10 05, 2020

Yet Another World Renown Epidemiologist Confirming Covid-19 Death Rate Comparable to the Flu, as I have Said From the Start

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"When I say that we have been lied to, I am not saying that there isn't a newly developed strain of coronavirus that we could find ourselves exposed to. I am saying the dishonest 'reality show media' has falsely characterized it as a 'killer plague', in order to paralyze the world with fear for a specific agenda of political and social control, when all the top experts, including even the CDC and the W.H.O. have said all along that the vast majority of people who catch the virus will have mild symptoms of the flu or a cold, and most won't even know they had it! The truths I have been exposing in all of my writing and coverage on my monthly cable show has NEVER had anything to do with not taking REASONABLE caution. But reasonable caution is NOT shutting the country down, and refusing to be around other people at a reasonable distance."

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