How Could You Resist "Satan" the Talking Snake?

How Could You Resist “Satan” the Talking Snake?

This is the third editorial in my “Bible Lies” series, detailing and exposing the specific lies, dishonesty, and false teachings found throughout the man-made scriptures of the King James Bible. Please also refer to “Bible Lies Volume’s One and Two”, where among other things I give the specific example of the verses immediately following John 3:16 that are always avoided by Christians, after they obsess over verse 16 to tell others they must convert.

The verses immediately following vs. 16 quote Jesus as adamantly saying he came to bring ‘condemnation’. So often Christians love to deny that hallmark of their belief, that being ‘condemnation’ of ALL other faiths. This scripture in John 3:17 and following has Jesus proudly proclaiming that he comes to bring condemnation.

But true unconditional love cannot ever condemn. Forgiveness cannot ever condemn. This is the cornerstone lie in the Bible. It is because men wrote the Bible, and fashioned what books and what message would be included in the Bible, to further their own religious designs on political and social control.

Here in volume three of my series on this topic, I will detail more scripture that exposes the man-made bigotry and hypocrisy replete throughout Judeo-Christian teaching in the Bible. To begin, I’d like to remind my readers that part of the clinical definition of mental illness is to be ‘delusional’. The definition of delusional is to have persistent false beliefs or thoughts and actions that are not based on reality.

Where do most Christians point to when they refer to Hell? Generally down toward the ground, right? What they don’t realize is they are pointing into outer space as the Earth is of course a round object, and you dig a hole deep enough you come out in China, as they say. Then the path you initially pointed in continues forever into outer space. Unless these individuals actually believe Hell and the ‘Devil’ are inside the earth?

Where do Christians conceive of Heaven? Generally they point up into the sky, right? So they are constantly conceiving of a being who lives in outer space in “Heaven”, and that is why they also teach that Jesus will return in the “End Times” riding a white horse from the clouds with an army of angels, trumpets blowing, etc., to ‘smite all the nations’.(Revelation 19:11 -16 ends by detailing this, and proudly reveling in the wrath of God. But we know that unconditional love does not have “wrath” or “vengeance”) Is anyone going to try to tell me these are not very chronic persistent delusions? 

When you were a little child, you were not thought of as delusional because you believed in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. It was expected of you to believe in those fictional characters. But if when you grew up, you continued to believe in the Easter Bunny (I’ll let you have Santa until you are at least 40, just to be fair) you are going to be seen as mentally ill very quickly.

How is this any different than believing in the population of mankind being from Adam and Eve, which would require Adam and Eve having incest with their children, and likewise their children doing the same with each other, etc. 


How is believing in the Easter Bunny after you grow up any more delusional than believing in an evil ‘talking snake’ that ‘tempted’ Eve in the Garden of Eden.(Genesis 3:1 has the crafty snake talking to Eve to make her ‘sin’) How is it any different than believing the man was God’s first priority, and after creating him, as an afterthought, created his ‘help mate’ from Adam’s ‘rib’? (Genesis 2:22 has Adam saying “She shall be called ‘woman’ because she was ‘taken out of man’ “)

I could list many more, but let’s just add one more obvious example. How is believing in the Easter Bunny any more of a mentally ill delusion than believing that Noah built a boat big enough to hold not just one of every animal on the earth, but a male and female of every species.

Even if you are delusional to a lesser degree to believe that God helped bring all the animals to him in a long double file line of columns of two, like children’s Bible story books depict, you might as well believe they could all fit in your bathtub as to believe a boat could hold them (Genesis 6:14-20 details this, and again proudly depicts the frequent vengeful wrath of God. Yet, elsewhere in the Bible, we are adamantly told to always turn the other cheek and to love unconditionally…We are told elsewhere in the Bible that God is LOVE, yet the Bible is full of constant references to God’s frequent wrath and vengeance. Unconditional love can have no element of vengeance or wrath) These are delusional beliefs of such monumental proportion, that they surpass the insanity of a 30 year old adult believing in an innocent Easter Bunny.

Let’s take a closer look at the degree of God’s vengeful wrath depicted in the so called “Holy Bible”. If you happen to have one, I would ask you to open your Bible to Joshua chapter 6, verse 20 – 24. There are many scriptures other than these that depict the “God of Love” ordering acts of genocide by the Jews when they conquered non-Jewish people. By genocide I mean the same thing Hitler did to the Jews, ironically. I mean an effort to destroy a mass population of people based on race, religion or creed.

This passage of ‘Holy Scripture’ is one of the most well known that showcases God ordaining such genocide in his name by the Jewish people. It details how Joshua led the battle of Jericho, and how after they breached the walls of a country they were attacking in the name of God, they proceeded to kill every living thing, man woman and child. But, they are allowed by God to keep all their valuable possessions of course, specifically their gold and silver. Does this sound familiar?…As in what Hitler and the Third Reich did with the valuables of the Jews they were exterminating?

All that I’ve already detailed is more than enough for any casual observer to see the religious bigotry and lies ever present in the Bible. But I would like to detail one more horrible example of the supposed “wrath” of a vengeful God depicted in the story of Moses delivering “God’s Chosen People” from Egypt.

