America’s calling was to be a great SHINING LIGHT OF EQUALITY and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOOM…Hence the gift our nation received from France, of the majestic ‘Statue of Liberty’ and her shining flame she holds up so proudly in the New York harbor. That is the flame of EQUALITY and LIBERTY that our nation ‘OSTENSIBLY’ stands for.

But we know our nation has NOT lived up to that calling, largely from the Right, often due to the mass hypocrisy of those who, while they loved to refer to themselves as patriots, did not believe in equality of mankind.

They believed in liberty for THEIR kind – whether it be for their Caucasian race or their Christian belief system – but certainly not EQUALITY FOR ALL…’GOOD GOD, EQUALITY FOR ALL?? DON’T BE PREPOSTEROUS!’ they would say behind closed doors among their like-minded Conservatives at their country clubs or their Baptist church covered dish suppers, etc.

And that my friends, is EXACTLY at the root of how we ended up right here where we are TODAY, facing this huge threat to our free republic’s future, because of the number of Conservatives like that who willfully refused to listen to many, many voices like mine over the last 30 years, as many of us have been aggressively speaking out for real patriotic REFORM to stop that massive hypocrisy that has been polluting our nation’s TRUE CALLING of equality and liberty for all.

Now what I am about to say, I want you to understand that I say it AS A PATRIOT… I say it as a veteran of the Armed Forces, and as a ‘TRADITIONAL LIBERAL’ DEMOCRAT, who sees right now that Americans have NO CHOICE but to support Republicans and Conservatives on the Right, in the face of this existential threat that has arisen from WITHIN our nation!

It has sadly arisen from within our nation with the successful HI-JACKING of the Democratic party by global corporations aligned with Communist China…But not even like terrorists forcibly hi-jacking a plane, it’s like the Democratic party INVITED them on board and TAUGHT THEM HOW TO FLY THE DEMOCRATIC PLANE…

And just like with the 9/11 hi-jackers, the Global Corporations aligned with China told them when it came time to learn how to ‘LAND’ the Democrat party plane, they said, “Yeah, no thanks, we don’t care about learning how to LAND it”. (Which should have been a clue of what they had in store, right??)

If we are intellectually honest, we must face the truth that there has ironically been SO MUCH HYPOCRISY on the Conservative Right for SO LONG, that it has finally and IRONICALLY caused a SIMILARLY HYPOCRITICAL mass rebellion by the younger generation, not just supporting traditional Liberal values that are strongly patriotic, but rebelling like the stereotype of a child of an evangelical preacher who rebels intentionally to a BI-POLAR, extreme level of becoming a DRUG DEALER or a ‘DEVIL WORSHIPPER’.

Today, with this present ‘coup’ attempt we are witnessing from the Left, we are now seeing the consequences…We are now seeing the fallout of hundreds of years of HYPOCRITICALLY CORRUPT, political, racist, homophobic and religious systemic bigotry, ROUTINELY practiced MORE from those who called themselves CONSERVATIVES than from anyone else…

And talk about the word ‘unsustainable’… Such a chronic level of corrupt hypocrisy could NEVER last without such a major ‘fallout’, just as we saw with our nation’s FIRST civil war.

That war was a similar result of the mass hypocrisy of the industry of human slavery perpetrated on African Americans, again entirely a result of this unconscionable, and utterly unsustainable level of mass hypocrisy largely emanating from the Right over the years.

This has resulted in a recoiling in anger from young people who a decade or so ago tried to deal with it more appropriately in demanding reform with their ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET’ grass roots movement. But the hypocrites of course refused to listen, were having nothing of any reform to threaten their ‘good ole boy’ system in America, and they succeeded in undermining the Occupy movement that was all about needed reform to live up to our nation’s ‘calling’ of equality and liberty for all.

Now, as a result, we are seeing the recoiling ‘on steroids’, to a dangerous extreme, that unknowingly to many of its participants on the Left, is being exploited by global powers who have the destruction of ‘The American Dream’ as their TOP AGENDA…

Unbeknownst to these angry radical ‘marxists’ in the Democratic party, they are COMPLETELY PLAYING INTO THE HANDS of the very inhumane ‘epitome of evil’ that ironically THEY THEMSELVES hypocritically like to claim they are ostensibly against, that being the TOTALITARIAN CORPORATE MONOPOLIES…i.e. BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA, BIG BANKS and un-American globalist corporations aligned with COMMUNIST CHINA, that seek to extinguish America’s SHINING LIGHT of liberty and personal independence!

Those global elites aligned with Communist China are EXPLOITING this radical, violent and ignorant ‘acting out’ from the Left, and our nation has never been in such danger as I said above, since our FIRST civil war. We are on the dangerous precipice of a SECOND one.

