14 06, 2020

Calling for DISBANDING of the Police is not ‘WOKE’…It’s ‘WHACKED’!

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"This kind of stupidity and infantile ignorance on the far left is the worst enemy of Progressives who start off correctly understanding that there is a dire need for major change in our country, and for We the People to finally stand up together and take our country back from the corrupt, monopoly partnership between government and mega-corporations, but then they shoot themselves in the head, figuratively speaking, with such utter DUMB ASSERY!"

2 12, 2019

The Harm of Organized Religion & The Real Meaning of Christmas

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"True spirituality was bastardized by the founders of Christianity (as it was also with Judaism and Islam). To put it simply and fundamentally, true spirituality doesn't seek empire building and domination, with a fear based concept of a condemning God - specifically a male God - that needs a human or animal sacrifice to satisfy a sick 'blood lust'...It is not OK to believe whatever you want just because it is your culture's belief. As soon as your culture's belief is a bigoted belief to the exclusion or detriment of others, it becomes a violation of "The Golden Rule". As I said above, we don't need a college degree or to be 'ordained' by any church to teach that truth."

4 06, 2019

What Does It Mean to be ‘HUMAN’?

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"Being human is a temporary experience here, and it simply means to be a SPIRIT who is temporarily housed in a physical existence, whose purpose is to be in harmony and peace with all other spirits inhabiting this physical plane...What it means to be human means to learn during this temporary experience in the physical, that there is NO quality that differentiates you, or your specific culture, as being the 'Chosen Race of God'... NO belief that makes you 'saved' and all others 'condemned' "

8 01, 2016


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"The horrors we are seeing all around us are meant to wake us up and help us think and create in the right direction. They are the result of our thinking and creating in the WRONG direction for way too long...We think in the wrong direction when we see our identity as number one, separate from what God is, and number two, separate from our diverse brothers and sisters. That is to say, too many of us put too much of an emphasis on being "Christian", or being "Jewish", or being "Muslim", or being "Mormons", or being "White", or "Black", or "Hispanic/Mexican"...the list of examples of divisions between ourselves goes on and on."

16 11, 2015

Man-Made Religious Ideology Not Just Problem with Islam

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"We can't ignore that WE, the United States, largely fueled by a Conservative presidency at the time (George W. Bush) and his Christian and Jewish constituency and advisers, continued a long legacy of undermining and attacking Islam...specifically Iraq and Afghanistan. Our actions were the metaphorical equivalent of your child being stung by a couple of hornets, and you get so angry that you decide to take a broomstick and SWAT the hornet's nest a dozen times. After doing so, you hypocritically exclaim to all your neighbors' horribly stung children that you did so because it was time to "BRING IT ON", etc.(The words George W. Bush famously said after our invasion of Iraq)"

16 10, 2015


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"I bring this up because there is a solution, and it keeps getting shot down because local politicians don't have the character and backbone to stand up to these NIMBY homeowners in their districts...people who again hypocritically claim to be Christians while they look with disdain on the prospect of supporting homeless by allowing a temporary outdoor "tent city" area anywhere with any proximity to their suburbs, etc."

27 05, 2015


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"This is the uncomfortable but critical universal conversation we all need to be having on earth at this time. With the geo-political dangers we face with terrorism and nuclear weapons technology, and more specifically with the BILLIONS of both Christians and Muslims who believe there "NEEDS TO BE" an Armegeddon or "end times" world wide holocaust event in order to bring on the "savior", etc... With humanity at such a crossroads, this is the uncomfortable, unpopular conversation we need to have that is LONG OVERDUE."

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