But first, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the obvious in regard to this cornerstone teaching of the Old Testament that the Jews were God’s “Chosen People”.(2 Samuel 7:23-24 just one of countless examples; also Exodus 3:7 one of many in the book of Exodus alone)

Who wrote the Old Testament? The answer of course is, THE JEWS. Is it therefore any surprise how such a sick teaching was included in the “Holy Scriptures” that the Jews were supposedly singled out and ‘chosen’ as God’s personally preferred race of people? We know that anyone who believes their race is “elite” to others is definitely delusional, and at a minimum a very sick racist. After all, this very thinking of being the ‘chosen people of God’ is the hallmark of white supremists and the Ku Klux Klan. It was also the hallmark of Hitler and the Third Reich, ironically.

But all throughout the Old Testament, the Jews are given this elite designation as being the preferred race of God’s creation…”God’s Chosen People”. This is one of the sickest lies in the Bible, and it is also one of the best examples of how the Bible is completely flawed and designed by men with political agendas and motivation.

Now let’s take a good close look at something most priests and pastors love to gloss over, that being the horribly monstrous depiction of God, ordering the mass killing of first born children of the Egyptians just to ‘demonstrate his power and anger’. This is of course found in the book of Exodus, the popular Sunday School story taught to children about Moses delivering the Jews from Egypt.

The story unfolds over the course of a few chapters (Exodus Chapters 3 through 12) in which as most people know, God unleashes several punishing plagues upon the Egyptians. Most Christians conveniently avoid giving much attention to the final ‘plague’. At the very beginning of the story, God is quoted as telling Moses he is going to “harden Pharoah’s heart” so he won’t let the Jews go, “that I may lay my hand upon Egypt”, and “multiply my signs and wonders”.

Now, if God just simply wanted to put on a show with signs and wonders, that would be innocent enough, and would likely be very effective in causing mass conversion to a belief in him, wouldn’t it? But that isn’t the kind of ‘signs and wonders’ that is being referred to here. READ ON!

Most priests and pastors avoid like the plague (pun intended) what I’m going to shine a spotlight on here. Amazingly, and not just once, but over and over, the scripture states that God HARDENED Pharoah’s heart (Pharoah being the ruler or King of Egypt), meaning God took away Pharoah’s free will to let the people go, and CAUSED him to harden his heart and not let them go. Look at Chapter 7:3 “I will harden Pharoah’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt”. Then repeatedly in chapter 7:13, and again in chapter 9:7, and again in Chapter 10:1, and again in Chapter 10:20, and again in Chapter 10:27, and yet AGAIN in Chapter 11:10.

Take special note of chapter 10:16 where Pharoah begs for forgiveness from God, and then in verse 20 God says that he hardened Pharoah’s heart, so it is clear over and over that God is turning Pharoah into his personal puppet act, outside of Pharoah’s free will. But wait, the Bible supposedly always says man has free will, so how could we have such a major example of God taking that away, in order to demonstrate his temper which ultimately involves the mass killing of babies and children in chapter11:4-5 and chapter 12:29.

Exodus chapter 11, verses 4 and 5 have Moses describing the last of the ‘signs and wonders’ God wished to display to Egypt, saying that God has commanded that all the firstborn children in the land of Egypt shall die. This is as a result of Pharoah not letting the Jews go…but wait, there’s that thing about God ‘hardening Pharoah’s heart’, changing his mind so God could get to this final ‘plague’.


Then Exodus chapter 12, verses 29 and 30 detail the mass killing of Egyptian children by God as his final act of ‘signs and wonders’: “And it came to pass that at midnight, the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharoah that sat on his throne to the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon…and there was a great cry in Egypt, for there was not a house where there was not one dead.”

To this day, Jews consider this one of their most sacred religious days on the calendar, that being “Passover”. Passover refers to how the spirit of God ‘passed over’ the Jews in killing all the Egyptians first born children as God’s “grand finale” of his “signs and wonders” he wished to display. (Exodus 12:26-27 details that God passed over the Jewish households to kill the firstborn of the Egyptians)

Christians and Jews alike, who teach these and other similar stories to their children, should be ashamed of themselves. This is one of the first stories children learn. But like I said, often the emphasis is of course taken away from the final plague that God wanted to get to in his display of vengeance. Even if one could argue that a Charles Bronson-esque “Deathwish” vengeance was in order, how can one justify God’s desire to kill innocent firstborn children to accomplish it? What did they have to do with Pharoah not letting the Jews go? For that matter, WHAT DID PHAROAH HAVE TO DO WITH IT? Absolutely NOTHING, as repeated over and over…God chose to keep him from letting them go, so he could act in such a monstrous manner.

This story alone should be all one needs to see the lies and man-made bigotry ever present in the Bible that does not reflect true Divinity and spirituality whatsoever. This story is not reflecting God’s actions. It is an outright lie in an attempt by the men who wrote it to scare the masses with a monstrous image of God that favored their race of people.

We need to do a better job of raising awareness of these lies and false teachings, because they are at the root of what is standing in the way of bringing peace and harmony to our planet. The divisions, condemnation and religious bigotry held by billions as a result of those false teachings in both the Bible and the Koran are keeping mankind from understanding TRUE SPIRITUALITY. We are unable to achieve peace on this planet until we learn that true spirituality is the knowledge that we are all a part of what God is, and we are all connected and depend on one another…and that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS can have NO VENGEANCE, HATE and CONDEMNATION.

Connie Bryan