It is important for you to remain vigilant to the fact that right now, the corrupt powers that be that we often refer to as ‘The Deep State’ or ‘The Globalist Elite’ are in major damage control with regard to what I have been reporting diligently on ‘The Connie Bryan Show’ (Avail ON DEMAND at & and now airing in 21 cable access markets nationwide)…

As many of my viewers and readers know, I have kept your eye on the ball as it were, about the monumental degree of evidence that has been revealed, showing the ‘Covid-19 virus’ was MAN-MADE, artificially created with dangerous ‘gain of function’ experimentation in the Wuhan Lab in China, and funded to the tune of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Health…This during a time span when such potentially deadly ‘gain of function’ research had been BANNED by order of the Obama administration!

Let me repeat to be crystal clear…More and more powerful evidence I have been and am currently revealing on my show is confirming that Covid-19 was INTENTIONALLY PLANNED ‘gain of function’…It was NOT a ‘naturally occurring’ pandemic in nature…

As such, Covid-19 was a massive crime against humanity in order to push Big Pharma’s toxic, harmful and deadly experimental MRNA gene therapy shots on the world public, which…

And this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT not to lose sight of…Which Big Pharma is already foaming at the mouth admitting they plan to use the same MRNA experimental gene therapy with many other planned ‘vaccines’(remember they are NOT ‘vaccines’, they are synthetic MRNA experimental gene therapy drugs) in the pipeline soon to be pushed on the world public, including their planned ‘UNIVERSAL FLU SHOT’.

Make sure you watch my current emergency special series entitled ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ where I am covering the high points of this damning evidence against what is being exposed as criminal collusion between our ‘captured’ government, its ROGUE intelligence agencies, and an elite international monopoly corporate cabal led by Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Banking (i.e. The ‘Central Banks’,The Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund).

With that said, it is CRITICAL that you understand that the recent 37 count Trump indictment & the recent ‘alien disclosure’ of various former intelligence ‘whistle blowers’ are nothing but DESPERATE DISTRACTIONS by Big Pharma and the Deep State, who have a choke hold control over the media, to distract your attention from that MONUMENTAL news that broke a few weeks back of our top government agencies and officials finally admitting the MAN MADE ‘gain of function’ lab leak origin of Covid-19.

To be clear, I am a huge detractor of Donald Trump. His lifelong legacy of corruption is mind blowing when you really do the research and look into it. His corruption and frequent vile behavior well before he was elected, and continuing while in office as President was unconscionable!

And I am not saying that this latest Trump indictment by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is not important, because it is.

But SO IS the massive amount of damning evidence recently being revealed about President Biden and his son Hunter, and other family members, detailing how they regularly engaged in ‘influence peddling’ raking in bribes and pay-offs in the TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars while Biden was Vice President under Obama, from foreign nations and known foreign adversaries including a known Chinese spy chief and a Chinese Energy company with close ties to the CCP…

GOD ONLY KNOWS the detrimental implications of that for our country…meaning the degree to which Biden is a ‘compromised asset’ by CCP intelligence and other foreign nationals, now that he is not just Vice President, but actually PRESIDENT!

So is it OK for Biden to engage in such influence peddling with Ukrainian and Russian Oligarchs and top intelligence officials with the Chinese Communist Party as is coming to light? Is that OK, but Trump’s corruption is the only thing that matters??

As I always say, all of this shows that the corruption is just as deep ON BOTH SIDES of the political aisle. But ‘WE the People’ are not doing a proper job of being INTELLECTUALLY HONEST watch dogs and holding BOTH SIDES to the flame for their massive corruption, destruction of our precious Democracy, and their selling us out to wealthy elites and globalist monopoly corporations!

And then there’s this so-called ‘alien disclosure’ whistle blower distraction by Dr. Steven Greer and others…

This latest Trump indictment comes in tandem with claims of Dr. Greer, along with a flurry of former intelligence and/or military or government contractor ‘whistle blowers’, alleging ‘ALIEN DISCLOSURE’, specifically the alleged revelation that our military intelligence agencies are and have been in possession of at least twelve or more ‘NON HUMAN’ alien UFOs!

But are they really providing any new SOLID PROOF? If you think about it, aren’t they basically telling us the same kind of information we have already heard from many other sources over the last 80 years? I’m referring of course to individuals like Army Colonel Philip Corso, Bob Lazar (former nuclear physicist working at Area 51 and “S-4”) etc., etc.

Isn’t it quite coincidental that such major ‘shiny object’ distractions suddenly begin to dominate the mainstream media on the heels of what SHOULD be dominating the news, that I have been reporting to my viewers in my current emergency ‘GAME OF GENOMES’ series, that being the validation of everything I’ve been telling you over the last 2 years regarding the ARTIFICIAL NATURE & PLANNED CREATION of ‘Covid-19’, and its creation and leaking due to dangerous bio-weapon ‘gain of function’ research of bat corona viruses at the Wuhan Lab in China?

As I show in my current ‘Game of Genomes’ special series, this past month we had none other than both the former Director of the CDC Dr. Robert Redfield testifying to Congress, and our CURRENT FBI Director Chris Rey in a separate news interview, both confirming and validating this fact.

They are some of our top, trusted key government officials, finally coming clean to the American public that the source of ‘Covid-19’ was a ‘LAB LEAK’ from the Wuhan Lab in China that, are you ready for this?…

That originated in the United States, and then ultimately during Obama’s BAN on such dangerous ‘gain of function’ research in the U.S., was not only funded but OUTSOURCED to our number one foreign adversary by Fauci and the N.I.H., to continue to be quietly conducted at their bio-weapons research lab in Wuhan, China!

In other words, our top government officials are now admitting ‘Covid-19’ was NOT NATURALLY OCURRING, but was ARTIFICIALLY CREATED using dangerous ‘gain of function’ practices as Dr. Redfield specifically admitted…

Not only do I show Dr. Redfield admitting this specific fact, but I show where he states to Congress that this ‘Covid’ gain of function creation in the lab was not only NOT necessary to prevent a pandemic, but that it was the needless CAUSE of this latest pandemic!

But since that powerful damning evidence began to come to the fore, have we seen the mainstream media going wall to wall with such powerful news you the American public would want them to dig into

No…On the contrary, the mainstream media has looked the other way, and just in time they have been given a NEW ‘shiny object narrative’ to push, that being the latest ‘ALIEN UFO DISCLOSURE’ & the Trump indictments, while they IGNORE the just as damning Biden family influence peddling evidence.

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