14 10, 2017


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"The 'NIMBY' (not in my backyard) angry denigrating of the homeless in Sacramento by individuals in practically every area of our town has been allowed to go unchecked for too long by city and county politicians. Too many of our elected leaders have historically been more worried about alienating voters in their districts on this issue, than leading with the necessary solutions the majority of citizens know are critical and necessary to properly deal with the homeless epidemic we are facing."

11 07, 2016

We Should Keep the Flag at Half Staff Permanently

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...the media engages in predictable, greed-driven hypocrisy, only pretending to be sincerely concerned...Truth be told, the worse it continues to get, the better the ratings for them. Their sick, wall-to-wall coverage, hyping the 'grief porn' of the victims and their families, and giving the shooters the fame they were looking for only encourages many more to do the same for such "fame" and exposure to their "cause".

7 12, 2015

ALIENATION: Key Element in BOTH Radical Terrorism and Non-Terrorist Mass Violence

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"The Bible teaches the EXACT same message of alienation as does the Koran, that being if you become a Christian, you will be alienated from the rest of a horribly persecuting world, but that it will be worth it for you in the afterlife, as they will all be tormented in Hell forever while you will receive your wealth in heaven for eternity, etc., etc. Organized religion CREATES an 'alienation complex' in its "believers". This is the glaring evidence of it being man-made and fraudulent. True spirituality doesn't teach alienation WHATSOEVER! True spirituality has NO element of condemnation or damnation as a result for 'non-believers'."

3 12, 2015

Unethical U.S. Culture Primary Cause of Mass Shootings

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"the solution or overall 'panacea' to addressing the growing violence and number of mass shootings in the United States is not found with "gun control" per se. That is not the angle I am coming from here whatsoever. I don't meant to over-generalize, but we don't address the issue of violent road rage by suggesting we stop selling cars, etc. The source of the problem that is SCREAMING to be addressed today is the underlying lack of ethics and human/community values in our American culture that need have NOTHING to do with organized religion. Matter of fact it is critical that they do not. Please read on so that I can expound on why that is so important."

10 01, 2013

America’s Culture of Violence: Only One Solution (PART 2)

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Morals, ethics and community values are the ONLY THING that will solve our epidemic of violence in America today. Here is one of the most important points I want to make: Morals, ethics and community values are not being taught to our children in school as a major part of every day's curriculum from kindergarten through high school.

22 12, 2012

America’s Culture of Violence: Only One Solution (PART 1)

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Everywhere I look in the media I don’t see or hear an emphasis on the real solution. All I hear is ineffectual “feel good” rhetoric about having a national conversation about gun control, or a national conversation about the mentally ill, while we CONSTANTLY AVOID THE NATIONAL CONVERSATION ABOUT THE 800 POUND ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

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