What is the ANSWER?

The answer is of course that ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ must rise up en masse from ALL political parties, and support the Republican party right now in doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to take our nation back from this Leftwing anti-American rebellion, a rebellion that while it was in fact fomented by such systemic, longstanding inexcusable hypocrisy and bigotry on the Right, it is being MASSIVELY EXPLOITED now by a COUP ATTEMPT, orchestrated by EVEN MORE NEFARIOUS GLOBAL POWERS, that are bent on bringing about THE END of America’s free independence, and an END to our shining light of liberty for all.

What these global powers that have hi-jacked the Democratic party want first and foremost, is NOT LIBERTY FOR ALL! That is the LAST thing they want. They want CONTROL FOR ALL! They want BIG TECH SURVEILLANCE FOR ALL!

America’s true calling, as I said above, was to be a symbol of freedom and self independence, not just for our nation, BUT FOR THE WORLD! Do you understand how much of a major threat that is to these global corporate elites, and to their nefarious ‘agenda of control’?

The LAST thing they want is for FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE to SPREAD TO THE WORLD!! That means masses and masses of humanity awakening to their own strong personal freedom and independence, and NOT BEING DEPENDENT on those elite global corporations aligned with China.

Understand this…THAT is, figuratively speaking, what they think is the REAL ‘PANDEMIC’ THREAT to THEIR CONTINUED ELITE EXISTENCE!! THAT is what they see as a TRUE ‘PANDEMIC’ THREAT to their sick plans for GLOBAL CORPORATE DOMINATION.

The freedom and self independence, and the equality of EVERY human being…what a BEAUTIFUL thing!! Oh no! THAT IS NOT what they believe! They see that as the ultimate DANGEROUS thing to their survival going forward.

That is what they see, again figuratively speaking, as a potential LETHAL WORLD WIDE INFECTION that they need to INNOCULATE AGAINST!! (There is a longstanding ‘eugenics’/ ‘population control’ / ‘re-setting/re-designing’ of humankind’ element behind their global agenda of control that is even more nefarious, which I will get more into at another time. )

Bottom line, they see America’s traditional and fundamental calling, that being our shining beacon of freedom and liberty FOR ALL, as the ONE THING left standing in their way to GLOBAL TECHNOCRACY and TOTAL CONTROL of mankind.

Listen to me… Here’s how they would CHANGE our ‘pledge of allegiance’ if this ignorant radical un-American rebellion were to succeed under Biden, who is a shill for these globalist corporations aligned with Communist China:


What a lot of you may not have heard, but that is critical for you to understand, is that China’s top generals have already been exposed for their open discussion within their country, in which they have repeatedly stated that they see themselves ALREADY at war with the United States on a cyber/psychological SUSTAINED LEVEL of aggression…

Communications by these top Chinese generals have been brought to light, where they have been saying that they prefer using that current method they have been using for some time now, that being an ‘information/propaganda war’ over a full on conventional ‘shooting war’ as it were.

But they have also been saying that they are CONFIDENT that if this ‘PSY-OPS’ infiltration method of America does not fully succeed, they believe they can easily prevail in a full on conventional war, due to what they perceive as a growing VULNERABLY WEAK and unhealthy nature of the American people.

You and I know that the MAJORITY of us are not weak natured. But we can now clearly see the shocking number of weak-minded sheep among us, mostly within what has become of the Democratic party. We can clearly see how they have sheepishly allowed themselves to be compromised by this ‘propaganda war’ from these globalist corporations partnered with China in an ongoing sustained brainwashing effort that we now see NON-STOP in the CORPORATE OWNED mainstream media.

Those weak-minded sheep have chosen to represent ‘We the Global Corporations’…

But ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ greatly outnumber their ‘sheep numbers’, and ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ are WOLVES!

We remember how we were raised to be STRONG and INDEPENDENT by our grandparents and our great grandparents, who if they were here today would SHAME many of you for your un-American weak SHEEPLIKE ACQUIESCENSE to this globalist threat to our nation!

So WE THE PEOPLE are now rising up to say we will not tolerate your WEAK, UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES, and your SHAMEFUL THREAT to America’s calling of freedom and liberty for all!

Now, most of my regular viewers know, but many new viewers don’t know my background… I’m prior law enforcement, and a veteran of the Armed Forces Security Police in the US Air Force…For over 20 years I have been aggressively sounding the alarm about this growing ‘CORPORATISM’ threat seeking to destroy independent small business and ‘the American Dream’.

