It’s been a little while since I last wrote on the most important topic of what we really are and why we are here…And of course that means it’s time to discuss healthy spiritual understanding AS OPPOSED to ‘religion’ that has its roots in mass conformity and fear, masquerading as ‘God’s Word’.

Many of you have seen a common thread in a lot of my recent content that discusses the dire threat our country is facing due to a massive amount of dishonesty and false narrative in the mainstream media masquerading as ‘the news’. They accomplish this because they know that a large portion of our country are fearful weak minded sheep who will quickly conform to controlled perceptions using panic and fear created and exaggerated by the media.

That said, you need to understand that this kind of mass control by the media is an ancient tool, and it was pioneered by those who created Judaism, Christianity and Islam using the same fear based technique. In other words, the oldest and most powerful form of ‘mainstream media’ has always been ORGANIZED RELIGION…

No one else, not even CNN or FOX News, has yet come close to the fear based manipulation and power to scare the masses into deeply rooted conformity as did the founders of those ‘big three’ religions in crafting the man made lies of the Bible and the Koran.

As I have written about before, those who say “What’s the harm in someone’s personal religious beliefs?” couldn’t be displaying a more ignorant state of mind than if they had asked “How do we really know the earth is round?”.

The harm is staggering in its breadth and depth, and it is critical that we begin waking up to this. Healing depends on waking up to this truth.

Everything I do in my life, from every song I sing and play in my music act, to every article and post I write here and for my blog, to every episode of my cable TV show “The Connie Bryan Show” produced monthly, to every personal interaction I have with every person I meet…EVERYTHING I do is motivated first and foremost by my desire to bring healing and correction to this physical dimension we are currently in called ‘life on earth’.

It is critical to understand that healing and love require CORRECTION FROM CONFORMITY!

I am going to say that one more time, because so many are so rooted in conformity of religion and a false concept of ‘God’ that they need to hear this twice for it to have a chance of sinking in…

Healing and love require CORRECTION FROM CONFORMITY.
For you to find the real healing you need, that you were meant to have and create in your life and for others, it requires that you correct your ‘thinking’. This is because everything is thought. Everything in your life, in your existence, in your awareness…all of what you experience, all of what we call ‘creation’, it all comes from and depends on either the positive, loving and healing nature of our thoughts, or the negative, fearful and destructive nature of our thoughts.

Organized religion as found in the Bible and the Koran is jam packed with a condemning, fear based image of a God who is first and foremost defined as a ‘man’ who decrees that men are superior to women, that Eve was made to ‘serve’ Adam, and this trend continues of course all throughout the Old and New Testament…

But more importantly both the Bible and the Koran are jam packed full of condemnation toward all other beliefs and races. This is the original SOURCE of where racism began to be ‘rubber stamped’ and approved in the name of God…

Provided one actually does take a little time to read them, or even just quickly scan the contents, BOTH of these so called ‘scriptures’ are jam packed with God ordaining genocide and mass killing, as long as those being killed in his name are ‘pagans’ – meaning ‘non believers in the Jewish or Islamic religion’.

Otherwise, of course, this would be a violation of the Ten Commandments – The Ten Commandments were obviously only meant to apply to God’s chosen race and preferred believers, that just went without saying, right?? In case you missed it, that was written with a tone of sarcasm to show one of the biggest displays of hypocrisy in the Bible and the Koran, and that is one of many answers to the sheep-minded, dumber than a rock conformists who go around asking the above question “What’s the harm of religion?”

I could go on and on with such examples, like one of the biggest Jewish celebrations still practiced by the majority of Jews to this day, and the root of it being their celebration of all the plagues that God brought down on the Egyptians in order to finally get Pharaoh to “Let His ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’ go”.

Putting aside the obvious constant display of God’s ‘preference’ and special status for the Jewish race, a constant overarching theme all throughout the scriptures of the Old, and even the New Testament, this story of the Passover that is so celebrated every year to this day by Jews and obsessively taught to their children has at it’s final plague, God committing mass genocide of all of the first born children of the Egyptians in order to make his point.

When you read this story…as opposed to just hearing a ‘readers digest version’ from the synagogue pulpit delivered by a Rabbi, you find MULTIPLE times that Pharaoh HAD ALREADY DECIDED AND AGREED to let the Jews go, and the story says that God was not having that!

The story…of course written by men trying to create an image of God that preferred their race and was bringing down REVENGE as a result on those who were not Jews…this story repeatedly has God intervening with a miracle of ‘hardening Pharaoh’s heart’…in other words, divinely intervening to CHANGE PHARAOH’S MIND, after he had decided to let the Jews go, in order so that God could continue with his display of plagues and revenge!
This did not happen once in the story, it happened multiple times. And as I said above, the final plague which obviously did not need to happen since Pharaoh had tried on his own to let the Jews go before God ‘hardened his heart’ to get to the last plague…That final plague was the genocide of all of the innocent first born children of the Egyptians.

Why do we continue to tolerate such a sick image of God, and tolerate grown adults celebrating such an image and teaching it to their children in 2020?

“What harm does someone’s religious beliefs cause?”

There is no excuse for this kind of sick concept and image of God to continue to be taught to children today, yet it is still a belief system sustained only by unhealthy massive cultural conformity.

It is the result of the very first pioneers of ‘mass media’ who sought to DEIFY their respective cultures ABOVE all others.

