27 05, 2018

“Citizen Control” Is Change Needed for Modern Policing Today

By |2018-05-27T21:25:29-07:00May 27th, 2018|Donald Trump, police|0 Comments

"The new model must teach officers that there is no distinction...that working in law enforcement, they did not move into a status of 'non-civilian'. The mindset that one is not a civilian is actually coming from a MILITARY mindset completely. And we know that our nation's constitution specifically mandates that the police are NOT the military, and as such they are properly categorized as 'civilians' hired to serve as peace keepers for their fellow civilians...But this proper mindset was compromised a long time ago when those in law enforcement began to try to brand themselves as APART FROM the citizenry, and began appropriating a title to refer to themselves like the military, that delineated them as 'NON-CIVILIANS', etc. That should never have been allowed to happen."

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