ConnieHdshtSmallFile1The only thing that matters in this world, the only thing we need to be seeking that has real value, is to fulfill our purpose in Highest Wisdom. Our purpose is to BE the love and the healing of God that others need, and this is not limited to any one religion…As a matter of fact, religion (especially Christianity and Islam) teach the opposite man-made teaching which is only impeding the understanding needed for world healing and peace.

The first thing to understand in trying to bring healing to your life and to others is this: Your thoughts create your reality. Why is that?

Because “thought” is the fundamental nature of reality and consciousness. “Consciousness” is what science can’t explain. But what scientists don’t stop to realize is that consciousness is what brought about “science”, this universe and the “Big Bang” in the first place. We are all a part of that “conscious decision” to create this universe, and we are all eternally taking part in the “creative design” of our reality, period.

So, hopefully that will help you understand why your thoughts create your reality. We are not our physical bodies, within which science is obsessed with trying to locate the origin of consciousness on a micro-biological level. What we are is “thought”. In other words, you are your mind, and your mind is not your physical brain in your body. Your body will always answer to you mind, not the other way around.

Your mind is not on the physical plane of existence…it is eternal and like I said above, it is a part of the creation of everything…What we are is spiritual consciousness, inhabiting a physical body temporarily in this physical adventure we call life on earth. Understand, we are in eternity presently…”Now” is all there is, and therefore now is actually eternity. When you are thinking about the past or the future, you are thinking about something that never exists.

The reason so many have a lot of negative experiences in their lives is because they haven’t learned these things I am sharing. Sadly, and largely due to the fraudulent teachings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, among others, they have been conditioned to believe that what they are is a sinful, fragile physical body, separate and apart from what “God” is.

As long as one thinks that their identity is a fragile body…that the body is what they are, their thoughts will inevitably create that very thing: fragility, sickness and negativity.

Identifying oneself as completely dependent on the body generally results in a significant lack of health in one’s life. This is only because in doing so, you are not recognizing the spiritual truth of what you really are: A powerful “spiritual consciousness”, and as such an eternal part of what God is here and now. That is what we all are.

I’ve used this helpful analogy before that came to me in meditation, and I will share it again with you here…Think of your body as just an external “light bulb”. What you are is not that light bulb, but what you are is the eternal ENERGY of conscious thought that brings light to the light bulb…that gives the light bulb PURPOSE in this world!

Your eternal energy fulfills the body’s purpose and gives it meaning while temporarily on this physical plane of existence, just like electricity does for a light bulb. At the point that the light bulb filament breaks, does the energy/electricity that it was conducting also die? Of course not…energy is eternal. It rejoins the universe until the next adventure that it brings purpose and consciousness to.

We first have to understand these things about what we are, and that we are not our physical bodies, in order to be able to be the love and healing of God that is our purpose here. It is up to each of us to create heaven on earth, and organized religion is the main thing that is preventing this. Organized religion teaches the lie crafted by ignorance of man over thousands of years ago, that we are separate from what God is, and that we are just physical bodies, etc.

Now, when you begin to understand that what you are is thought, and that your thoughts create your reality, don’t worry of fear that an occasional negative thought is going to bring you sickness and all sorts of negative consequences. It is the overwhelming consistency of negative thinking that results in an unhealthy life full of unnecessary misery, suffering and unrealized dreams.

We all have occasional negative thoughts, but the key is to practice rebuking them when we experience them. One must learn to control one’s thoughts with daily effort, and between the lies of organized religion when combined with all the unhealthy messages in social media, one constantly is tempted to focus daily on the negative.

The problem is, when we get into that habit of focusing on the negative, we get addicted to it, so to speak, and we don’t even realize it…we don’t realize that we are craving negative thoughts, instead of fulfilling our HOLY purpose of being the love and healing of God that others need.

It isn’t the “devil” or “Satan” doing this to us…it is just ignorance as taught to us ironically first and foremost by the CHURCH of all things. The church teaches you the opposite, that you are a sinful physical creature, separate from what God is, and subject to being damned by God, etc.