See, there’s another statement that I have to repeat, for it to have any chance of sinking in to so many who think religion is not harmful…

The Bible and the Koran – the sources of Judaism, Islam and Christianity – are the result of the very first pioneers of ‘mass media’ who sought to DEIFY their respective cultures ABOVE all others.

The content of those so called ‘scriptures’ is not from ‘God’, but it is from ‘men’ seeking to create a fearful image of God to control their culture, while elevating it above others…and not just elevating it, but widely condemning and denigrating all other cultures and beliefs in the process.

This ORIGINAL MASS MEDIA of the Bible and the Koran is the root and beginning of ALL BIGOTRY. And it depended on creating mass conformity using fear the same way that the mass media today continues to use fear and tribal politics to sustain sheep-like conformity.

The long overdue, collective healing that we desperately need to create here is MORE IMPORTANT than holding on to a belief in a God that is a ‘man’ who decrees men to be ‘superior’ to women…

It is more important than holding on to a belief that God needs a deeply held ‘bloodlust’/animal or human sacrifice to be satisfied in order to keep from destroying all of humanity, or that needed to throw ‘Adam and Eve’ out of the Garden for making a mistake…and a mistake that ‘God’ allowed ‘The Devil’ to come and tempt them into making!

Any parent can see this is absurd, any parent can see how sick that is, that if their child made the mistake of being tempted to eat out of the cookie jar after being told that was the one thing they couldn’t have (OF COURSE they are eventually going to open it and taste the cookies!)

Any parent would know this in advance, but you want to hold on to a sick belief in such an angry violent God that would condemn his creation for such a childlike mistake, when any parent knows that they would naturally understand that their child would make such a mistake.

Again, the long overdue, collective healing that we desperately need to create here is MORE IMPORTANT than believing that ‘Jesus’ is going to come wafting down on a white horse in the clouds, once again with the condemnation factor, to destroy all non believers etc etc, but of course he’s coming to give YOU a ‘mansion in the sky’ etc etc…

Those above examples are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ‘harm’ that the mass media of ‘religion’ continues to cause to this day. The healing that we need here…healing that can bring us together as a human race not just in our respective communities, but globally…the healing we need to protect us from ever experiencing the continued threat of nuclear holocaust…that healing REQUIRES CORRECTION from the kind of thinking that continues to embrace the examples I’ve included here.

Recently, in some of the growing outbursts of angry protests around the nation, we’ve seen some occasions where the protesters were burning Bibles and getting in the face of people in church service settings.

These are examples of protesters who know in their spirit that such harmful false concepts of God need to be confronted, but they are doing it in a very less than productive way.

As I said above, ALL of creation eternally depends on and comes from THOUGHT. And the healing you were meant to have in your life and bring to others depends on a correction to your thinking…

It requires a very specific, healthy correction to your understanding of who and what ‘God’ is as opposed to the ‘upside down lie’ that the mass media of organized religion forced on you from childhood.

That lie in a nutshell is that ‘God’ is SEPARATE from who and what you are, and has an arbitrary ‘preference’ for one belief and/or culture over all others, etc.

Again, this is what is called a man made effort to ‘deify a culture’, and this is the original source of racism and bigotry, falsely attributed to ‘God’, when it was crafted by men creating the ‘image of God’ they wanted to use to control their respective cultures.

So what is the specific healing correction necessary to our thinking and our understanding of what ‘God’ is?

It is finally learning and awakening to the truth that WE are who ‘God’ is…You and I and everyone, in all our different ‘diversities’.

And as an EQUAL COLLECTIVE PART of what ‘God’ is, why are we here?

We are here to learn lessons, and to learn from mistakes, and to LEARN FROM EACH OTHER’S DIVERSITY! In this process, as we are all part of what ‘God’ is, we are here to learn how to BE THE LOVE AND THE HEALING OF ‘GOD’ THAT OTHERS NEED.

In other words, ‘healing’ and ‘salvation’ do not come from some arbitrary external ‘man in the sky’ who only gives it ‘preferentially’ as the big three religions falsely teach to children at the earliest age possible in order to condition their minds to such a sick concept…

Spiritual truth is that we are part of what God is, and as such we are here to learn how to BE the love and the healing of ‘God’ that others need in all of our diversity…how to ‘save’ each other with unconditional love, as opposed to the entirely ‘conditional’ acceptance, which is only a ‘pretense’ of love, at the root of organized religion.

The biggest lesson we are here to learn that many are still struggling to learn ironically, is to treat others the way we would like to be treated, and not to seek to brand mistakes that others make as ‘EVIL SINS’, and then condemn them for those mistakes with your preferred ‘beliefs’ unless those others CEASE from being naturally diverse from you, and begin believing in the exact same thing you do, etc etc.

Finally, unconditional love is not a door mat…it brings reform and correction to unhealthy mass conformity of all kinds.

Those who refuse such mass conformity are those who bring that desperately needed reform and change in their daily lives, and who have found the ability to create healing in not just their lives, but the lives of others…Provided that those others are WILLING to receive that corrective thinking, because generally the lack of healing in people’s lives is a direct result of their willful refusal to receive it, and their willful decision to remain in an unhealthy addictive pattern of conformity, various forms of bigotry and overall ‘wrong thinking’.

And ‘organized religion’ as opposed to true spiritual understanding as I have described above, is at the root of that addictive unhealthy thought pattern.

Connie Bryan

(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA. She is also the host and producer of “The Connie Bryan Show” airing monthly in 14 cable markets nationwide including Washington D.C. Check out all of her material on her website and blog at