As bad as this year’s fire season in California is starting off, it will turn out to be greatly dwarfed by the huge BACKFIRE that the sheep-minded radical Left are going to be responsible for creating this November.

Just one year ago, BEFORE all of this absurd, controlled narrative of hype and fear on the Left (entirely about using the coronavirus as a political weapon in the upcoming Presidential election) I would have told you that Donald Trump’s monumental lies, corruption and hypocrisy were going to be what prompts many Republicans to cross the political aisle and join Democrats with their vote this November, because in fact, many were planning to do that!

That was a year ago…In just one year’s time, and I say this as a longtime Democrat myself, the Left has done what it often does, that being to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory by acting just as unAmerican, undemocratic, dishonest and hypocritical in its own way, as the Trump supporters have often behaved on the Right.

In doing so with their ONGOING deadly and shameful violent riots and efforts to burn down community businesses and government buildings and police stations, often pretending to be in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’…

And with their ever expanding, ‘Nazi-esque’, wildly over-reaching bullsh#t control tactics to needlessly force nationwide shut downs of main street business enterprise (while Wall Street is at record highs!) and to shamefully create unfounded and unnecessary levels of panic in the minds of the American public and their children, and to manipulate and unnecessarily sustain that manufactured panic to try to prevent children from RETURNING TO SCHOOL – all around a novel virus that more and more top medical experts are admitting is simply comparable to a harsh flu season…

In doing so, they have shot themselves not just in the foot politically speaking, but directly in their head with respect to the upcoming Presidential election.

With such undemocratic, sustained violence, and with such wildly dishonest hype around the virus being used as an excuse to mandate the closure of Americans’ businesses, and to destroy their livelihoods and put them out of work, they are naturally alienating those responsible Independent, Libertarian and Republican Americans who previously did not support Trump’s corruption, and who were previously planning on crossing the aisle in November.

Mark my words here, because I am warning you now that ALL of this unAmerican, overdone hype, forced lockdowns and forced mask wearing, ALL of it is going to BACKFIRE on the Left this November. I can see the handwriting on the wall getting more and more clear every day…More and more DEMOCRATS like me, not just more and more from the Right, are recognizing the dire need for a powerful THIRD PARTY that will return political power where it was intended – to the 99% of hard working Americans, and red white and blue community ‘mom and pop’ small business owners.

Those of you on the Left who are supporting this unAmerican ‘NAZI-esque’ over reaching control and frequent violent rioting…and you know who you are…are driving those very individuals AWAY that you desperately needed in order to get such a weak, lame ticket elected as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

This is going to backfire on you in a huge way, and it is going to get Trump re-elected with a majority of the American vote this time, not a questionable win with a lack of the majority like last time.

The reason this is going to happen is not because many like myself would ever vote for such a ‘human garbage can’ for the highest office of our land like so many Republicans and Independents did in 2016…(My apologies for offending ‘Oscar the Grouch’…I’d vote for him before I’d vote for Trump) But the reason this is going to backfire is because you are foolishly and ignorantly alienating SO MANY Republicans and Independents who we had won over to support us this November…

I’m referring to many on the Right who we had managed to win over, who are NOT RACISTS by and large, and who only just a year ago were planning to support us, but who are now reeling in total shock, asking themselves “What the %&%! was I thinking?? These people are CRAZY! They do not support free speech or a fair back and forth exchange of ideas – they are MARXIST CONTROL FREAKS joined at the hip with China, Amazon, Big Tech and the Global elites, and they clearly will DESTROY our country!!”

And it is not just Republicans and Independents who are shocked to see this from the Left today, it is many more traditional, intellectually honest American Democrats like myself…I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force for six years between 1982 to 1988 and I guarded our nation’s nuclear weapons during that time.

As some of you know, I’m also a prior deputy sheriff who witnessed FIRSTHAND the need we have had for a long time to REFORM policing in America, and to address the massive amount of bigotry and abuse of power in the current ‘elitist’ culture that has been allowed to run rampant there.

But there’s a HUGE difference between REFORMING that ‘good ole boy’ system and bringing it back under the proper and just control of the citizens, as opposed to this insanity from the Left calling for complete and total DEFUNDING and DISMANTLING of the police.

There’s a huge difference between peaceful protesting about the merits of community reform of policing in order to reflect EQUAL JUSTICE, as opposed to large scale and sustained celebration of the constant violent looting and rioting we have seen, with the firing of commercial grade fireworks and incendiary devices at the police, and ongoing regular attempts to burn down government buildings and even just local community businesses, ostensibly in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

More and more of late, there are those within the Black Lives Matter movement who have begun to call this sick behavior out for the unAmerican, undemocratic conduct that it is, and specifically pointing out that such behavior does not reflect their cause by any means.

What has been conspicuously absent during all of this would be Biden’s and Harris’ consistent and loud REBUKE of much of such behavior. Where has that been? We have rarely heard any such rebuke of the violence…instead it has been portrayed as part of normal people’s reactions who are generally peacefully protesting.

That is of course complete and total horse sh#t, and decent Americans of all shades of the political and socio-ethnic spectrum will not tolerate such horse sh#t this November.

Many Democrats, Green Party members, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans are being united right now around a common and growing passionate theme…an understanding that there isn’t anything about BOTH the Democratic party or the Republican party that is not corrupt and sold out to the GIANT CORPORATE ELITE and 1%.

We are realizing that a peaceful revolution is in fact needed, but not to support EITHER of those parties. Instead, it is time we REFORM not just the police, but the entire government with a new ‘WE the People’ party that understands the need for elected representatives who will not be bought or sold by Corporations, but who will return the political power to its rightful place, that being EQUALLY across all the beautiful ethnic working class diversity of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’…

Elected representatives who will protect our access to the American Dream by protecting and PRIORITIZING our mom and pop local community small businesses over corporations, and protect our personal livelihoods and our INDEPENDENT means of production in our local communities across our nation from being destroyed by monopoly corporations like Amazon and Walmart, etc.

This is the revolution that is coming, not a revolution of weak, fearful MASK WEARING servants of Jeff Bezos!

Connie Bryan

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