Former Talk Radio Personality/Current Host of “The Connie Bryan Show”
Channel 17 Access Sacramento

If you haven’t heard how ridiculous it is getting, the Pakistani ‘Railway Minister’, a high ranking cabinet member in that country, recently initiated a “FATWA” (Muslim equivalent of a mafia ‘hit’) calling for the assassination of the producer of the recent offensive anti-Muslim Youtube film that has led to Muslim protests, rioting and killings of Americans worldwide, including our ambassador in Libya. The Minister even specifically called on Al Qaeda to carry out his fatwa if possible.

We absolutely DO NEED to talk about the pressing question of what to do to get Muslims to stop being retarded with their religious beliefs. What we absolutely DO NOT NEED is to behave even more retarded by taking to the public airwaves, broadcasting to the masses that now is the time for everyone to make their own offensive anti-Muhammed film and post them to Al-Jazeera.

Yes, believe it or not, that actually happened on the Armstrong and Getty Show Monday, Sept.24, 2012, on Sacramento’s Clear Channel radio station KSTE. Host Jack Armstrong showed he is apparently even more mentally challenged than the Muslim, mouth breathing morons who believe “Allah” wants them to kill anyone who makes fun of the prophet Muhammed. Armstrong decided (presumably for ratings) that he would initiate his own brand of Clear Channel “fatwa”, calling on and encouraging all Americans to make their own offensive anti-Muhammed Youtube videos and post them to the internet.

I listened to the show that day and heard him even follow up with the question, “Then what are they (Muslims) gonna do?” After which he answered his own question with words paraphrasing to the effect: ‘They are gonna do whatever they’re gonna do (the context clearly being he understood that likely will involve more retaliation killing)… ‘and then we’re gonna kill them and that will be that’.

So Mr. Armstrong, knowing the killings that already sadly occurred as a result of the first offensive Youtube video, broadcasts an appeal to his listeners to make and post to the internet many more of the exact same type of videos. Then after calling for that to happen, immediately admits that he understands the result will likely be a lot more killing. Later in the show he made a related comment on the same topic with words to the effect: Let’s get it on!

As soon as I heard Armstrong make these comments, as a former talk radio personality myself, I couldn’t believe the degree to which they were irresponsible. Not because I have even so much as an ounce of sympathy toward Muslims on this topic. I see their extremist beliefs as needing to be exposed for the epitome of bigotry, hate, sickness and learned mental illness that they are.

I’m a strong supporter of our country’s efforts to kill religious terrorists in whatever form they may manifest, and it is nothing short of religious terrorism to kill Americans because someone made a video that makes fun of your prophet. Free speech protects OFFENSIVE speech, not just popular speech. And you are a Muslim terrorist sympathizer if you quietly give your tacit approval behind the scenes by not denouncing such retarded behavior.I strongly support our methods to militarily engage such Muslim extremists/terrorists and sympathizers in the middle east wherever they try to hide.

That said, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows better than to take a chainsaw to a hornets nest! The reason you don’t take a chainsaw to the nest is not because you RESPECT the hornets and want the nest to remain there undisturbed in perpetuity. It’s because there are safer ways to deal with it, and you’d like to avoid getting stung a hundred times more than if you had not tried to AGITATE the hornets in the meantime.This is a good, simple methaphor for Jack Armstrong to understand, as he has periodically shared on the program that he has a dangerous, potentially fatal allergic reaction to bee and wasp stings, requiring a shot of epinephrine and/or immediate emergency medical attention.

We need to engage in a very loud international conversation on the strange LACK of loud repudiation by the majority of the Muslim population, which is estimated at approximately 1.5 BILLION world wide. Yes there were a few protests in Libya against the killings following the murder of our American ambassador and others at the embassy there, but that pales in comparison to the overall worldwide population of Muslims, and their relative conspicuous silence in the wake of the riots and killings over something so meaningless as a childish amateur youtube video.

The only thing more moronic and irresponsible is a loud radio DJ, seeing such dangerously off balance, mentally unstable religious extremist behavior, and then desperately trying to get attention by encouraging more of the same! Unfortunately Jack, a shot of epinephrine can’t help victims who may get “stung” from the angry hornet’s nest you advocated striking repeatedly.