I talked about it regularly on my daily talk radio show back in Florida in the late 90’s, I have written about it regularly in many articles on my editorial blog at, and I have and continue to discuss it regularly on my TV talk show ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ airing in 14 cable markets nationwide, including Washington D.C. (Actually now proud to say 15 markets, as the Shasta County/Redding, CA market just picked up my show today)

But many have ignorantly refused to listen to those warnings from people like myself and many others, because the SHEEP among us would rather remain ADDICTED to BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA for their addictive drugs, and AMAZON and WALMART for their cheap Chinese SHIT they addictively consume, instead of thinking about the destruction that causes to small business in all of our local communities across the nation.

And right now, this addiction and dumbing down of Americans is coming to a dangerous head.

If you have an OUNCE of patriotism in your soul, no matter what political party you may technically be a member of…If you have an OUNCE of patriotism in you at all, you are now standing with your brothers and sisters on the RIGHT within the Republican party, in taking our nation back from the attempt to destroy it, that is shockingly now coming from the Democratic party, which has shamefully ALIGNED ITSELF WITH this Global corporate agenda that is ALIGNED WITH COMMUNIST CHINA.

In closing, I never dreamed in a MILLION YEARS I’d find myself supporting Donald Trump, until this shocking corruption and existential threat to our nation revealed itself JUST THIS YEAR from the Democratic party.

The Democratic party IS NOT the Democratic Party ANYMORE! To put it in a nutshell, it has become the WESTERN EXTENSION of the “PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of GLOBAL CORPORATIONS AND CHINA”.

Donald Trump, despite his corrupt life-long ‘con-artist’ and dishonest, deceitful character that I could list here at length, has proven to ironically be the only candidate standing between preserving ‘The American Dream’ for WE THE PEOPLE’ or its complete destruction led by those Communist China aligned global corporate powers that have hi-jacked the Democratic party.

Though the mainstream ‘reality show media’ has worked overtime to hide the massive evidence of monumental election fraud, it is truly a massive amount of evidence coming to light. Now we have multiple state legislators holding hearings and exposing this powerful election fraud evidence, after partisan circuit courts and judges have shamefully dropped the ball on purpose.

Trump very likely can prevail in the coming weeks, as these swing states where the election fraud was most concentrated are largely Republican-controlled legislatures.

Already, a majority of Pennsylvania legislators, after hearing the monumental and striking degree of evidence presented before them, from eyewitnesses who signed affidavits and spoke to them IN PERSON…already they have announced a resolution to have their state legislators take over in selecting the state’s electoral college electors. That is huge!

Also, in recent UNPRECEDENTED move just a few days ago, the U.S. Supreme Court REASSIGNED its supervising justices over the key battleground states circuit and appeals courts! It placed four of the Conservative justices over those key battleground states, obviously in preparation for this to come to them for an ultimate decision.

This was all but IGNORED by the mainstream media…you had to go looking deep beyond CNN and MSNBC to find this powerful blockbuster news coming out of the Supreme Court. This is huge good news for Trump’s chances of overturning the fraudulent election results, and let me just add that the fact that the ‘reality show media’ is trying sooooo hard to keep this kind of truth from the American people only belies and showcases how afraid they are.

If they were confident and knew they hadn’t tried to steal the election for the Left, they’d have no problem covering all of this, they wouldn’t be constantly going dark on Trump’s comments about it, Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be CENSORING EVERYONE who tries to share election fraud facts.

No, if they had not all been complicit in this FRAUD and this COUP ATTEMPT to undermine our nation, they WOULD NOT BE ENGAGING IN SUCH UNAMERICAN BANNING OF FREE SPEECH!!

The fact that they are doing so in such a FRENZIED FASHION reveals their COMPLICITY behind this global agenda of control.

The good news is, WE THE PEOPLE have seen through that fraud and that corporate threat aligned with China…The good news is, the majority of us ARE NOT WEAK NATURED like China is hoping would ultimately be the case, and we are RISING UP TOGETHER NOW, AND TAKING OUR NATION BACK, despite this temporary insanity from the Democratic party that has placed our nation in such PERIL!

And as we protect our American calling and take our nation back, we must realize it is time for ETHICAL REFORM across the board, in order to live up to our American calling of LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL…

That means we have to DILIGENTLY elect new leaders who go through a careful ‘vetting’ process, and who will not only represent WE THE PEOPLE first and foremost, but who will also implement the desperately needed ETHICAL REFORMS to our democratic system, ETHICAL and EQUALITY BASED REFORMS to our nation’s police departments that I have seen firsthand are LONG OVERDUE for reform from their AGE OLD ‘good ole boy’ systems…


Not just for the elite few… Not just for our citizens…BUT THE SHINING BEACON OF LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY!

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, Ca…She is also the producer and host of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing in 15 cable markets nationwide including Wash D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at, and subscribe to her channel at and