23 10, 2016

“Thought Pollution”WORSE than Environmental Pollution

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"Understand this, no matter how politically incorrect it may initially sound: Religion and culture, and their respective religious and cultural beliefs, are NOT ALWAYS HEALTHY or SACRED! They are often UNHEALTHY and DESTRUCTIVE, to the extent that they are divisive, bigoted and elitist toward others they see as 'apart' from them or 'inferior' to them...As a matter of fact, the "Big Three" religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) have by man-made design been the MAIN ROOT CAUSE of all the hate, division, violence and war for thousands of years. That is entirely because of bigoted, selfish, elitism caused by polluted thought."

3 11, 2015


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"Because EVERYTHING IS THOUGHT, meaning thought is the source of all creation... negative unloving thoughts have a consequence for those who think them...they will create major problems and negative outcomes in your experience here that we call 'LIFE'...People mistakenly love to say, 'You can't talk about religion and politics'...yet we MUST talk about those two topics no matter how controversial it may seem, because those two institutions have been corrupt bedfellows causing upside down wrong thinking for thousands of years in their shared interest of controlling the masses for their power and profit motives."

17 09, 2015

Climate Change Should Be Litmus Test for Election 2016

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"Ms. Fiorina referred to the projected cost of trillions of dollars. (Keep in mind this is a cost to be shared globally). Are you aware that cost of the war in Iraq alone has well exceeded a TRILLION dollars? Are you aware that this is also the case with the ongoing war in Afghanistan? It also has well exceeded the cost of a TRILLION dollars. Are we so irresponsible that we are going to be OK with wasting that amount of money on such unjustifiable military campaigns, and then sarcastically scoff at such an expense that the vast majority of worldwide scientists agree is necessary to begin healing the pollution and damage we are causing to our planet, its oceans and its ecology?"

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