When one is taught such a fraudulent lie, one can’t help but to get into the habit of being addicted to negative, unloving thoughts, not just about ourselves but especially toward others in the world around us. That is where all your problems and suffering are born.

What is the biggest, most negative and unloving “problem thought” that people engage in, and that they hold on to like a security blanket, resulting in serious health issues and negativity in their physical lives?

It is a lack of FORGIVENESS of others. Since what we are is thought, that is the first thing that you have to change in your thinking. The most important thing you have to do to find the healing power that you have in your life, is to decide that all things are forgiven.

If you are holding on to ANY resentment and lack of forgiveness of others, whether they be friends who betrayed you, or family members who hurt or betrayed you, a spouse who deeply hurt you, etc…You have to forgive them. Holding grudges is the biggest area that causes physical health issues, negativity and problems in your life. Holding on to negativity and ill wishes only creates more of it in your life.

This is exactly what Christianity and Islam does…They both teach fundamentally that there are only a select “chosen group” that will be “saved” and they teach their followers to see all those who don’t accept their beliefs as being condemned by God to eternal damnation in Hell, etc. To believe that others who believe differently than you are condemned by God for their diversity is nothing but a complete lack of forgiveness toward one’s diverse spiritual brothers and sisters.

This is the uncomfortable but critical universal conversation we all need to be having on earth at this time. With the geo-political dangers we face with terrorism and nuclear weapons technology, and more specifically with the BILLIONS of both Christians and Muslims who believe there “NEEDS TO BE” an Armegeddon or “end times” world wide holocaust event in order to bring on the “savior”, etc…
With humanity at such a crossroads, this is the uncomfortable, unpopular conversation we need to have that is LONG OVERDUE.

It is the only thing that can bring healing to humanity, and it is the only thing that can change and stop that crazy militant and violent behavior by Islamic extremists who are simply acting out what is taught in the man made lies of the Koran.

To begin this universal conversation, I ask you to join me in taking just a minute or two at least one time each day in meditating on BEING the love and healing of God that others need. I ask each of those who read this to help me by at least once a day, meditating a minute or two on forgiving all those who have hurt you…

Take a minute to say that you want to be the love and healing of God that everyone needs during your day’s activities, and then remember occasionally during your day, when you see others in your daily activities, especially if they show signs of needing specific healing, to again repeat that intention in your mind, that you want to be the love and healing of God that they need according to Highest Wisdom for them. Join me in doing so each day, and watch the healing power that begins to flood into your life.

Spiritual truth is unconditional love and forgiveness. Christianity and Islam teach the opposite, a totally “CONDITIONAL” love and forgiveness. It is not unconditional…it is totally conditional on believing only their teachings, or else you are seen by them as condemned and damned by God. If you call yourself a Christian or a Muslim and you deny this is true, you are lying to yourself and have not read the Bible or the Koran you claim to believe in. They are both replete with verses that state this fact. It is the bedrock and cornerstone fundamental teaching of both the Bible and the Koran.

Such a teaching and belief is the epitome of a lack of forgiveness and a lack of love, and this is why we have all the sickness, violence, war and severe social problems on this planet to date. It is because we are avoiding having this critical spiritual conversation I am describing here. It is time we stopped avoiding what is necessary to heal ourselves, and reckon with the lies about spirituality fraudulently taught by organized religion over thousands of years.

But this takes giving a damn and being willing to take your mind off of your IPhone, favorite “app” or computer game, etc. and begin focusing more and more on your spiritual responsibility, that being to be the love and healing of God that others need, irrespective of all “religion”, and to do so unconditionally.

If you will try this with me, at least once a day, you will be amazed at the amount of healing, spiritual direction and fulfillment of dreams you begin to experience not only in your own life, but in the lives of others around you that you seek to bless.

The definition of SALVATION is recognizing that we are not our physical bodies, and that our nature is not “sinful”…it is recognizing that we are all an eternal HOLY part of what God is, and as spiritual brothers and sisters, we SAVE EACH OTHER with unconditional love.

Connie Bryan
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