Let me approach this question I posed by pointing out that a lot of people have a completely false understanding of the term ‘Yin and Yang’. The first example they falsely come up with for it is ‘good’ verses ‘evil’. But this is due to the many false teachings they’ve been brainwashed with by organized religion.

The Yin and the Yang have absolutely nothing to do with ‘good’ verses ‘evil’…They have less to do with ‘opposites’, and everything to do with ‘BALANCE’… They are the balancing, complimentary aspects of the universe that can sometimes seem to be ‘opposites’, but are all a part of us…all a part of all that is good…the balance that brings harmony.

Here are but a few examples, ending with the most important one…”Male” and “Female”…”Day” and “Night”…”Hot” and “Cold”…”Happy” and “Sad”…And, as I mentioned, the most important to understand of all…”The Physical” and “The Spiritual”.

We have a very ugly and selfish, unhealthy and elitist culture in America growing like a tumor by the day, as evidenced by both the growing drug culture as well as the mass ignorance that is responsible for perverting the highest office of our country with the disgraceful likes of Donald Trump…and this having been done largely by those who claim to be following “God’s will”.

It is obvious that the majority have lost sight of what has real value and real meaning, in pursuit of selfish and material obsessions, all while putting on a daily facade of being ‘Catholics’ or ‘Evangelicals’ or ‘Jews’ or ‘Muslims’ or ‘Mormons’, etc. etc. etc.

But understanding the most important example of the “Yin and Yang” is what keeps the rest of us focused on bringing healing to this sick culture that needs that healing so bad right now.

That is the understanding that we are NOT DIVIDED in ANY way with such religious dogma attached to those religions and denominations listed above…Here in the ‘physical’, we are all one with the ‘spiritual’ EVEN NOW.  This most important example of Yin and Yang shows us that there is NO SEPARATION between us and what we refer to as “God”…In other words, there is no division or separation between what we are NOW in the physical, and what is SPIRITUAL and DIVINE…

We are ALL HOLY FAMILY…Those of you who embrace religious doctrine that teaches otherwise are part of the cancer here that the rest of us are going to heal, whether you understand that at the moment or not. Most of you who don’t understand that are completely responsible for this national disgrace we are in the process of healing at present.

We are going to heal it, at least in the upcoming 2018 midterms, and along with the help of Special Prosecutor Mueller’s major findings that will be forthcoming against Trump for his massive corrupt activities, not to mention impeachment proceedings which likely will begin happening after those midterms and before Mueller’s criminal proceedings finish.

What really matters is integrity and moral conviction, rooted not in dogmatic religious morals so polluted by man-made elitism, bigotry and division, but rooted in “The Golden Rule”…meaning HUMAN VALUES and real SPIRITUAL LOVE. Organized religion is the number one polluter of that correct understanding, and the primary cause that has kept humanity divided.

The Yin and the Yang is the beautiful spiritual lesson of love and harmony that reminds us that “Black” and “White”…”Red”, “Brown” and “Yellow”…and all colors of the rainbow are not SEPARATE or OPPOSITE from each other, but are all a ‘HOLY FAMILY’ of colors, united in the universe as a part of “Creation”…as a PART of what is Divine. (Divinity EQUALS Diversity).

What really matters? Where is your focus and your attention? Where are your values? Time here in the physical is short. Are you being a ‘conforming sheep’ to the man made teachings of religion that divide falsely in the name of “God”? Are you supporting such man-made lies, because it is popular to do so with those you are conforming alongside, who share such divided and elitist beliefs from their religion?

Are you willing to speak out and let your voice be heard in bringing the healing I am speaking of? Or are you part of the problem by either keeping silent when you could speak, or holding a belief that you are somehow superior in your beliefs, or somehow more deserving than immigrants of the blessings you are enjoying here in the U.S.?

Spiritual truth is not found in organized religion as a rule. Christianity, Islam, Judaism…all of the ‘Big Three’ religions at their fundamental core teach DIVISION in the name of God…they teach the OPPOSITE of the most important spiritual truth there is, as I have described above with the Yin and the Yang teaching…

The ‘Big Three’ religions fundamentally teach the lie that “God” is some entity who is SEPARATE from you, arbitrarily waiting to either ‘save’ or ‘condemn’ you based on whether you believe their divisive preferred dogma…That is man-made bigotry masquerading as “Gospel”.

Spiritual truth is this…There is NO CONDEMNATION in LOVE.

Love cannot condemn. What those man-made institutions are brainwashing the masses with is ‘CONDITIONAL LOVE’, not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is a perversion of the word ‘love’ by using it as a weapon, and making it only available ‘on condition’…

And by the way, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how people could be so sick as to believe in a “God” that needs to have a ‘blood lust’ satisfied with either animal or human blood sacrifice (i.e. the crucifixion)?

People are quick to call any such reference to human or animal sacrifice as a ‘cult’ or ‘Satanic’, but they deny to themselves that such a sick practice is at the fundamental foundation of their very sick Christian, Jewish or Islamic beliefs.

That is not what “God” is…that is a very ignorant and sick perversion by very sick men who used fear based dogma to control the masses. It is time to wake up from this ugly man-made cause of so much violence, genocide, pedophilia and demeaning of women in various ways, all in the name of “God” over thousands of years.

What really matters is seeing others as just as much an EQUAL PART of what “God” is as you are…and your obligation to be the love and the healing of God that others need.

That universal healing and love is part of the Yin and Yang, and it is your ONLY purpose here. You’re purpose here is not to be a ‘conforming sheep’, but to bring healing and correction to the harmful, divisive ignorance and religious bigotry shamefully masquerading as “God’s Word”.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her blog and website at www.conniebryan.com)