21 03, 2020

Corona Virus: Media HYPE creates HYSTERIA more than a ‘HOAX’

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"I'm going to be hitting you with true REALITY and FACTS here about the Corona Flu - because that is ALL that it is - as opposed to the media's newest reality show "CORONA SURVIVOR" that they are shamefully broadcasting 24/7. So if this brings you down from your "FEAR HIGH" that you are craving to be satisfied, TOO BAD!...While it is so blatantly obvious that the media is hyping this 'corona virus' topic for maximum ratings, what is really more concerning in the bigger picture is the degree to which so many people allow themselves to be 'infected' with that hype..."

17 09, 2015

Climate Change Should Be Litmus Test for Election 2016

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"Ms. Fiorina referred to the projected cost of trillions of dollars. (Keep in mind this is a cost to be shared globally). Are you aware that cost of the war in Iraq alone has well exceeded a TRILLION dollars? Are you aware that this is also the case with the ongoing war in Afghanistan? It also has well exceeded the cost of a TRILLION dollars. Are we so irresponsible that we are going to be OK with wasting that amount of money on such unjustifiable military campaigns, and then sarcastically scoff at such an expense that the vast majority of worldwide scientists agree is necessary to begin healing the pollution and damage we are causing to our planet, its oceans and its ecology?"

23 12, 2014


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"People often ask what does the term "spiritual" mean. It means the non-physical, eternal energy and consciousness of the unseen. Einstein and Eddington, along with many more talented groundbreaking scientists over the centuries, are repeatedly helping us to see that there is clearly an unexplained, scientifically unseen "power" that is responsible for this physical world."

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