Honestly, all I could think of when I was watching it live on NBC, was that it was just completely ridiculous…Senator Amy ‘SNO-GLOBE’-UCHAR (Klobuchar) of Minnesota made her supporters wait in sub freezing, 14 degree blizzard conditions in frigid Minneapolis, Minnesota (with paramedics hopefully standing by) until she FINALLY emerged to announce she’s something like the hundredth Democrat who wants to run for president.

Good grief, the lengths a gal has to go to, just to distinguish herself today in our “United States of Reality TV”…And the challenge for parents in her audience! Because despite the free cookies and hot chocolate, there’s a limit to how long you can keep your kids’ minds off of the fact that they can’t feel their faces, hands or feet by keeping them singing tunes from their favorite movie “Frozen”.

After Amy finally took the stage for her trembling, albeit excited audience(excited it would hopefully soon be over) the senator all but froze her tongue to the microphone for 20 minutes more as her speech at times appeared a bit slower and laboring from the severe temperature – all this solely for the point of crafting a PHOTO-OP that she is a ‘tough and gritty’ mid-westerner.

(And I would just add as an obvious side note, she’s trying to position herself as the most likely VP running mate choice for ‘tough and gritty’ moderate John Biden.)

REALLY AMY?? You couldn’t be seen as a tough mid-western ‘straight-shooter’ and still hold your campaign announcement somewhere at least slightly above freezing, where your supporters would at least be able to enjoy their free hot chocolate? If it was hot, it was frozen within seconds after it was poured for them, and now they are even colder because they are holding a frozen chocolate POP-SICKLE in a cup!

I hear Senator Klobuchar’s after party had to be held quickly in three nearby Minneapolis hospital emergency rooms so that everyone could get checked and treated to prevent FROSTBITE (yes I’m joking…duh)

I also have it on good authority that Amy had planned a grand finale – having the crowd help her build a Trump snow man grabbing a female snow woman by the p##sy, but saving her tongue and face from frostbite took priority.

Amy, a better plan would have been to hold the event indoors, build the Trump snowman right outside, and sell tickets for those of your supporters who want to get a photo op kicking the Trump snowman in the groin. You’d have sold a lot of tickets and would have raised some serious campaign cash.

Personally, despite my critique of her typical politician, ‘coming out stage craft’, I like moderate Amy Klobuchar for a few reasons. But after seeing her pull this blizzard stunt for such an unnecessary display of ‘gritty imagery’, she undoubtedly is a consummate politician, despite her saying otherwise in her speech that she isn’t a ‘political machine’.  That said, I do like what she says she stands for – all that is ‘good’…taking back our democracy for the working class, etc.

Senator Klobuchar planned this extreme weather speech entirely for what we call ‘political theater’, in an effort to appear as the tough ‘every woman’ mid-westerner.

But the truth is, not counting her campaign workers who were most likely the vast majority of her cheering, Mount Everest hallucinating, ‘frozen to the bone’ crowd, every other tough and gritty mid-western woman in America would NEVER in a million years choose to stand out in 14 degree blizzard conditions for over an hour, for anything other than a Macy’s BLACK FRIDAY SHOE SALE!

And more importantly I should point out…they would not feel that they needed such a ridiculous, 14 degree blizzard photo-op in order to prove they were strong mid-western women.  They would be thinking more about their supporters and their campaign workers – If not a gymnasium, at least they’d hold it under a Barnum and Bailey style circus tent with a few outdoor heaters spread around.

After Senator Klobuchar’s presidential bid announcement, jealous competitor Elizabeth Warren announced she will be holding her next presidential rally in a giant Native American SWEAT LODGE, with free mushrooms and peyote, and paramedics standing by to treat the crowd for life threatening dehydration.

Connie Bryan


(Connie Bryan is a writer in Sacramento, CA…Check out all of her material on her website and blog at www.conniebryan.com)