O. have said all along that the vast majority of people who catch the virus will have mild symptoms of the flu or a cold, and most won't even know they had it! The truths I have been exposing in all of my writing and coverage on my monthly cable show has NEVER had anything to do with not taking REASONABLE caution. But reasonable caution is NOT shutting the country down, and refusing to be around other people at a reasonable distance."

9 05, 2020

Corrupt Corporate & Media Agenda Behind Coronavirus HYPE Causing Many Americans to Begin to WAKE UP

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"Many of you are starting to realize that you have lost sight of what has REAL VALUE IN LIFE...that the real value of being human IS found in the daily personal connections, social interactions and community sustaining small business transactions in the local 'village square marketplace' as it were... The real value of being human is in NOT being so ruled by unreasonable fear over a flu-like virus that we shun one another, see our fellow man almost like 'walkers' from "The Walking Dead", and think we must hide in our homes, only socializing with our family or closest friends. Many of you are at last realizing that it is time for you to STOP participating in, or at least 'looking the other way' while this system has been aggressively destroying small community 'mom and pop' businesses like they were some evil, communist threat to our nation, when the opposite is in fact the case!"

4 02, 2019


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"The massive dumbing down of this country that we've seen in the media over the last couple of decades has been part of this corrupt 'Corporatism' agenda. And that dumbing down has resulted in many Americans being fooled by the subtle con that these social media mega corporations have been running...While they convinced you that you were getting all kinds of stuff for free, you didn't realize the truth behind the con...YOU ARE THEIR PRODUCT...YOU ARE THE COMMODITY THEY ARE SELLING. And you are rapidly losing your coveted personal privacy and independence as a person...The internet was supposed to be the great equalizer to this rampant growing corruption, but ironically it has become the GREAT TRANQUILIZER, due to being allowed to be controlled by MONEY and these corrupt corporations that do not have the people's interests at heart, unless of course you happen to be one of their elite stockholders."

19 03, 2018

Are You Focused on what REALLY Matters Here?

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"We have a very ugly and selfish, elitist culture in America growing like a tumor by the day, as evidenced by both the growing drug culture as well as the mass ignorance that is responsible for perverting the highest office of our country with the disgraceful likes of Donald Trump...and this having been done largely by those who claim to be following 'God's will'...It is obvious that the majority have lost sight of what has real value and real meaning, in pursuit of selfish, elitist and material obsessions, all while putting on a daily facade of being 'Catholics' or 'Evangelicals' or 'Jews' or 'Muslims' or 'Mormons', etc. etc. etc...But understanding the most important example of the "Yin and Yang" is what keeps the rest of us focused on bringing healing to this sick culture that needs that healing so bad right now."

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