Do you want to know what causes all the serious problems, sickness, disease, violence and misery in life for people? In a nutshell it is an overall lack of love toward others. For example, the tendency of many to say “F&#K You!” (even if it was under their breath) when someone cuts them off in traffic is a widespread and common part of people’s daily routines. And yet it is literally a sort of curse or negative wish/intention toward the other person. In our society, we think we are so exceptional and progressive among all civilization on the planet, but we routinely treat even our neighbors in traffic like members of a warring tribe!

Conversely, do you want to know what brings harmony, health, happiness and peace in life for people? A daily awareness that your function…your purpose here is to create heaven on earth by being the “love of God” that others need. Your purpose is to be the love and strength of God for others, because you are a part of what God is.

To be very frank, Christianity and Islam have lied and denied people that awareness for untold centuries. The only real spiritual truth that has the power to bring peace on earth is that God’s love and forgiveness are not “proprietary” to one religion that “owns” the only way to receive it.

Ironically, the Big Three Religions have caused the problem in brainwashing the masses with guilt and fear, teaching them the opposite – that you are separate from what is holy and Divine, subject to being damned to an eternal torment because your nature is so bad. This has been the root cause of more wars and genocide than any other reason in man’s history…and all inexcusably in the name of “God”.

When you are conditioned to believe you are bad and sinful, the result is that you begin to think you are. When you think you are, you begin to think OTHERS are. When you begin to think others are, you have a human tendency to see them as worse than you much of the time, and this is a destructive and dangerous slippery slope that takes you farther and farther away from a mindset of love and forgiveness for others.

And yet, that is where “Heaven” waits for you. Heaven is not a celestial destination in the sky where some external savior will take you to someday. Hell is not some horrible realm of burning torment in the middle of the earth where some external God might condemn you to someday.

You CREATE Heaven or Hell right here and now. Your mind has the power to create your reality, and here is the amazing truth: You are creating it now, you just haven’t realized you are responsible for the reality you are creating.

Instead of accepting their responsibility to set the right example and create holy and healthy lives REGARDLESS of specific religious doctrine, people opt for very common “cop outs”, including doing “recreational” drugs, abusing alcohol, and engaging in frequent casual sex as though their bodies were nothing more than a cheap carnival ride at the fair. Many more choose the drug of religion often referred to as the “opiate of the masses”, which is the cop out of adopting a belief that all others are deserving of damnation if they don’t share their specific “faith”. Many others simply choose, apart from any religious dogma, to remain in an overall negative or angry mindset that is committed to a lack of love and forgiveness toward the world.

What is Heaven and Hell really? Heaven is healing, and Hell is a lack of healing. Heaven is contentment and happiness. Hell is misery and misplaced anger (there is a time for righteous anger, but only in bringing correction in the name of love where someone is trying to stand in the way, like in the Civil Rights movement for but one quick example) Heaven is forgiveness. Hell is a belief in condemnation and revenge.

How many times do we see scriptures in the Bible portraying God as reveling and enjoying partaking in revenge and condemning others, beginning with his vengeful treatment of Adam and Eve when they made their mistake in the mythical story of the Garden of Eden? We find endless passages where God is craving vengeance and calling for the genocide of entire populations of those who were not of the Tribe of Israel.

This is not God, this is a falsified God…a God created in the image of hateful men’s mindsets, who were creating Hell themselves, and calling it “holy behavior”. There is nothing holy about such behavior. Christians I have asked about this often respond saying that God has the right to change his behavior from loving to condemning at his whim. It doesn’t get much more absurd than to make such an assertion, while all the rest of the time you are teaching that God is love.

Scripture in the Bible also says God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. But the Bible’s endless acts of vengeance and genocide ordered by God (Josh. Chapter 6 for one of countless examples) shows otherwise. Again, this is because this is not true spirituality…this is not what God is. The Bible and the Koran both are full of a hateful man-made effort to create God in a false man-made image, not the other way around.

The important thing to remember in this experience we call life is that this experience is not a “precursor” to eternity. The Big Three Religions generally leave most people to believe that is the case, that this experience is somehow “outside” of eternity, and eternity begins when God lets you into Heaven or condemns you to Hell.

This is one of the biggest lies of the church to keep you in fear and subservient to their sick man-made, fear based system. (Talk about a corrupt Big Business! Follow the money on that one to understand what they have to lose as the masses finally awaken to real spiritual truth) On the contrary, you are in eternity NOW. Now is what eternity is. There is no such thing as the future. The future is only an eternally changing “NOW”. As a part of God, you have the power of God to create, and to do so for eternity.

