A nation obsessed with right to bear arms must be JUST AS OBSESSED with morals and community values!

A nation obsessed with right to bear arms must be JUST AS OBSESSED with morals and community values!

The solution to mass shootings at schools and public places in America is NOT going to be passing new gun laws. And don’t forget, the numbers of innocent children killed from gun violence across the nation every WEEK is much higher than these more and more frequent mass shootings by mentally unstable psychopaths. Non-law abiding criminals will get guns, no matter how much we regulate them with laws.

The problem is we’ve grown numb and complacent to our nation’s corrupt, violent crime and drug culture. We only wake up to it when 20 kids are killed in one school on one day. Other than that, we love to watch it on television and at the movies. Our kids love to act it out, being killers in video games, pretending to violently shoot, rape and even dismember victims in their “game experience”.

The movies, television and music all consistently and aggressively depict recreational sex, drug and alcohol abuse as COOL. After such a mass shooting as Sandy Hook, CNN and FOX News compete to get closeups of parents who just found out their child was killed. They voraciously compete for interviews with kids asking them, “What was it like in there with the shooter?”…All for ratings and entertainment! What the hell is WRONG with us? We are devoid of morals to a degree unimaginable just a couple of decades ago.

Will a few new gun laws change this diseased culture of ours? Absolutely not. Do violent criminals have the ability to get a gun no matter how strict we make gun laws? Yes, absolutely they do. America’s love of guns has caused it to be impossible to remove guns from circulation to any degree that would affect the bad guys, and keep them from obtaining guns on the black market. So the trite expression, “Take away guns and only bad guys will have guns” was never truer.

Our forefathers had muskets, as that was the equivalent of the firearm the military carried. Today, the common ‘assault weapon’ owned by civilians under heavy criticism is the AR-15. It is the equivalent of what our military carries, which is called an M-4 (used to be called the M-16).

You would need such a firearm to defend yourself, your neighbor or members of your community in the event of an attack by experienced, violent criminals or terrorists. You can bet they will be armed with ‘assault rifles'(semi-automatic high powered caliber rifles that take an insertable ammo magazine holding as much as 10 or more rounds). Doesn’t it make sense for properly regulated, background-checked, responsible American citizens to be able to equally arm themselves for self protection against such a real and present threat?

Our nation was founded and created at the point of a gun. As hypocritically wrong as it was how we treated Native Americans and African Americans, ironically what balanced our historic “gun culture” in the days of old was our nation’s collective MORAL FIBER.

As I wrote before in my post after the recent Batman movie mass shooting in Colorado, a nation with such a love affair with guns MUST also have an even more committed love affair with morals and community values. Simply put, freedom without responsibility(or substitute the word ‘morality’) is anarchy. How does that relate to the mentally unstable mass shooters? It relates in a huge way, and I’m getting to that.

WE HAVE LOST OUR SENSE OF COMMUNITY in America. Our capitalist system that used to be based on ethics and morals has become only motivated by dishonest greed, which caused the recent global financial crisis, almost leading to a second Great Depression. Our government has become so corrupt many Americans, especially young people, think it’s a joke to vote because the ‘elected officials’ are sold out… only acting in the interest of the corrupt corporations and unions who “lobby” them. I put quotes around the word lobby because as we all know, the correct word is “BRIBE”.

The SOLUTION to our nation’s violent culture is not going to happen overnight, and it will require a “national renaissance”… a collective determination across ethnic lines to return to community values, ethics and morality in America…Not RELIGIOUS values, but CONSTITUTIONAL values that we used to be dedicated to as recently as the 1950’s. Now the cultural norm is, people treat other people in their own communities not as neighbors, but as members of a WARRING TRIBE!

And HERE is how this culture we now have in America relates to the issue of the mentally unstable individual on the edge, capable of carrying out a Sandy Hook or Columbine mass shooting:

Because consistently the profiles show they are the mistreated, awkward young male that is socially isolated, almost always bullied by those making fun of them in our current sick culture, they are more and more prone to being pushed over the edge as a result. Why are there such growing numbers of depressed young people in our culture? Because this sick, violent culture in our nation is by nature extremely depressing. If you as a normal, healthy and stable person turn on the news and don’t feel a little depressed every night, something is the matter with you. Imagine how it affects those not so mentally blessed as you.

(Continued…Please See Part Two)