The critical thing to remember is, once you do realize your holy purpose is to be the love and strength that your fellow brothers and sisters need, just like you need it from them, you will begin to create HEAVEN and healing for yourself in your eternal “now”. You will begin to create what I call “Highest Wisdom” that your Higher Self intends for your ultimate joy and best interest.

However, most people create the opposite for themselves. They create an eternal Hell in their eternal “now”. They are unable to heal themselves or heal others. They are still “creating”, but what they are creating is an endless stream of misery in their lives. They don’t want to admit it, but they feel more and more like they are trapped in a prison, not able to be themselves and find the power that true spirituality holds for them.

This is sadly because they have been sold the lie by organized religion that they are sinful, and that subsequently everyone else is sinful and deserving of damnation, and that they are separate from what God is, etc. This results in a mindset that at the very minimum, if it does think of love, thinks of it only CONDITIONALLY toward others.

In other words, Christians and Muslims would say they believe in forgiveness and love, but come judgment day the “external God” they believe in will only love and forgive those who believe the way they believe about God. But that is not love. Love NEVER CONDEMNS. Forgiveness also cannot condemn. It can only forgive, unconditionally.

Beliefs of condemnation only come from ignorant man made thoughts as described above…ironically from man “creating an external God in their ignorant image” instead of “God creating man in His image”. Think about it, if you are created by God in God’s image, how could God create something that has an “evil nature”? That is absurd on its face!

Sure you have free will, and sure you will make mistakes with your free will, but you are a creation of what is Holy, so your mistakes aren’t “evil” they are merely mistakes that are there for you to learn from, as your purpose is to eternally create Heaven by being the “love and strength of God that others need”.

As the helpful book “A Course In Miracles” teaches, “God is the mind with which we think.” In other words, your holy mind IS the kingdom of Heaven. When you refuse to recognize this critical spiritual truth which is hidden by Christianity, Judaism and Islam, you will still eternally create. It’s just what you create is misery and lack of healing for yourself and others around you.

In closing, keep in mind that eternity is constant creative change. Remember that you are already in eternity, and now is all that eternity is. But “now” is eternally changing, forever. Any “future now” is only determined by this “present now”. Eternity is only this present moment. In other words, we are forever creating and changing with our minds.

So the way you fix everything in your life…the way you begin to create Heaven and healing in your life and others, is by rejecting any belief that anyone deserves condemnation, by giving unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone, not just those who are of a certain “faith”, and waking up to your “holy oneness” with what God is.

This is what we mean when we talk about the power of love to change everything. As you are in eternity now, and as eternity is constant change, it can be healing change, or it can remain the opposite as it currently is for most. Unconditional love is the power that changes your “now” into Heaven for eternity, and gives you the real power to be the “love and strength of God” that others need, just as you need that from them.

There is no “savior” coming on a cloud or riding on a white horse in the sky to save you someday. That is just another convenient cop out to avoid your own responsibility now, as a part of what God is, to create the change that is needed yourself. The “savior from the sky” is yet another false teaching by the church to keep you from understanding real spiritual truth, that being your responsibility as a part of what God is, to create Heaven in the now, along with your WIDELY DIVERSE spiritual brothers and sisters here with you in this experience.

Here is the truth: WE “SAVE” ONE ANOTHER. That is our purpose here, and that is your specific purpose here, EVERY DAY. We do have a commission. But our true “Great Commission” is not found in the Book of Acts in the Bible telling us to “Go tell the world they must believe one way or else they will burn in Hell for eternity to satisfy God’s vengeance.”

Our “Great Commission” is to be the UNCONDITIONAL love and strength of God that others need, just as we need from them, because we are all brothers and sisters in God, in ALL our DIVERSITY. If you meditate on these things I am telling you, they will resonate with truth in your heart, and you will at long last begin to experience powerful miracles and change in your eternal “now”.

It will begin to feel like you are no longer swimming against the current as you recognize you are part of what God is, and you have an obligation to eternally create Heaven with love here and now for everyone. Right now, the majority don’t even realize that they are eternally creating Hell with their minds.

Sadly, the Big Three Religions are the largest contributors to that, primarily because of their teachings that you are “separate” from what God is, and their belief in condemnation toward differing faiths.

Connie Bryan
Connie Bryan is a freelance editorial writer in Sacramento, CA